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Thank you NetGalley and Publisher for letting me receive this book as an ARC.
I enjoy books by Paige Tyler and I was not surprised about what this book brought to the table. Fated mates and SWAT combined into one is a lot of action and tension. It has been a long time coming for the feline character to finally get her shot at werewolf Connor Malone. This is a pairing I have been looking for through the last few books. Tyler’s books can be read as a standalone but they are better in my opinion to be read in order. It will help you better understand the dynamic of the team and the characters in play. I cannot wait to get my hands on more of Tyler’s books.
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The Wolf is Mine is the thirteenth title (hard to believe!) in the SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team series. And I’ve been waiting for Connor’s story since his kitty cat friend was first introduced… it certainly did not disappoint!

If I had to pick a favorite story within the series, it would have to be The Wolf is Mine. Not only for the intriguing plotline but for the chemistry that shimmers between Connor and Kat throughout, even though they will not actually act on that attraction immediately. The team faces vile creatures on several fronts, but for me, it was the human’s evilness that gripped me and fired my imagination.

While searching for a teammate who’s gone missing in one part of Texas, Connor’s attention is somewhat divided as he worries about his cat who has gone missing. Back home in Dallas, a woman who goes by the name Kat will show up at headquarters asking for help against a wicked warlock who has harmed her. She claims to be a friend of Connor’s… little did anyone know just how close she and their teammate have unwittingly been for some time now.

The action is fast-paced, the intrigue on the highest level as the team, along with Connor and Kat, face a creature that may be undefeatable and an evil man who still has tricks up his wizard sleeves. I love the close bond these team members have, and it was on display throughout The Wolf is Mine. From bantering among themselves to fighting side by side, this team is simply amazing. Kat adds a unique dimension to this group of werewolves, and I loved watching the interaction between them.

If you love a well-written story full of romance, danger, laughter, sexiness, and page-turning intrigue… then The Wolf is Mine, and this entire series is a perfect fit for you. I had such fun with this adventure and can’t wait for the next time the SWAT team takes on another bad guy.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*
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The Wolf is Mine is the 13th book in Paige Tyler’s SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team Series. As with all of the other books, it doesn’t disappoint. Although Paige does a great job of providing a little bit of backstory, I just don’t think you could really enjoy this book without having read all of the other books in the series. Each one adds to supernatural lore in its own way and they continue to build this surprising fantasy world that still tries to have some basis in reality at least as it relates to love, family, and trust. 

The Wolf is Mine focuses on SWAT Team member Connor Malone and Kat Davenport. Kat is unique in that she has been with Connor for several months as an actual cat. She is in fact a witch. The best part is that I had my suspicions all along that there was something very special about Kat. Imagine my excitement when she bursts on the scene as a human trying to find Connor. The chemistry between the two of them is explosive and can’t be denied. In typical Paige Tyler form, their love will be tested by a new group of supernatural beings with ties to Kat’s past. Witches, Warlocks, spells, and other things that can be hard to wrap your head around come front and center in the best way. There is a lot of action and some fun moments as the SWAT Team goes up against yet another new foe. 

I really enjoyed The Wolf is Mine. It’s consistent with all of the other books as it relates to Love and being The One. There are plenty of fight scenes and someone definitely Wolfs Out. I could say so much more but you have to read it for yourself to really get the full effect of Paige’s very vivid imagination. I’m looking forward to the next book in this series.
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Lately, I've been reading paranormal romances with cursed humans trans morphed into cats.  I kind of like it.  In this one, the situation is a perfect blend of humour and sorrow.  Ms. Tyler creates the perfect mate, the ONE, for Connor.  

What I like about this story is how Kat knows all the insider information about the werewolves because she is the cat, the guys adore.  I am not sure how I would react if my beloved cat suddenly shows up as a human and explains that they are cursed.  It would be interesting.

For Kat, her backstory is a tearjerker.  I like how she is a survivor and does her best to fight back against the person who made her lose it all.  Adopted by the SWAT team is the best luck she's had in a long time.  It helps give her time to be safe and strategize how to fight back. Her skills also help the Connor and his team mates because they have never encountered magic.  They are going in blind and it is wrecking havoc on the team.

I like how two seemingly different plots mesh together to create a cohesive picture of magically mayhem.  The continued world building in this series keeps the stories exciting.  It is a pleasure to read about new foes and situations the SWAT team needs to overcome.  Tying it all together is the solid romance of finding their "one".  Seeing all the different iterations how these heroes become werewolves is also heartwarming.  This is an easy and smooth read that is recommended to paranormal romance readers who like their dark balanced with light.
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Surprise, surprise for Connor Malone when he finds out the cat that's been hanging around him is actually a human woman with some very nasty enemies.

