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This book was fantastic. It discussed resilience, how the pandemic affected our mental/physical reserves, and how our "have it now" culture has attributed to a decline in resilience--all within the first few chapters! This book is great for those who feel worn out, burned out, and in need of a soul re-calibration. It encourages readers to focus on the story of Jesus and to make that the priority. A great book.
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I didn’t even realize how tired and empty my soul was until I read this book.  I have been on a journey of healing my soul and this book came into my hands at the right time.  Not only did it nourish my soul and highlight where it was fractured, it also gave me insight into how to surrender those broken places and lean into God.  

I appreciated the practical application of Bible truths and I have put them into practice on a daily (almost daily) basis.  As a result I have noticed healing and grace in my soul (and my life).  

I highly recommend this book (even if you don’t think your soul is wounded).  

Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this advanced edition.  Review and opinions are entirely my own.
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This book is the kind that will have you reaching for your highlighter and page flags without a doubt. It's a compelling read with a natural flow that just makes sense. I've personally found myself revisiting numerous sections, almost like savoring the wisdom within. What truly resonates with me is the practical guidance it offers for nurturing a deeper relationship with Jesus.
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In Resilient, John Eldredge helps readers to bounce back to get their strength back after feeling weary and worn down. In the book, he explained the roles of camels and how they have incredible stamina and strength. They can carry their passengers across the hot desert lands. They can go without for long periods of time. But when they choose to die, they simple kneel and die. He compared this to how human also hide behind the Achilles heel. We are good at rising above calamity until one day we no longer can. We burn out and struggle to keep going on. We are still dealing with the effects of Covid-19 and how this is brought its own traumas. He shared how he worked with his staff during this and asked them how their wellbeing was going. They admitted to only living their lives in about 30 % of their normal strength. He asked readers what they would do if we went through another one how would we respond to it. 

He explained how we need to have mental resilience and be prepared for the end of age. It is estimated that Bible prophecy will be fulfilled by the end of 2022 or a little after that. Scriptures declare that Jesus’ testimony will be preached in every nation. In 2015, it was estimated to have been about 1,400 groups without any Christians located there. All of this is supposed to be changed soon and God’s word will be shared soon all over the world. He shared how we as Christians need to be more concerned with reading scriptures and studying than watching social media. It is also so easy to get lure into watching the news daily and consuming ourselves with everything that is happening. He shared how we can keep the right perspective and focus on some key scriptures to help us in our journey. This included walking through the darkest valleys and knowing that God will protect us without any doubt. 

I would recommend this awesome book about resilient and dealing with the emotional pain you are facing and choosing to rediscover joy again. I really enjoyed how he included two ways you can recover. The first way is reconnecting with our love and stating our devotion to Jesus again. The second is creating a space to let our soul breathe and let Jesus be at the center of our lives. I also liked how he shared that he designed an app named the pause app. This app goal is to help us to pause and refind resilience and get strength from Jesus in our day-to-day walk. This app is a great additional to this book and they do go together. I immensely was touched by the topic of how imperative it is for athletes to recover and how this is so important where we won’t injury ourselves. We can heal from our trauma by following this guide and pretend we are answering these questions to a therapist. I really believe this section was very powerful and it will assist us in dealing with our angry, fears, and hurts. 

"I received this book free from the publisher, Thomas Nelson for my honest review.”
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I read Resilient with a group of women doing this study. The book deals with life after the Covid-19 Pandemic and how to restore our soul and develop a closer relationship with God/Jesus. John Eldredge points out that just moving on and pretending all is okay, will not restore our soul, but put a band-aid on it. Using scripture, literature, and personal experience he shows us how others have either been successful or not based on their actions and decisions. This book will help you find the resilience you long for when the world has gone mad--and discover in Jesus himself the strength that prevails. Two lines in scripture that reverberate for me after reading this book are, "Fear Not" and "Do Not Worry" as we need to bring our fears and worries to God.

I liked the way this book was laid out. Each chapter has a lesson or step to restoring our souls and developing resilience, then gives practical application and prayer. The prayers are a beautiful part of this book which makes it more relatable. He refers often to the "Pause" app, which I did download. I am going to go through the 30 Days to Resilient (I have started and am enjoying it). If you are looking for a book to help you recover from all the losses, rushes and disappointments in life, I recommend you pick up John Eldredge's Resilient. There is also a study guide that you can use and Videos that make the book even more usable and relatable.
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Restoring Your Weary Soul in These Turbulent Times
by John Eldredge
Pub Date 07 Jun 2022 |
 Nelson Books,  Thomas Nelson
 Christian  |  Religion & Spirituality 

Through Nelson Books and Netgalley, I am reviewing a copy of Resilient

There is an inherent longing in the human soul for joy, beauty, and all things that are good. However, in recent years, that craving for life has been severely diminished. You are invited to join New York Times bestselling author John Eldredge as he gives you the tools you need to follow Jesus' path of supernatural resilience so you can reclaim your joy, strengthen your heart, and thrive in spite of the storm.

