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The Gentleman's Book of Vices - PREVIEW

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While I only had an looking of the first five chapters, I honestly think was an liked read, I engoyed it Humour plot, interesting characters and a narration really funny. So excited to read more!
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Great preview, it has left me excited to read the book once it's out!
The characters are fun and engaging which drives the plot well.
I'm curious to read the rest of the book and will be purchasing it for sure!
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This preview of the Gentleman’s Book of Vices is an MM (Male/Male) romance following a secretive author who writes scandalous and, for the time it was written, unheard of romance stories. These are homosexual stories written under a pen name where one of our main characters , Miles feels shame and hides behind anonymity. For his daytime job he works in a bookstore.
Charlie, our other main character is an avid erotica collector and tries to hunt down his more recent favourite, Miles. The two meet and sparks fly. Miles thinks he is being blackmailed and is threatened with exposure of his secret identity but this definitely isn’t the case. Charlie is just a massive fan boy of Miles’. The two part ways with Charlie incredibly disappointment and miles angry by the miscommunication.
During a wine tasting in preparation for his wedding (!!!), Charlie comes face-to-face with Miles once again when he comes to apologize but is mistaken for the sommelier as he was carrying wine, not to taste but as an apology gift. It’s awkward but so funny and once again the two have amazing chemistry. But there’s a few problems: Charlie is betrothed! Neither can admit to their true feeling about the same sex either. One due to it being illegal and secondly is was deemed truly shameful. 
I’m excited to see how the book progresses and how Jess Everlee bridges these gaps between Miles and Charlie.
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I really enjoyed The Gentleman's Book of Vices! The characters are clever, engaging, and care deeply for each other in ways that form a myriad of friendships and romances that feel very queer. The concept is fun, the stakes are real, and this story also manages to fill a rarely filled niche of queer regency BDSM romance. Very excited for the sequel!
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Great preview, many thanks! Definitely see myself reading this! In fact, I've ordered it for our library, and I can't wait till it comes in! Thank you, NetGalley and the publisher!
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this book has everything I love, sass, gays, fashion, tweed, top hats, scandal and great writing 
While I can't give a full review since this is only the first 5 chapters, I can say that the chapters I have read are fully enjoyable and I want the others immediately
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Even though this was just a preview, it made me so excited to read the rest of the story! I’ve also heard great things of the rest of the book, so I am very excited to get my hands on the full story!
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"They said every copy should be rooted out and burned. Said that they should bring back hanging for sodomites and smut peddlers just for Cox alone. They said all that, and sales had boomed so spectacularly that Miles was still earning on the scandal." (loc. 343)

On the surface, Charlie and Miles don't have too much in common. The one has family wealth and shows it, with the ability to cater to his own whimsy in the weeks before his wedding. The other writes smutty novels to keep his shop afloat. But as it turns out, they share some of the same...whimsical...tastes in books—and other things—and before long things get complicated...

If anything is clear from this preview, it's that the book will be lively and entertaining, with no shortage of wit (and of course no shortage of complication). The late 1800s mean that difference can be risky, and these are characters who have, to varying extents and in various ways, decided to live with some level of risk rather than stuff themselves into the shape expectation demands. I'm very curious about the role of Alma, Charlie's fiancée, in this book, because she's been set up to perhaps have a backbone of steel under that genteel exterior.

If you find "The Gentleman's Book of Vices" to be a good fit, take heart: it's the first in a series, with book two out this year.

Thanks to the author and publisher for providing a free preview through NetGalley.
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While this was only a preview of what is to come, "The Gentleman's Book of Vice's" screamed Barney Stinson's "The Bro Code," which made it an instant request download. Jess Everlee created quiet a story. I was instantly intrigued with Charlie's perspective and Everlee's prose. I enjoyed this preview.
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04/16/2023 || Review for chapters 1-5 thanks to Net Galley || #TheGentlemansBookofVicesPREVIEW #NetGalley

I will be updating my review once I am able to read the entire book. 
As of today, I have placed a hold to my local library~

My overall rating so far is 4 stars

I have no complaints following the story between Charlie Price and Miles Montague, except I wish the introductions to both characters were a bit more detailed. But I guess that is the price I must pay for only receiving chapters 1-5 I suppose! I am assuming more character details, stories, and interactions will follow into chapter 6 and beyond, as I was already smitten with dearest Alma (Charlie's fiance), as well as Miles and Charlie, our dual narrators. I am hopeful to learn the past of all these characters and how it affects the current story line, and I am very excited to know their futures!

We meet Charlie in a gentlemen's club of a sort. He is extremely standoffish and refuses to be involved with someone for long, only really returning to read and reread his favorite smut books written by some of his favorite authors. One book in particular is written by a Mr. Reginald Cox, a pen-name for Miles (out of safety of course), that is Charlie's favorite and he is desperate to meet Cox for his signature before he is to be wed and forced to hide away his depraved, queer book collection for all time.

In a chance encounter, the two are thrust into each other lives and that is where chapter 5 leaves off. 

