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Book Club Kit: My Beautiful Black Hair by St. Clair Detrick-Jules

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The Book Club Kits are fabulous tools to enrich your reading experience. They provide questions that make you reflect more on what you've read and points to discuss in a book club to hear different thoughts and explore further. Even if you're not in a book club, you can use it to ponder on some aspects of the book that you may have missed or wouldn't have lingered on when you read it. If you want to get more out of a book, the book club kit will act as a wonderful learning tool. Highly recommended.
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This book club kit was well thought out and put together. It only included thoughtful questions. The bookmarks were a nice addition. I appreciated that it included information on the author, other books by her/the publisher, and suggestions for books to read if you enjoyed this one. This would be a great kit for someone wanting to change up a book club meeting.
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This is a REVIEW ONLY of The BOOK CLUB KIT for “My Beautiful Black Hair: 101 Natural Hair Stories from the Sisterhood,” nonfiction motivational pictorial guide by St. Clair Detrick-Jules about proudly embracing the beauty, femininity, and authenticity of curl’s natural only to Black women.  This fabulously created colorful 18-page e-book is with loaded with everything to make your Book Club meeting memorable.  There are loads of discussion questions to stimulate insightful two-way conversations among reading groups, and is full of visual appeal because of its bright art and bold, eye-catching graphics.  The Q & As are excellent and will be useful for Book Club Leaders, Librarians, as well as readers themselves who want extra insight into the background of the book and author.   💕 As all compelling Book Kits do by adding additional graphics and fun elements, this one truly rocks!  It also offers an author interview; bookmarks to print and cut out; additional suggested readings and viewings; and so much more. This is a truly exciting Book Kit worthy of it’s designation.  💕

TheBookMaven graciously thanks NetGalley, Author St. Clair Detrick-Jules, and Publisher We Are Bookish for this Advanced Reader’s Copy (ARC) for review.
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I love these Book Club Kits and especially the ones that include an interview with the author.  This Book Club Kit was very helpful during our book club discussion.  We utilized the list of questions for a deeper discussion.
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Great set up for book club
Everything was exactly what you need!!!
If you are reading this book in your book club you must request and download this package.
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I really enjoyed this book.  Whilst I had known lots written in the book it was interesting getting her point of view.  It was good to have all this knowledge in one place to refer back to. Helpful for someone starting to look after their hair.  I would give this 4 stars out of 5
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This Book Club Kit, for My Beautiful Black Hair by St. Clair Detrick-Jules was a good read. It makes me excited to read the whole book. Thank you Netgalley for letting me read and review this.
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I have never used a Book Club kit before, but I certainly will again if they are all this useful!

I take part in a small, informal book club with a few friends over Zoom, which can sometimes descend into general chatter. It's so helpful to have insightful discussion topics curated for us to keep us on track. The author interview included in this kit was also a fruitful basis for discussion. An important topic and an important book!
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This is such a fun, engaging book club kit! I love reading interviews with authors, and hearing about what inspired them to write their novel. The included discussion questions are perfect for encouraging deeper exploration of the book's characters and themes, and I loved how Netgalley began including this in request. Will definitely use in the near future with my very own book club.
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You'd think all book club kits were the same. This one contains the usual bookmarks, and discussion questions, along with further reading recommendations. But it really shines above the rest, because this contains one of the most thoughtful author interviews I have ever read in media.
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Great kit to facilitate open discussion about a great book. It’s wildly comforting to see faces that look like mine and hair that curls like mine does featured in a book that teaches care and concern for one’s wellness.
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The book club kit for My Beautiful Black Hair was filled with a very thorough author interview, thoughtful discussion questions, and cool bookmarks. I really appreciated the suggestions of what to read and watch next. A well-executed kit!
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Can we just take a minute to stop and talk about what a beautiful and empowering book My beautiful black hair is. It's really stunning and shines a light about how important kindness is and how much of an impact our words can have on other people. It is also a book that celebrates every single black queen out there no matter what type or style there hair is and to shine a light that we should not let what other people say dull our sparkle. Because you are magical and amazing just as you are. 

My beautiful black hair is a collection of empowering stories and beautiful photos that celebrates natural black hair and the central part it has. 

The amazing author At. Clair Detrick-Jules was inspired to write the book after her little sister who was only a preschooler at the time came home from school hating herself and her hair because a classmate had told her that she was ugly. 
Trying to help her little sister St. Clair Detrick-Jules set about interviewing over 100 women who share their stories revealing the depth, physical and emotional damage which has been inflicted on many women by people and the world around them as they try to relax their hair to make it look "acceptable" for other people. They also share their resilience, self love tips and how they found acceptance to embrace their hair and free themselves from Eurocentric beauty standards. 

It really is a beautiful book that is really wonderfully put together. 

This book is the guide book to use for when you have your book clubs to discuss this amazing book. 

What does this guide contain?
Well in this book you will find:
An amazing interview with the author
Questions to help with your discussions
Some really stunning bookmarks
What books to read next
And Some great videos to watch

It's a really well put together and really helpful book that can be a great tool for your next book club meeting.
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Beautiful Black Hair starts off with a long author q&a which makes sense considering the books contents. I loved how in-depth the authors answers were and really enjoyed the parts that talked about self love and Khloe. 

At the end there were some recommended YouTube channels discussing hair care and I really thought these were a brilliant addition.

A wonderful kit for any book club to use.
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I am impressed with how well thought out these book club kits are. They always include really great extras, like the videos and the bookmarks. I think they're a great resource for a book club to use.
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