There is a shortage of peace, happiness, and strength today due to the false promises of ease and comfort on the one hand, and the sheer trauma of global disease and disasters on the other. With Resilient, Eldredge reveals a path toward true recovery and resilience through the person of Jesus.

By incorporating wisdom from Scripture and Christian tradition, and illustrated throughout with compelling stories of grit and survival, Resilient will help you:

		Recover from the trauma of COVID-19 Pandemic!

		Take advantage of the river of life that God promises to his people

		It takes time and intentionality to truly recover from spiritual and emotional trauma

		Develop a plan to foster resilience in your daily activities

		We are able to find deep wells of freedom and strength through Christ who lives within us

The ability to thrive requires a resilient soul. The purpose of this book is to help you discover the strength that prevails in Jesus himself when the world has gone 

I give Resilient five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!
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As a fan of John Eldredge, Resilient was everything I was hoping it would be. The past few years have been so much for so many, and the world seems in disrepair, but there is hope for a brighter future. Don't lose heart and be encouraged.
 This book is a must read for everyone.  I read it to myself, I read it to my children out loud, I recommended it to all my friends and students. 

Thank you Netgalley for an ARC of Resilient by John Eldredge
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John Eldredge has always been a giant in christian education. I have enjoyed many of his books in the past. I ended up listening to this one on audiobook. It was read by the author and he was able to ad lib in some places. 

I really enjoyed this book. There were many eye opening views that I had never considered. I wish I had a book copy so I could underline so many things. I might have to buy the book soon. 

Thank you netgalley and the publisher for allowing me to read and review this book. All opinions are my own.
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This summer I was having some trouble with anxiety and found this book, Resilient, Restoring Your Weary Soul in these Turbulent Times by John Eldredge. I found it extremely helpful and encouraging during this stressful time. As a Christian, I needed a reminder of the difficulties during the time period of Covid and that it was ok to be stressed out. It drew me back to God's presence through Scripture, Christian traditions and practical experiences. If you like the book, there is also a Bible Study, video series and app that goes along with it. I really enjoyed the app and used if for a couple of months.
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This book was very, very timely. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was very challenged. The Word says in the last days there will be a great falling away, and the love of many will grow cold. I think we are seeing that in our post-pandemic world, and we as believers desperately need resilience to endure to the end. Where I usually hear a call to endure the great apostasy from fire and brimstone prophets or evangelists, it was a really different experience receiving that same message from an exhorter and counselor. I think I'll probably read it again soon.
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- This book. I have to confess that I am biased because I haven’t come across a book by John Eldredge yet that I haven’t been challenged, encouraged, and inspired by. The truths contained in these pages, are exactly what my soul needs. It is exactly what we need for this time. This was written for every heavy or broken heart. The drained, the weary, the hopeless. The ones who have lost the desire to move!  The answer isn’t to push harder, pretend to be stronger, and ignore what is going on emotionally. This book gives the answers and I highly recommend it. I’d also recommend checking out the audiobook (read by the author and he adds even more nuggets) and also his Pause app, where he has 30 Days to Resilient to go through for free!

Huge Thank You to NetGalley for an opportunity to read this book!!
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Resilient is a call to trust in the sovereignty of God by placing our hope in truth. Similar to the man who builds his house on the rock of Christ, Resilient gives readers tools to help push away anxiety and fear, and rest in the person and work of Christ.
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Did the pandemic leave you feeling weary, uncertain or with a sense of loss? John Eldredge’s new book Resilient speaks to our cultures lack of devotion to the Lord and that  we need to live for the Lord not our own pursuits. Our lives need to focus on eternity instead of the chaos/turmoil that surrounds us daily. 
This is such a great book, aptly written for today’s times.
Thank you NetGallery for my ARC.
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What a powerful book! The whole world has faced challenges during these last two years leaving many people depleted. This book provides many helpful exercises focused on building back our resilience in different facets of our lives. I used many of the exercises in the book as I read and have purchased the book to read again and continue to practice what this book preaches. I'm stronger now emotionally, mentally, and spiritually because of reading!