The writing style is glorious and easy to devour. I love the descriptions and witty banter and general warmth the beginning of this novel has.
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Oh, this was super delightful! I love the voice, the concept, and these five chapters did a wonderful job setting up the spicy romance to come. I can't wait to read the rest!
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I’m new to historical fiction, and I thought this would be a good entry point given that it’s also queer. I was compelled by the story and just HAD to purchase a complete copy to see how the story progresses. I don’t think I’m really built for historical fiction, but this story was interesting, compelling, and, again, queer. 
I think the only thing that made it hard to read was the dialogue; I get it’s historical fiction, and i’m not an expert in historical dialogue, but i felt like it shifted between being more modern and historical randomly throughout.
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“The Gentleman’s Book of Vices” is a compelling story which takes place in the 1800s. It’s a queer historical fiction, and has many romcom-like elements. 

The storyline and the plot itself is very interesting, and I would love to know how the rest of the story turns out! The characters are interesting and hopefully we will get to know more about their backgrounds later on in the book. It was also a joy to read a more lighthearted historical queer fiction book. 

The main constructive feedback I have is the language in some of the dialogues. While the language of the descriptions generally has a more “historic” feel, the dialogues seem almost too modern. Slang such as “man” and “wifey” doesn’t really give off 1800s vibes. Even if those slangs are used in the 1800s, it throws the reader off a bit too much. I understand that the book is supposed to be kind of romcom, but it would be a bit better language-wise if the author stuck to a more consistent style of writing when it comes to descriptions and dialogue. I do however appreciate the humor a lot!

All in all, I think that the book is quite compelling and has a solid plot line going on. Since I’ve only been provided 5 chapters, I can’t comment more than this. I wish the bestest luck for the author with the publishing of this book!
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I truly enjoyed the first 5 chapters and am looking forward to continuing! I purchased a physical copy so I can find out what happens between Miles & Charlie. Thanks for the sneak peek!
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NOTE. The text provided for review was only the first 5 chapters; thus that is what is covered here.  Also note I assume you’ve read the provided book blurb before proceeding to reviews.

The setting (timeframe, city, segment of society) was immediately presented, with interesting characters and scenario immediately at the beginning of the book.  The initial premise (the inciting incident) was also quickly established.

The two (I presume) main characters and a small group of likely secondaries were well portrayed so we could begin to project how things might progress, and complications which may ensue.  (I assume the author will prove us wrong, and surprise us with different plot turns, as the beginning was well written and therefore I assume it won’t be all that predictable).  

The two main characters were given plenty of plausible backstory and we can sympathize with their challenges to live their lives with a degree of authenticity in spite of the social mores – and laws – in their time and place. They are clearly presented as decent people who don’t want to cause unnecessary harm to others despite the social strictures. They are also drawn as intelligent and quick on their feet, mentally.

That’s as far as I got.  Well-characterized, well-written, draws the reader into their challenges . . . .    I assume it continues at least as well as it began, or improves.  I can’t give it 5 stars without reading the whole book, but I give it a solid 4 stars.
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This is just a preview, so my overall feelings about the book could be different…. But wow did this start quickly. Immediately, readers are thrown into this historical setting with little to no description. From there, it is very dialogue heavy, so I felt like I couldn’t get a full read on the scene. While I’ve heard about this book a few times and love historical fiction romances, this might not be the one for me. It’s too fast-paced and leaves a lot of gaps in the narrative for me.
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This is going to be great! I was immediately engaged by the story and the characters and I am so looking forward to reading the rest of the book. 

Compelling start, intriguing story line, engaging characters. Can't wait to  read the rest.
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I received a copy of this sneak peek through Netgalley. This is my honest review. 

This book starts out running. We are immediately treated to a Victorian (?) bar scene with drag queens and rooms you can rent by the hour, which is all well and good, but considering the fact that a person could be arrested for engaging in sodomy, I wonder how the bar was not the scene of constant raids. Like did they not know what went on there? Or were they paid off to leave it alone? I got no answers to those questions from the brief glimpse I got, and I doubt I'd get the answers by reading the whole book because I'm pretty sure that's not the real focus of the story, but where I'm still working on wrapping my mind around the reality of life for gay men back then, I have questions! 

We are quickly informed that Charlie is marrying a beard, and his relationship with Alma is one I really want to see more of, honestly. Is he marrying her for the wrong reasons? By today's standards an emphatic yes. But dude picked a woman who seems to be terrorized by her mother as never being good enough for anything, and she's just so beat down by that, and from what little I saw, it seems like all he wants to do is literally whatever he can that will make Alma smile. He had a whole ass cake tasting before those were fashionable because he knew it would make Alma happy. I know their relationship isn't going to be the primary focus of this book, but I'm still here for it because a part of me wants both relationships to happen for Alma's sake. 

There is so much I can imagine happening in this book, and at the moment that's all I can do because I do not own a copy of it at this time. But there's a lot more I'd love to see from these characters so this is a book I will definitely be keeping in mind for future reading when I'm not trying to dig myself out of a Netgalley hole.
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I'd heard good things about this, but I'm thankful for this short chapter preview to confirm that this book is not for me and that I would not enjoy the full thing. The writing style is a bit too crass for my tastes, and I can see why others would like the humor, but it unfortunately isn't for me.
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I enjoyed the sample very much. Fun characters with a secret author and an admiring fan. Off the wall story. Who could ask for more?
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