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Evolutionary Ideas by Sam Tatam is a book that shows how behavioural science and evolutionary psychology can help us solve tomorrow’s challenges by borrowing from yesterday’s solutions. The book has the following main points:

- Most problems we face today have already been solved by someone else, either in nature or in human history. We can learn from these solutions and apply them to our own contexts.
- The book introduces two frameworks for finding and adapting solutions: TRIZ and biomimicry. TRIZ is a method of systematic innovation that uses patterns of invention from engineering and technology. Biomimicry is a practice of emulating nature’s strategies for solving problems.
- The book explores five critical challenges we face today and how we can use evolutionary ideas to address them. These are: aiding decision making without limiting choice; reinforcing trust without altering the truth; triggering action without forcing a response; boosting loyalty without increasing rewards; and improving experience without changing duration.
- The book provides examples of these principles in action and shows how we can convert them into questions to guide our own problem-solving process. For example, how can we make people feel more secure without lying to them? How can we motivate people to act without coercing them?
- The book acknowledges that evolutionary ideas are not a perfect science, but they enable fewer blind assumptions and more informed choices. The book also reminds us that revolutionary ideas (moon-shots) are rare and risky, while most innovation is evolutionary and incremental.

I found this book very valuable and insightful, as it helped me see problems from a different perspective and gave me tools to generate more effective solutions. I think this book could be especially useful for anyone interested in behavioural science, as it shows how we can apply evolutionary psychology to influence human behaviour in positive ways.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn how to solve problems creatively and efficiently by using evolutionary ideas.
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This is an excellent read consisting of anecdotes, analogies and practical pointers, perfect for those interested in business, innovation, psychology and creativity
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Interesting, thought provoking and plenty to be learned from this book.

A special book with the chance to learn life facts that may have been overlooked, this book strips back and let's the unfold to us, some of the things I had picked up on seemed to be blatantly obvious and that's okay because when reading mostly, I always learn but this was in a beneficial type of way.

It shows how behavioural patterns can inform choices and consumer decisions in ways we may not have previously realised. 

Many thanks to netgalley and publishers for the FREE ARC in return for my review.
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Book review : Evolutionary Ideas by Sam Tatam is an exceptional book showing the real meaning of evolution and giving ample examples to help the reader to understand the real meaning of an evolutionary ideas.

In Evolutionary Ideas, Sam Tatam shows how behavioural science and evolutionary psychology can help us solve tomorrow’s challenges, not by divining something the world has never seen, but by borrowing from yesterday’s solutions – often in the most unexpected ways.

The author has done incredible job and a lot of research work with minute details to explain the true evolution from examples of our ancestors to the present generation. This book gives you lots of facts that normal people are either unaware or never thought in a different approach to really change your present condition and make a larger difference to many lives.

I loved reading this book and would recommend this book to all self - help book lovers. I am thankful to netgalley and the publisher for providing me this book in return of an honest review.
Happy Reading!
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An insightful and well researched book that brings out amazing facts not know to us but enriching us with knowledge and applying it further in various fields. I loved reading this book. Thank you publisher for the e-arc.
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This book is quite special because is it full of interesting common life facts as well as their application to business scenarios. There are plenty of things I have learned from the book that seemed to be obvious to me however they are behavioral patterns that can be well explained as well as applied in marketing and sales. This book is not a pure business book and on the other hand it shows how research and experimentation can be applied or have already been used by companies to influence consumer choices and decisions.
Disclaimer: I got an ARC of the book and very happy about this!
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This was an interesting and thought provoking read that made me think about things I had never really stopped to think about before. It was well written, easy to understand and full of information.
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