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I had only known of Anne Wilson from her song, “My Jesus”. Reading her story was inspiring and truly a testament of how good our God is. She is not the best writer as far as books go, but I do enjoy her song writing and will be listening to more of her music in the future!

Thank you to Nelson Books and Netgalley for the free ebook in exchange for an honest review!!
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I loved this book! I was first introduced to Anne Wilson at a Winter Jam concert, and hearing her story was heartbreaking. Reading her book was as well. She certainly laid it all out. She spared no emotion writing about her loss and I loved how each chapter had a tidbit from Anne and some more personal thoughts from her. Her music is amazing and I loved reading how her career came about and seeing God’s hand move in every aspect. Encouraging and heartfelt. This book was a great read! 

*I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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My Jesus is the moving story of Anne Wilson whom after the death of her brother turned to Worship music to escape the hurt and where she felt God’s peace. The life story of Anne tells of brokenness and the redeeming love of Jesus. 
This is a fabulous book that I highly recommend.
Thank you NetGalley and Nelson Books for my ARC.
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My Jesus From Heartache to Hope by Anne Wilson is a beautiful story.  It is an amazing testimony how God turns beauty to ashes.  We are never ready to lose a loved but even through death, God never leaves us, comforts us, and brings us closer to Him.  When tragedy and grief enter our lives, we have to decide who will we will trust, and Anne trusted Jesus!   From this point forward,  we see how God uses Anne through singing to touch so many lives and turn something bad to good for a higher purpose, all while spreading the love of Jesus. 

I love the Wilson family and their example of what a family should strive to be like. Without their strong faith and a love for one another, surviving the tragic loss of a son and devoted brother, would have been inconceivable. Anne is so blessed to grow up in a family that teaches the importance of the love of God and His word.

Some of my favorites:

“In the ashes of our lives, God meets us”.

“When your pain and sorrow go deeper, God’s love goes deeper.  He will also work it for your good.”

“God sees the end from the beginning, but we see only the moment.”

“God doesn’t call us to a life of comfort; that comes after this life.  He calls us to a life of following Him over high mountain and deep valleys.”

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What a sweet, heartbreaking and faith building testimony. I do not know Anne’s music, though I have seen her picture and advertisements, so I was completely unfamiliar with her story. I love how deeply her trust in the Lord helped her through such a trying time. While the story was written in a simple and straightforward style, it was also very fitting of the young girl the story began with and followed. I believe her testimony will continue to touch many lives.
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I only recently discovered (and loved!) Anne Wilson's music, so seeing that she had written a book about her life so far and her song 'My Jesus' both intrigued me and added another layer of understanding. She's been through so much already, but shares her story with honesty and vulnerability, continually pointing back to God and glorifying Him in every season. This was just beautiful to read. Highly recommend.
Thank you to Nelson Books, and to NetGalley for an ARC of this book in return for my honest review.
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What a powerfully emotional moving book. Anne has been though so much in her life already & to hear her beautiful story of tragedy and how she turned towards Jesus again & again in the darkest moments was just beautiful. Really enjoyed this one & definitely made me tear up - also, fun she's a musician so you can listen to her songs while you read the book. Highly recommended.
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I thouroughly enjoyed this book. The story was filled with sadness and hope, grief and comfort, fear and guidance. This book showed how God is always there with us regardless of the bad things we may go through in this life if you have a relationship with him He will help you. This book was very well written. I loved that this was more a story not a list of how to follow God or some other self help ish style writing. Loved this so much
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Thank you to Nelson Books, and to NetGalley for an ARC of this book.

I guess I will begin by saying that I am a new fan of Anne Wilson and her music.  When I saw this book was available to request, I jumped at the chance.  I knew a little of her background, hearing her music when I saw her open for Casting Crowns late last year. 

This book is the story of how Anne Wilson became a singer.  After the sudden death of her older brother, all of her life plans change.  Anne and her family have to figure out how to navigate life without Jacob.  

This book was really powerful.  It is about the Wilson families faith in God and how they navigate after Jacobs sudden passing.  

I thought this was a raw, open and honest book.  It is well written and gives you hope that no matter your circumstances, God is always with you.
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I received  a copy of My Jesus and this review is entirely my own.
My Jesus resonated with me since I too, have lost my brother.
It is a very good book and it makes Jesus real in the midst of pain and heartbreak
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Anne is wise beyond her years. She poignantly shares how “her Jesus” (our Jesus) sustained, comforted, and provided during her darkest days. Choosing to worship God amidst the tragic loss of her brother, Anne learned to lean on the Lord. Beauty from ashes we see in her story!
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My personal response after reading this book is: “What an amazing God we have!” And I think that response is exactly why Anne wrote this book and shared her story. She wants others to know her amazing God. Not just know about God, but actually know Him experientially. I’m totally right there with her. 

In this superbly written book, Anne recounts many specific miracles God brought about in her life, especially since the death of her older brother, Jacob. Definitely be prepared to cry your eyes out. Anne honestly shares the depths of despair she and her family walked through after Jacob’s death. 