I've missed a few books in this series and had forgotten how much fun this series can be. There was action, romance, shifters, witches and worlocks. The concept that there is only One person for each wolf has always been a romantic element that I enjoyed. I like that about this series, and that concept is taken to a new level in this story.

Overall, a tense, action-filled read and a heaping dose of romance. What's not to like about that? If you are looking for something that is easy to read with a good pace, this might be for you. My one comment was that the magic aspects of this story dominated the wolves and I missed them!
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I was happy to finally get Kat's story but had no idea she would be a witch.  Kat and Connor already had a foundation for their relationship but they still had a few hurdles to overcome.  This book had everything you've come to expect from this series.  It was well worth the wait.
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WOLF TAKES THE LEAD by Terry Spear is a fun read. This couple has the perfect dynamic that pulls readers along as they go from wary, to friends, to lovers, to mates. 

Reviewed for Fresh Fiction by Annetta Sweetko
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There was no way out. They were trapped.

A paranormal series about werewolves that work for the Houston SWAT team, The Wolf is Mine gives us Officer Connor Malone and Kat Davenport's romance. I'm new to the series and while I was surprised at how easy it was to pick up here, I think I did miss some world-building regarding the supernatural aspects of being a werewolf. There's obviously a wide cast of characters, this is book thirteen in the series, but I never felt overwhelmed with some issues and moments looking at past couples. This starts off, I imagine, right where the last book ended, with a couple from the pack missing and Connor and a few other pack members going to look for them. Paranormal can be fun with it's wild aspects and we definitely get that here with Kat, literally, having been a cat adopted by Connor and the pack after coming up to them at a scene they were working nine months ago. Kat is a witch who has been binded as a familiar by a power hungry warlock, Marko, after he killed her whole coven and only changes back to a human for fourteen days out of the year. When her change is coming up, she doesn't want Connor to see and leaves for three days.

Magic simply existed. It wasn’t good or evil. But the people who used magic could sure as hell be good or evil.

Kat's story gets intertwined with Connor and the pack's as Marko is responsible for the missing pack couple and a string of teenager kidnappings they have also been working. When Kat turns back into a human, she decides it's time to tell Connor the truth and suddenly she's saving him and other pack members with magic, revealing that she was the cat all along and a witch. The falling in love here was very rushed, it could make sense from Kat's point-of-view, she had her human mind in her cat body, so every time Connor was sweet to her and her falling asleep on his chest every night, gave her time and substance to fall in love with him, I found the speed of Connor falling in love with her less so. For the nine months, Connor has only saw her as a cat (I tried not to keep thinking about him cleaning her litter box, lol), so in a few days, this story takes place over fourteen days, when he's claiming she's his soulmate, I can't say I felt it. There was talk of The One for werewolves, so maybe I'm missing some previous paranormal world-building here but just using The One felt like a cop-out for putting in the work to give us the emotional building blocks to their romance.

Taking a few careful steps forward, Kat threw herself into his arms, dragged his head down, and captured his lips with hers.

The battling between the werewolves and witches and warlocks filled this with a good amount of action scenes. The scenes at times had cool descriptions, werewolves claws coming out, the magic creating sims monsters (magical stones in the middle of debris built up monsters) that provided some details that created visually dazzling scenes in my mind. There was also a lot of, what I call, tv show Supernatural-ish scenes of Connor and the others just being hit in the chest with magical blows that sent them flying off their feet over and over again, making you wonder if Marko and his coven are so powerful, why don't they do more than just throw them around?

She refused to let the man she loved get hurt.

By half-way through, Kat and Connor both consider each other soulmates and it's really just about the skirmishes they have with Marko and his witches and warlocks working for him as they kidnap kids and putting together Marko's final plan. Connor's sister Jenna shows up and we get some backstory about how when he was younger his sisters went missing for a time and only Jenna was found, she couldn't remember what happened to her older sister Hannah but talked about monsters, causing no one to believer her and call her crazy. It's a storyline that I thought might be incorporated with Marko but it looks like it was all set-up to bring Jenna and, who I'm pretty sure is going to be her love interest, Connor's packmate Trevor together. The ending gives us a final action scene and then a wrap-up with more than one happily after.

