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The Gold Standard

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This is one of the best books available on the hospitality mindset and how it can apply to a wide variety of settings.
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Amazing advice from a leader in the hospitality industry!  Cowie lays out more than the basics of great, not good, customer service.  Your company doesn't need to be in the entertainment and hospitality area to benefit from this advice.  Whether your company is large, small or just one person, there is something here for everyone.  

The basics are laid out and he explains how to fine tune the service to what your company needs are.  His company has to go over the top on what they serve clients in office because it is a taste of the package they will be paying for.  A construction company would not need good table service but would need a welcoming and respectful staff, and a well put together presentation of the project along with the offer of a snack and beverage. A neat and clean office would speak to a neat, clean and organized worksite.  

Each chapter ends with a section that summarizes the take-aways : Keep In Mind and Ask Yourself lists are the golden nuggets.  Use these as homework to better yourself, staff and business.  If you can't hire Cowie as a consultant this is the next best thing.
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I was reading this book with a lot of joy because it is a story on its own. Also it made me think from two perspectives about customer service: a customer and a business ones. Sometimes very simple and straightforward things tend to be most difficult to keep up with. Customer service is one of them. This book gives a very good and stories based overview on this side of our lives as businesses and consumers.
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