Thank you NetGalley for providing this book for an honest review.
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This is the perfect post-pandemic book for the Christian reader.  John Eldredge puts into words the emotions that we have all felt as we lived through the uncertainty of the past few years.  During a time of fear and unrest, our souls have taken on a low-level anxiety that is compounded by each traumatic event.  In Resilient, Eldredge teaches the importance of showing grace to ourselves and others as we work to heal our souls with calm, quiet times of prayer and meditation.
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I really enjoy reading books from John Eldredge. He has a great writing style and this book is on a very current topic. I think the amount of trauma the pandemic caused on a personal level varies a lot from person to person but the impact on the world is undeniable. John makes a good case explaining the trauma and pointing us to resilience. In the end it does get a bit repetitive but I can still recommend the book.
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Resilient builds on the thoughts introduced in Get Your Life Back. (See my review here: You don’t have to read them both, but I certainly found it helpful.

I got the digital version of Resilient from the publisher, bought the hard copy and downloaded the audio book. I first listened to a chapter and then I read it. I take in some things better visually and some things better through listening. I’ve been digging into the idea of resilience this year and I didn’t want to just read this book, I wanted to deeply study and apply anything helpful. And this was a very helpful book.

Those of you who regularly read my reviews will know that I deeply appreciate Eldredge’s voice and that he has been influential in my own spiritual growth. So it may surprise you to know that I had to fight my way through the first part of this book. Not because of the content, but because of the language that framed it. Maybe more than ever I am feeling the dissonance of living in a culture outside of the American mindset. I could see the reality of the things he referred to, but I had to first say, “Oh, people think the end times will actually look like a zombie apocalypse?” before I could dig into the truth of what he was discussing. And that underlying truth was really beneficial! So I’d just say if the terms he uses to frame things seem odd, if the way that he presents something doesn’t immediately spark a connection, just keep reading and look for the heart of what he is saying. I’d also recommend praying over your reading. One thing the enemy of your soul doesn’t want is you engaging with something that can help move you toward renewal and restoration.

One thing in particular that I greatly appreciated in the content was John’s insistence at getting to the heart of the matter. He gave several of his own beliefs about end times and prophecies and yet he kept coming back to the fact that how exactly it plays out doesn’t really matter, but understanding that Scripture tells us that there are things that ARE playing out is the key.

The thoughts on desolation and renewal have been invaluable to me. The teaching on worry, anxiety and reclaiming both our minds and emotions is significant. I can’t imagine anyone reading this book and putting it into practice wouldn’t be transformed in some way.

There is a free 30 day module (two sessions: one morning and one evening) in the Pause App that you can work through as you read through this book. If you haven’t tried the free Pause App yet I recommend it to everyone! I started using it in 2020 and it’s a wonderful resource.

As I said, I’m digging into resilience. I’m reading all kinds of things on the subject. I’m listening to podcasts. I’m diving into the dynamics of belief, truth and spiritual warfare. And one thing that I’ll offer here in miniature (read the book for more) is that across the board, every resource I’m investigating leads me back to renewing our love for Jesus: remembering who He is, what He has done and letting the goodness of His character lead us back to a heart of surrendered worship. If you want to start today to renew your resilience then start with renewing your love for and intimacy with Jesus.

Bottom line: I bought the book and I received a free digital copy. And I highly recommend it.

As always, I am not required to give a positive review, but an honest one.
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In this thought-provoking work, John Eldredge shares the experience of many people (not just Christians) during the covid-19 pandemic pandamonium. 
He takes on the root cause of the panic and shares how we should be handling the world as we continue to make our way back to some semblance of normal. 
He even shares some insights on the end times and the great falling away.
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John Eldredge has always been one of my favorite writers once I was fortunate enough to have discovered him.  He writes to my soul, straight to my heart.  This is because he gets it.  He gets the struggle of being in this world.  He understands too the victory that Jesus has already won - and the tension between those two realities.  Reading this book will help you slow down, take a deep breath, and focus on the God who can help you with the pace of life and the challenges of the day.  I love how he starts each chapter with a real-life situation or story that we can relate to and allows him to expound on his points, and then ends with a vulnerable, heart-felt open prayer to bring application to our spirit.  The theme running through his works is that God is after our heart, but so is our enemy.  All of life is related to that struggle, that battle.  The timing of the book is too, because just Eldridge, we have all gone through more than we know these past couple years and lost some things along the way during the pandemic.  If we are not aware and careful - it impacts our heart and the way we see life, which he so eloquently discusses.  He calls the book "a survival guide" with "tools for strengthening heart and soul".  That alone should be the reason you too want to read this one.  I was advanced a copy through NetGalley and the publisher for an honest review without commitment to recommend the book, though it was so good I did buy a copy for myself.
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John Elderidge's Resilient is definitely a book for our times. As we struggle through the COVID-19 pandemic, global disasters and social unrest, it reminds us that Jesus can calm our storms, restore our hearts and comfort our souls. The author is a trained counselor and this book is a balm for the weary and troubled. Highly recommended.
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