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A tense and very dark revenge story about a serial rapist written mainly from the perspective of one of his victims, but also including the voice of the attacker and the investigator. This is a well plotted and compelling page turner with strong characters.

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Not my favourite of Katerina's books, but then I adore her Series so the standalone's always miss the mark! The story is fab, there's a lot going on though and it made it a bit too much for me.
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I enjoyed this book to begin with however i felt it went a bit round in circles. 

I was also able to guess who the person was quite early on so felt i was reading just to prove myself correct. 

If it wasnt for this I would have given it more stars as the writing style was good
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I would probably say this one was a solid 3.5 book, after her series I feel a little let down by this one, not saying I wouldn’t recommend reading it as I definitely would and was still an enjoyable crime thriller but not as memorable as her other stuff. I think Shona annoyed me as being a bit gullible for a Police officer but I do think the topics were handled well and sensitively and was still a good book to read!
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I've always loved Katerina Diamond's books and this did not disappoint. Brilliant plot and characters as always.

If you enjoy a tense thriller then these books are for you.
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Another gripping and powerful read from Katerina Diamond,  Gail suffered an horrendous attack in her own home.  She wakes up in the middle of the night to find herself unable to move and being attacked and raped.  She reports it to DI Shona White who believes her but her superiors refuse to follow it up as she had reported a previous rape and the person wasn’t convicted.  Gail’s life since then has suffered but things change when she hears Martha tell her story at a support group meeting.  Martha too was drugged and raped in exactly the same circumstances as Gail.  Martha knows that the attack was filmed and put on a website.  They decide to confront DI White with this new evidence.  They know that their attacks occurred on the same date a few years apart.  How many more victims has there been and this date is fast approaching.  Can he be caught before then? DI Stone is desperate to help the women as she herself as raped by a senior police officer.  She hadn’t reported it as she knew it would mean the end of her career.  At times this book was difficult and upsetting to read but it was very sensitively written and a compelling read.
Thanks to Netgalley and Avon Books for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book,
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An interesting premise but I found this book slow to get into & quite far fetched & unbelievable. I just didn't think this was how it would play out if survivors contacted each other, and I found Gail's actions to be very extreme. Characters largely unlikeable and pacing issues.
My thanks to Netgalley & the Publisher for my e-ARC in return for my honest review.
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The novel starts with Gail Reynolds reporting to the police that she has been raped.  The offender has been forensically aware, making her wash in bleach to removed all evidence.  The police turn her away due to the lack of evidence.
Three years later and Gail hears the same story from another rape survivor at a support group. They become friends and Gail becomes angry, determined to take back the power.#
The book was shocking but also a good story.  However I thought it a bit slow in places, then the end a bit rushed. Satisfying ending though.
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This was a story of a serial rapist, chased by a previous victim for justice.  The twist was good, and the typical disbelief shown to women who have been raped , who have to prove that they were assaulted, was well illustrated.  I did find the ruminations of the main character were repetitive after a while and I was skimming them.
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Gail wakes in the middle of the night to everyone’s worst nightmare. She can’t move, can’t speak and a stranger is standing over her. Then everything goes black. Gail knows she didn’t dream it. Or him. But the police don’t believe her. That was two years ago. She has tried to move on, forget what happened. Until she meets his next victim. This woman’s story is identical to hers.
I could not put this book down ! Definitely check the trigger warning for this before picking it up. This was an unsettling read but so well written I just wanted to keep on reading. This was a terrifying while completely believable thriller. 
Thank you to Netgalley, Avon Books UK , and Katerina Diamond for an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I liked The silence.The silence was a very good and interesting read.The plot was good.
Each scene lead toward a larger goal, but the ending left some questions unanswered. The silence seems to be set up for a sequel, and didn't resolve the current plot.the characters They were believable.
The characters were well written, memorable, and distinctive. I found them easy to relate to, but at times they were unbelieveable, or made choices not true to their characters . It was engaging.I found it hard to put The silence down. It was fast-paced, engaging and suspenseful; a joy to read.
 Superb setting descriptions.
The world-building was superb and each scene was easy to visualize based on the character's senses and mood. Action scenes were vividly presented and easy to follow.
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This book started off slow then grabbed me and did not let go.  I have loved all of Katerina"s books but this one was not as good as her others.
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I think I seriously underestimated this book based on the cover and blurb. I thought that it would be more of a 'popcorn thriller' but it was incredibly dark and raw. Obviously based on the subject matter it was going to be a difficult read, nobody is going to say that they enjoyed reading a novel where the protagonist is raped but isn't believed. However, the story was so thought provoking, and really makes you question how we are in a situation where something like this can happen but women are doubted, where a woman is blamed for either putting herself into that situation, or even worse, they are told that they brought it upon themselves.

