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Around the World in 18 Ways

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Around the World in 18 Ways is a cute introduction to 18 different languages.  The book journeys through Europe, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and US.  For each stop on the journey, the reader learns the words for Hello, Please, Thank you, and Goodbye for each of the languages.  This book is a great introduction to world languages for your little one!
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I thought this book might have more content but it is literally four words in 18 languages.  Pictorial, could be good for kids.
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I received a copy of this eBook in exchange for an honest review.

This book has adorable illustrations and goes over how to say hello, please, thank you and goodbye in 18 different languages. The back facts were a little too little at the end for this to seem like a real travel book and the travel times seem off if you were actually going to travel to these 18 countries in this order but it's a cute introduction to languages.
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This was a cute fun, fast read! My kids and I really enjoyed it! We learned so much from our living room!
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A well illustrated book that teachers 4 key words (Hello, Please, Thank You, & Goodbye) in 18 different languages so that you are able to be polite in communication while traveling to other countries.
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Whimsical, colorful, engaging artwork accompanies basic expressions one needs when traveling to foreign countries. A great idea to spark a child's interest in other cultures. Let's have a sequel with more languages.
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Diverse Perspectives with Room for Enrichment - 3 Stars

"Around the World in 18 Ways" by Vanita Oelschalger and Kristin Blackwood aims to offer a diverse collection of stories that transport readers to various corners of the globe. The book presents an opportunity to explore different cultures and experiences, though there may be areas where the storytelling could be further enriched for a more impactful reading experience.

The book's premise, showcasing 18 different stories set in different countries, is intriguing and carries the potential to broaden readers' horizons. The opportunity to gain insights into diverse cultures and experiences is commendable, as it fosters understanding and empathy.

The book's ability to introduce readers to lesser-known or underrepresented settings and characters is a valuable aspect. Providing a platform for diverse voices and stories is essential, as it helps promote inclusivity and awareness of the richness of global cultures.

However, the length of each story could potentially impact the depth of character development and the richness of the narratives. With 18 stories to cover, there might be limitations on how deeply readers can engage with each character's journey, emotions, and growth.

The storytelling style may also play a role in how readers connect with the stories. Effective storytelling goes beyond cultural descriptions and plot events, delving into the characters' internal struggles, desires, and personal transformations. Balancing cultural authenticity with relatable human experiences is key to creating a memorable impact.

Additionally, the book's organization and flow could influence the overall reading experience. Ensuring a smooth transition between stories and a well-considered sequence can enhance the thematic coherence and engagement for readers.

In summary, "Around the World in 18 Ways" by Vanita Oelschalger and Kristin Blackwood offers a diverse collection of stories that introduce readers to different cultures and experiences. While the book's premise and commitment to diversity are commendable, there may be room for deeper character development and storytelling nuance to create a more resonant impact. With potential for enrichment in these areas, a three-star rating reflects the book's intentions and its potential for further engagement.
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It was cute but nothing unique. Nothing I would choose over other books similar to this one. It's a very over saturated market.
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Around the World in 18 Ways is a lovely way to introduce the idea of different places, different people, and different languages to young kids. It's a really cute way to take your child(ren) to different places through colorful and exciting pictures. I like the illustrations of the different countries with pictures of places and things that are typical of different cultures. Diversity is important in our global world, and this is one more way to introduce our kids to differences in the world. Loved it!

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Whether you and your children travel abroad or simply venture out for a day trip, these key words could be your ticket to (politely) engaging with people from another culture. Follow a map around the world as you learn to say “hello,” “goodbye,” “please,” and “thank you” in 18 different languages.

Around the World in 18 Ways presents a simple, yet important concept in an easy-to-grasp manner for both kids and grownups alike. Readers of all ages will benefit from this basic lesson on social greetings as they learn how to show respect for the social customs of these unique countries.

Each spread highlights one language with these four phrases folded neatly into matching illustrations. It’s fun to view each of the words written in their own alphabet, making it a great jumping-off point for teaching children about other cultures.

This book is also a perfect conversation starter for young kids seeking to bridge the gap between their cultural differences. A travel journal, included in the back of the book, will help further their education with fun facts that expand on this otherwise basic introduction to the world.
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The illustrations in this book are beautiful and vibrant, bringing each country and its culture to life on the page. The writing is clear and accessible, making it easy for young readers to understand and engage with the material.

What I love most about Around the World in 18 Ways is how it celebrates diversity and promotes understanding and empathy for other cultures. It is a wonderful resource for parents, teachers, and children who want to learn more about the world and the people who live in it. 

