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The Gentleman's Book of Vices - PREVIEW

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Thank you Netgalley for giving chance to read the preview of this book.
I loved the preview. It has first five chapters of the book. I am so excited to read it and have already sent arc request for the same.
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Loved it! It's very well written. I enjoyed it. Jess is a good author!! This is not typically the type of book I'm into and I still really enjoyed this one. She wrote it well.
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Enjoyed this as a preview. Not sure if I'll read the entire book, but I'm glad to see more queer historicals in the romance space.
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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the chance to read a preview of this book!

This book started out a little slow for me, though that wine tasting scene was AMAZING. The enemies to reluctant partners dynamic was fun. It didn't draw me in enough to pre-order but I'll keep an ear out for buzz as it gets closer to release.
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Thank you Netgalley for this preview.
This preview includes the first 5 chapters of the book. The book starts with a misunderstanding between miles and charlie.
Loved the preview. Definitely going to read when it comes out!
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Debut author Jess Everlee is destined to become an auto-buy author for lovers of historical romance with The Gentleman's Book of Vices, and I'm confidently saying that after only reading the first five chapters! This grumpy/sunshine romance has a fabulous twist on the book about books trope since our heroes are an avid reader of illicit erotica and his favourite author who also happens to run a bookstore. I'm also holding out hope that Charlie's friend Jo will get her own book because she's already stolen my heart!
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I really liked this preview. It was not what I was expecting, but everything about it is excellent. Terrific writing and characterization. I'll have to dry clean the smoke from the opening chapter out of my clothes. I'll add to my request list after I'm caught up on my TBR/review list.
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The preview can be found in the read now section and includes the first five chapters of the book. Based off the preview this book isn't for me.

I liked the author's writing style. The story has an interesting storyline and has potential. The characters so far seemed interesting and developed for the story. This story is told in dual POV. 

I had a hard time connecting with the story and I didn't care for Charlie, one of the main characters. 

It could be that the story has a slow start and I may give it another chance in the future. 

Thank you NetGalley for the opportunity to read the preview.
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Thank you to the publisher and Jess Everlee for a preview of the book! 

This is such a charming start! The premise is so good and the fact that this is MM is the cherry on top! The writing is witty and the characters are likable—I can’t wait to read the rest!
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no because this is good stuff i want more!! i can't wait till November comes send help. I was so excited for this and honestly? still am😩 someone end my misery please
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loved this! cannot wait to read the whole book. The first five chapters have already got me hooked an I am in need of more..
Truly amazing!
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Love this so much! Charlie is a cute quirky guy who just wants to meet his favorite smutty author and Miles is a slightly skeptical (for a good reason) lovable character. Can't wait to read the entire book to see where their story goes, wonder if the marriage takes place or not for Charlie?
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OH. MY. GOSH! The Gentleman’s Book of Vices is the most compelling and captivating book I’ve read all year! That is remarkable, as I’ve read 33 books so far this year and only five chapters of The Gentleman’s Book of Vices.

First off, we have the premise. When I read the synopsis for this book, I knew I had to drop everything and savor it! As it turns out, I devoured this novel instead of savoring it, but I couldn’t be happier!

A m/m love story in the nineteenth century is something I never knew I needed, but now can’t picture myself without. Especially with the fact that one of them is a risqué smut writer and the other an adamant follower of said works. 

To be honest, I’m a fan of smut. I’m always drawn in by affection between characters and stellar writing. Like this novel proves, queer romances are the best writing there is out there. They are so exciting because they represent me. I can’t help but fall in love with every LGBTQ+ character I meet. I don't know what the scientific formula for love is, but Jess Everlee has found it!

The only way I can describe the first five chapters of The Gentlemen’s Book of Vices is in unintelligible rambles. I can not plan a proper response that would convey how impressed and excited I was by reading Jess Everlee’s work. Nonetheless, I will try my best!

The Gentlemen’s Book of Vices is astronomically phenomenal! I am already obsessed with Miles Montague and Charlie Price. From their first meeting, it is obvious they have something unspoken between one another. As you can probably guess, they are the main couple in this book. If I went in with no knowledge of what this book was about, I’d know Charlie and Miles were meant to be. Everlee writes their interactions with sparks flying!

I am very much fixated on grumpy/sunshine and oblivious to love tropes. They are trés magnifique! Miles and Charles have this sort of relationship and I need answers now!

I have already pre-ordered a copy of The Gentleman’s Book of Vices and I hope you will too! It is stellar; it is the shining star of 2022 releases. Don’t miss out on this novel! I know I wouldn’t miss it for the world! Word for word on my life, if I died, I’d stick around as a ghost until I saw this novel through. Jess Everlee has me hooked!

November 29, 2022. I'll see you there!
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This preview got me HOOKED! 

Charlie is engaged to be married in a marriage of convenience, but he was hoping to get an autograph from his favorite author of *spicy* books before he has to lock down his collection of novels for the rest of his married life. Miles happens to be that author, who uses a pen name and runs a book shop as his day job. Within the first 5 chapters we get the meet cute that isn't too cute, Miles pretending to be a sommelier at the wedding cake and wine tasting, and some big characters that I can't wait to read more about! 

I got some big Kit Webb and Percy vibes from this story already with some (maybe) grumpy sunshine thrown in for good measure!
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Thank you to Netgalley and Jess Everlee for the preview of this ARC.

So I've read the first 5 chapters as a preview and I NEED to read the rest!! I can't wait for this book....
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These first five chapters were such a great beginning! I cannot wait to read the rest of the book. I especially loved chapter 5. The characters introduced so far are entertaining and the story has just started!
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First, the cover of this book is SO CUTE! Like, really good job on that. This feels like a really good romance historical fiction novel. Also, MM? I'm here for it! It has a pretty good start that sucks me in and keeps my attention.   really enjoyed the dialogue. I feel like Jess's talent really shines there. It feels really unique as well. Usually I'm not too into historical fiction, but this... this was good ("good" was in italics in my mind, by the way).
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4,5 stars

Perfect for fans of Alexis Hall, this preview of The Gentleman's Book of Vices did exactly what it was supposed to do - get me to put this book on my upcoming TBR. These five chapters set up this story between a dissolute rake and a bookseller moonlighting as an erotic author perfectly with humor, heart, and even a little bit of heat. Honestly, the only reason I had to knock down a half star is because the text itself was fairly hard to read due to some spacing issues on the NetGalley app. That being said, this book has been immediately placed onto my Want to Read shelf and I am eagerly awaiting its release date in November.

Thank you to NetGalley and Carina Adores for this preview in exchange for a fair and honest review!
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The Gentleman’s Book of Vices had a great start! I was given the first 5 chapters on the net gallery and it was so interesting. I have seen this book a lot these days and wanted to read it.

I will update my review when I. Read then full book, but I can say this was worth to read.
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An intriguing start. The writing was very descriptive and poetic. The writing made me feel like I was actually reading the gentlemen’s book of vices. I can’t wait to see where this goes and I love that Alma is sweet and likeable and he treats her well. Hopefully there isn’t a conflict there.
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