It’s clear God had a position and place planned for Anne before her creation. (Eph. 2:10 “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”) He set out a path for her to sing and worship Him and then led her to that position through many miraculous events. I would love to share my favorite miracle from the book that God brought about, but I don’t want to spoil it for you, so I’ll refrain. 

One verse I love that I thought of as I was reading, is Ps. 18:33, “He makes my feet like those of a deer and stations me upon the heights.” (Berean Standard Bible). I particularly like the word “stations”. He places us in specific positions for His purposes. And what are we to do? We don’t even have to get ourselves to those stations, he places us there and then all we have to do is “man” those stations. This is what God did for Anne. 

Anne is wise beyond her years. She knows what’s important and lives for those things. (God, family, sharing His love with others). She turns to God in every sorrow and trial and He loves her right back. In spite of some very heart wrenching experiences, God He has blessed her in innumerable ways and she gives Him all the glory. 

You don’t want to miss out on reading these personal stories of God working miracles. This book exceeded my expectations. You will love reading it, too. I highly recommend it. 

I received an ARC copy from the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.
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What a wonderful book on love, loss, family, and hope. Simply told, but deeply emotional, this book clearly speaks to the truth of grief in the life of a believer. The moments that are so hard that you cannot even lift your head as well as those inexplicable moments of peace in the midst of turmoil. 
I loved all of the stories in this book. They were written with great detail and love , and each moved so beautifully to the final point of that chapter. I really enjoyed how at the end of each chapter there was a note from Anne that spoke directly to the reader about the spiritual battle as well as the healing process; those few paragraphs were like personal pep talks and prayers from someone who has been there in those moments. 
I’m so thankful for Anne’s candor about grief.  It’s clear that she fully trusted God in this journey, but being a believer didn’t exclude her or her family from the hurt, pain, and outward expression of grief over losing Jacob. A walk with Christ doesn’t have to look or be perfect - because we are not perfect. That was beautifully demonstrated in her story, and her family’s love for Jesus shines and truly honors the memory of Jacob. We cannot create beauty from ashes, but our sweet Jesus can. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Nelson Books for providing an e-copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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I found her testimony very interesting. Her song my Jesus is one of my favorites and I enjoyed getting to hear her story about the journey behind the song and getting to where she is today.
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Christian singer, Anne Wilson, tells her story of loss and faith.  Anne writes about the death of her brother and the faith that sustained and guided her through her grief.  Anne's trust in God through such heartbreak is a true example of walking in faith.  In her story, you can clearly see God's hand in this tough time for her and her family.  Anne's story is a true testament to how God is with us each step of our lives.

I recommend this book to anyone experiencing a tough season; Anne's story will give you comfort that God sees and hears you and will never leave you.

Note:  I have received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.   #Netgalley
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With a fresh new sound that somehow captures the Truth of the Ages, the song My Jesus has also captured the hearts of many. Now the story behind the song … From the tragic loss of her brother that inspired Anne to deepen her faith, she tells all that went into her processing her grief and pivoting her whole life when a video of her singing at his funeral found its way to Nashville. As a fan of country music, I enjoyed this look behind the scenes!
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My Jesus is a Powerful testimony of Anne Wilson and her family. After the loss of her brother Jacob she started to feel the call of God in her life for Worship Music. 

Despite her brother's passing she cling to God with her family and God use their heartbreak to open doors for her and become a Christian artist. Her story shows you how much God is close to the brokenhearted
and how he can restore lives. God brought her closer to him, comforted her and lead her into ministry. He uses our pain to help others.
Anne Wilson has a beautiful heart for the Lord, and I really like her album My Jesus an invitation to see that we are his and He is our Jesus.
Even if it's heartbreaking, we see the kindness and the love of God in her story
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Thank you, NetGalley for my free ebook. 

I enjoyed this title! I had no idea how Anne began her journey as a Christian music artist. Anne put so much of herself into this book, just like her music. I was touched by her love for her brother and her faith in the goodness of God, even when truly tragic things happen.
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Anne Wilson burst onto the contemporary Christian music scene in 2021 with her powerful debut single, My Jesus. This book is her story of the vast impact the death of her brother had on her life. 

This is her story, and I don't question the validity of it, but it seems idyllic to the point of almost unbelievable. It was hard to connect with a family that seemingly perfect. But her brother's death is like a bomb going off. The devastation is tangible. It changes everyone's life, especially Anne's. 

Anne describes several supernatural encounters with God. Again, I'm not discounting her story, but that is not typical. If you are a new Christian or someone seeking to know more about Jesus, don't expect life to be like this. But sometimes God intervenes in unexpected, quieter ways. So, as Anne sings, "Let me tell you about my Jesus, and let my Jesus change your life."

Overall I enjoyed this book. Family friendly, but the topic might be too intense for some readers.
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I have heard Anne Wilson testimony before. This was such a raw story and I could feel every tear from the author.

I love her music and the words to her songs. This book was such a great journey to help deepen the understanding of her faith and belief.

Thank you netgalley and the publisher for allowing me to read and review this book. All opinions are my own.
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