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Rethinking Readiness

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It's a unique and unexpectedly timely coincidence for me to be reviewing a book that looks into twenty-first century megadisasters in the midst of a global pandemic. Rethinking Readiness takes a brief look into the history and current direction of disaster prepardness planning, and is due to be published in the summer; months after the world coming to grips with the chaos and fear of this current health crisis. The book provides an overview of biothreats, climate change, critical infrastructure, cyberthreats, nuclear conflict, and cross-cutting threats.

Will it fix the immediate crisis? No.

Is it still worthwhile to read? Yes.

Will it help to provide context for the current chaos? Yes, and I do wish this wasn't a brief guide but a deep comprehensive review. But that's not the goal of this slim volume. Schlegelmilch, in Rethinking Readiness, provides an approachable and understandable history to help us begin to reframe and strategize. Disaster science is still in its infancy and globalisation has completely changed the world we know. Covid-19 has implications that will be more far reaching than we can comprehend today. This book will help us begin to reframe our views.

An addendum: Schlegelmilch stated via Twitter on 03 April 2020 that he drafted a new preface to discuss the implications of Covid-19 & why its impacts will reach far beyond pandemics. I look forward to reading it when available.
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