Thank you to the publishers and NetGalley for the opportunity to review a temporary digital ARC in exchange for an unbiased review.
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Around the World in 18 Days is a delightful children's book that showcases the beauty of cultural diversity. The book takes readers on a journey across the globe, exploring different countries and highlighting the unique characteristics of each location.

One of the standout features of this book is its beautiful illustrations. They are vibrant and colorful, capturing the essence of each country that is visited in the book. I also appreciated the diverse range of languages featured, which added an extra layer of authenticity and cultural richness to the story.

Overall, Around the World in 18 Days is a fantastic book that celebrates the beauty and diversity of cultures around the world. It's a great resource for parents and educators who want to expose their children to different cultures and teach them about the importance of empathy and understanding. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for an engaging and educational children's book. Five stars.
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This is a very simple look into 18 different places in the world. It focuses on basic phrases in each language like Hello, Please, Thank You, and Goodbye..

Learning words in the different languages is simple for the kiddos, but it would have been nice to have more information about each place.  The only information about the locations is a few snippets at the end.  

The pictures are colorful and pleasing.  This is a simple book for real young readers with its bright pictures.  Older readers like my kids, would have loved some more facts about the places.

Thank you to Vanita Books and Netgalley for providing me a copy of this ARC for my honest review.
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This is a great book to teach children how to say please, thank you, hello and goodbye in 18 different languages.From English to French to Creole to Swahili. This book is sure to engage your child into the world of language. I also like the fact it has a travel journal in the back with some information on the  places where the languages originate. I found the book illustrations to be very appealing and fun to look at. I highly recommend this book to ages 3-6.
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My Quick Thoughts: A wonderful way to take a virtual vacation!! Travel around the world using this sweet informative read, and learn how to say four much-needed friendly phrases in 18 different languages. Fun and colorful illustrations give additional glimpses into each featured country; I love that we have a look at some iconic locations (like the Statue of Liberty or the Eiffel Tower), colorful costumes and other recognizable symbols (like the kangaroo, or the dragon, and so many more). Backmatter includes a brief description about the countries (numbered for easy reference).

So once again bonjour dear readers! Palun pick up this book today, and you can say gracias later.. Kwa heri until then!

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An utter delight. It is super quick to go through but has hello, goodbye, thank you and please in 18 different languages. I has how to pronounce them and how they look in that language. The pictures are adorable. The book was a joy to go through!
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I accessed a digital review copy of this book from the publisher.
The book is structured as a travel journal. It includes greetings, please, thank you, and goodbye in 18 different languages. The countries covered are all around the world. Each language section shows the children in the different countries in a bright illustration. After the language sections, there is a journal section that gives information about each country.
I think this book could be improved if the country information was included on the same page as the language instruction. As it is structured now, it quickly becomes repetitive. This would also allow the authors to include more facts.
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This book was very cute and initially very appealing. I enjoyed it, but about halfway through the book, my children began to be disengaged. I think they would have preferred the book if it had the excerpts about each country on the page that shared the words in each language.

The artwork was adorable and whimsical and very fun to look at.
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This was a cute book that introduces children to many different languages.  The illustrations are adorable and the back of the book contains a few bits of information about each of the countries.  A fun resource for the classroom library!
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There is one thing that made me sad and more to that many points, which made me, offended as well.

Picture books are mainly designed to attract the children and are meant to make them more aware about things in the easiest way so that they can learn while having fun. But facts were dwindled and wrong as well.

Firstly, Starting with sad part is that even after including all the countries around 'Her', author decided to opt-out "India". Arabia was there, and Russia & China but no India, such an antagonism for us.

Secondly, facts were not mentioned properly.
-China titled to keep authority on Mt. Everest; however, it is Nepal having more part of it; but to unfair display of biased knowledge, no description or entitlement of this country.
-'Mercie' is specifically used in writing in older Guernsey, not france, where it is written as ' Merci'.
-In Arabia all children stop to read from Quran (wrongly mentioned in book as Kuran), irrespective of their religion and teaching on Arabic language. What a miss and mindful input on abrahmic religions' push marketing.
-In Greece, Monuments mentioned to be used in pronouns as 'they', which in all aspects of righteous grammar must be "it". 'They' used for living things be it in past or future or present, but 'it' used for still-not-living things or for animals in case of animals.
-I also do not fully agreed on the tour's visit schedule. Some places are not meant to be how those had been visited one after another. Based on the geographical positions placed, scheduled should be different, to make better understanding of countries, with and about their neighbouring ones as well, for children to learn.

If as an author, someone is writing something for children, they have to be very much sincere and concerned about what and how they are telling them anything to learn.

For wrong facts, it is 2.0 for me, 1* too for Illustrations by Mike Blanc & Kristin Blackwood & 1* for initial translations on how to greet someone & to take depart from, in all mentioned 18 countries.
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