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Altered Seasons: Monsoonrise

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The Earth's climate has reached a tipping point as the arctic ice grows smaller and smaller until it disappears entirely, and the effects are felt over the entire world.  Unlike the sudden disasters most current movies show, this story shows how the devastation grows over several years and steadily chips away at mankind's attempts to assert control.  We see events unfolding from the multiple perspectives that give the story a much more well-rounded feel.  By the end, you will be wondering if the worst is over and the climate has stabilized, or if this is just the start of what is to come.
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The palpable effects of global weather disasters on our world is presented here in a very believable, convincing way. With monsoon storms dumping indescribable amounts of water on the United States, the characters in this book find themselves struggling for survival daily. Well written, but a little over-the-top for me, only my opinion.
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This is an interesting Cli-Fi book.  Basic story is loss of North Pole ice and the effects on group of varying people. 
 The characters flow together in a seamless fashion, although at times the storyline is choppy.  I liked the characters realism and depth.  The science used in story was great.

I hope Paul Briggs continues with similiar Cli-Fi books.  I enjoyed the book.
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Cli-Fi At Its Finest

4 out of 5 stars
I know that I usually review audiobooks and saying that a book would have been better in audio is pretty cliche for me - but that's how this book felt. The narrative jumped around a bit and the dialogue was a bit choppy as well. Sometimes a good narrator (and even edits for the audiobook) can soften some of these issues.  But, looking past that - I did enjoy Altered Seasons: Monsoonrise.

It took the bits from the climate stories and movies that I liked and threw a ton of science in there (not too much like The Storm) to make it seem and feel realistic.

The cast of characters also made this enjoyable.  It jumped around between a few people - each with their own story and own reasons for being included but the main character Isabel made this book worth reading. She was intelligent and relentless.  Easily one of the easiest to follow characters in a while. 

Overall, Monsoonrise, while a mouthful - was an enjoyable Cli-Fi story that I hope will spur more like it.  Briggs could easily write similar stories from similar points of view (much like what Tom Abrahams is currently doing).
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I enjoyed Altered Seasons: Monsoonrise, the first part of a series.
The novel is told around the lives of several characters that react to the weather disaster caused by climate change, giving volatile storms which drop a disastrous amount of water every year, thus creating multitudes of refugees across what becomes a battered country. Although the author takes an extreme case of climate change he does appear to sanitise the effects to the people and the country, although the effects are graphically described the horrors of such an event are pretty generally quietly tucked away.
I did however enjoy reading the book it does bring forward some fresh perspectives of coping with climate change, I look forward to the next one in the series.
Thanks to Netgalley, who provided an advance copy of this novel, in exchange for an honest book review.
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Starts off well, with some interesting premises... then stumbles into some lengthy soap-opera-worthy involvement in the lives and loves of several characters.  Character development is important, and often weak in SF, but this is about twice as much as needed.  And the characters are, to be honest, rather boring, albeit occasionally in extraordinary circumstances.

Briggs also tries the Vonnegut-esque trick of talking directly to the reader about the book, but he does it a bit too much.  It throws sand into the gears of willing suspension of disbelief..

Would I read volume 2?  Maybe, hoping for less family and relationship drama..  If that doesn't prove to be the case, then volume 3 will remain on the shelf (or undownloaded).
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I haven't read a REALLY good post apocalyptic book in a very long time, and this was the perfect re-entry into the genre. All I can say is I wish there was MORE and more NOW!! I will be watching (and selling) Mr Briggs in the future! Thank you!
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I am a nerd for cli fi. This was a very well written and researched book but it told a story not just information overload. The characters were from different backgrounds and therefore had different perspectives on the events as they happened. The fact that politics, buisness, and science all were addressed in the book shows the author understands that events like this(even though fictional, for now) effect everyone. He had a very global perspective and the consequences were a bit frightening.
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