Full of twists and very brutal, I didn't guess the identity of the rapist at all. I have to point out though that this is an uncomfortable read and contains a lot of triggers so I would advise checking before you start this one.
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This is a standalone novel dealing with the harrowing crime of drugging and raping young women. Worst of all the perpetrator of these heinous crimes is incredibly forensically aware so there is no evidence left to show that such a crime even occurred. 
It seems strange to say that I enjoyed this book. There is something voyeuristic about the whole thing but the book was well enough written that the descriptions of the attacks weren't gratuitous. In fact I could almost feel the relief of some of the victims to finally be believed. I was stunned when the identity of the rapist was revealed, I had no idea. A good read but one that will make you think about a lot of inequalities that exist even in these liberated times.
Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for an ARC of this book
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Absolutely loved this book. It was entertaining from start to finish. Loved the twists and turns and didn't see who the rapist was. Fabulous.
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This is one of my favourite authors so I was very excited to start this book. 

When Gail reports a rape that occurred in her own home by a stranger, she is told by the police there is not enough evidence and nothing comes of it. 

A few tears later Gail meets Martha at a support group and is astonished to hear that Martha was raped in the same circumstances she was. 

Gail and Martha become friends and discover they were both raped on the same night, several years apart. With that night fast approaching they work together to find out who the culprit is.

This is a very compelling read and I would definitely recommend this book as it's fast paced and full of suspense.

Thank you to Netgalley for my copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Katerina Diamond is a brilliant crime thriller writer. The Silence is about a serial rapist that begins with Gail being roofied and raped in her home and when she reports it to the police she is basically written off as many rape victims are. 

For two years Gail lives in fear until one day she goes to a group meeting to help her move on and realizes that one of the other members has an identical story to hers. 

From there the story is absolutely gripping and full of suspense. Although the subject is a tough one, it is so realistic that it plays out like a movie in your head while you’re flipping the pages to see what happens next. 

The plot twists are jaw dropping. If you are a lover of a great crime thriller I highly recommend this and all of Diamond’s books.
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An interesting book, taking a difficult look into what happens after a rape, when the system fails you. However, I found the writing flat and repetitive, and struggled to really get into it. I’d also guessed the identity of the rapist early on, so it wasn’t much of a shock. What did shock was <spoiler>Gail’s sudden descent into violence</spoiler>. I’m not a fan of the perpetrator’’s story interwoven into the narrative, but this one was intriguing, though (again) rather flat. There were unanswered questions, though, especially what changed the rapist from being so physically repulsive to pleasant. 

(Thanks to NetGalley for a review copy)
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I adore Katerina Diamond’s Imogen Gray and Adrian Miles series and have read her standalone books so seeing another from this author I was really excited to read it. 

This book was so well written,  it started off slowly as the storyline background was laid and the content picked up and twist were revealed. I feel it needed to be a slow burn in the start of the novel due to the content so for me I didn’t mind as knew the theme of the book needed to be covered thoroughly. 

The portrayal of sexual abuse and rape was written really well and was hard to read at times due to the content. The psychological element was spot on and having first hand experiences of some elements I really felt pulled back into the past as parts were described really well. It’s brutal, shocking and disturbing. 

Overall, yes at times it’s hard to read but it’s written with compassion and is well researched. The brutal truth of women putting up with sexual advances, being attacked and subsequently not believed is sadly truthful.

Wonderfully written book and looking forward to reading the authors next book.
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Absolutely loved this.  I could not put this down.  Had me intrigued right from the beginning. I love Katerina Diamond books and this one is one of her best.
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