I missed some supernatural world-building, both of the werewolves and witches, it seemed like witches and magic were new to the werewolves by how they reacted when Kat revealed herself and when she used her magic but then later in the story a character called Davina who was a witch who worked with the SWAT team occasionally gets called in to help them, so they knew about witches already, I'm not sure that all made sense to me. I enjoyed the action scenes but there wasn't enough to the falling in love for me. Even though I was new to the world, I had fun jumping in here and I'm sure readers of the series will enjoy the reveal of the SWAT team's cat being a human Kat.
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A big thank you to NetGalley and S0urcebooks/Casablanca for the eARC.  I am voluntarily reviewing this book.  This is part of a series.  This was an interesting read.  Liked all the characters.  3.5 stars
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I always enjoy the characters Paige Tyler creates in her Alpha Teams books, this one was a bit different. I loved the fact that we finally get to see who the feline is that stays with Conner and her story. I loved getting to know Kat and what she has been through and finding out why the teenagers are so important to the bad guy.  I loved the whole story, except the multiple discussions of Kat becoming a cat again and what was going to happen. I was scared for Zane and Alyssa, I am so glad that things turned out good for them. This book was full of action and bits and pieces of a puzzle being put together until you and the characters are able to see the big story.  I really enjoyed the addition to the Special Wolf Alpha Team series. I highly recommend.
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I love that Paige Tyler has expanded her paranormal creatures in this series! I has made it so much more fun guessing what's going to pop up next. The guys have their hands full with a power hungry warlock after their beloved Kat turns out not to be just a house cat. Connor has such mixed feelings about this but it doesn't take him long to get them sorted out. Paige also brings in some characters from her STAT series to help out. I always love that in a story. This one had me guessing up until the conclusion as to how Kat and the guys were going to get the better of Marko Kemp!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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I had some misgivings, but the fast-moving, nail-biting plot drew me in regardless.

Connor’s cat is missing and it’s messing with his head a bit while he is on a mission to rescue a teammate. In reality, Kat is a witch who was cursed four years ago and spends most of her time in the form of a cat. She had gone into hiding to go through a long and painful transformation and when she returns to the SWAT headquarters, she finds Connor is still gone. Kat goes to rescue him and his teammates and they are plunged into a frantic mission to stop the power-hungry warlock that had cursed Kat.

I always suspected there was more to Kat than just being a cat, but I never expected a witch. This adds another exciting supernatural element to the series that wasn’t there before. Kat has had to deal with so much pain and uncertainty, but none of that ever got her down. Connor is super sweet and protective, and he rapidly recovered from the shock of discovering his cat is a woman. They were wonderful together, even though their relationship started out a bit lopsided. Kat already knew a lot about Conner, whereas he had to catch up. 

The confrontations with Marko and his coven were tense and increased in intensity with every new encounter. It culminated in a nerve-wracking climax that was over maybe a bit too soon. They bet everything on the hope that Kat would know what to do at the right time. I wasn’t quite convinced, especially considering that Kat hadn’t done a lot of magic in quite some time. She did have magic moments, which were impressive, but there was no progression in her abilities and also no indication that she was able to do great magic in the past. For me, there wasn’t enough to base all that hope on that she can vanquish Marko. 

All that said, I enjoyed reading Connor and Kat’s story and having the witches introduced. I can recommend this entire series if you like super hot werewolves, a variety of other paranormals, and steamy romance.

Thank you to Netgalley for providing me with a copy. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Overall this was an enjoyable read. It was quick paced and the mystery/thriller element kept me engaged. 
I haven't read any of the others in the series -- didn't realize this was part of a large series. That said, I was still able to follow along and understand the story and world it took place it. 

I did find it a bit repetitive -- ex. the numerous mentions of her turning back into a cat and how sad that made both Kat and Connor and a bit predictable. 

I would have liked to see a bit more of Kat and Connor's relationship and seeing that build as it went from shock to, to ok I'm interested, to you're my soulmate and I'll end the world for you pretty quickly without that exploration of the characters and their relationship first. I know this wasn't the main element of the story, but I just would have liked to see a bit more of it to help draw the reader into it.
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What a great story. I think this book feels slightly different from the rest of the series, and I think that makes it even better. As usual this story is filled with great characters, villains and plot. The twists and turns make it really hard to put down and the ending comes way too soon. Love it!
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The wolf is mine is the thirteenth book in the SWAT series by Paige Tyler. It delves deeper into new faces in the SWAT team and fleshes out the intragroup dynamics by highlighting the new characters. While some of the favorite characters from the SWAT team do make cameos in this book, the focus is on illuminating the backstories and focusing on the character development of the lead characters, Wolf shifter and SWAT Officer Connor Malone and the witch Kat Davenport.


This book focuses on the witch Kat Davenport, who was introduced in earlier books as Connor's feline friend. We have seen a tremendous connection between her and Connor.


Wolf shifter and SWAT Officer Connor Malone is a highly powerful lycanthrope who is an integral part of Gage Dixon's Dallas SWAT unit. After seeing the others of his pack find their soul mates and fall in love, he too wants to find his one while protecting the city from threats old and new. He will do whatever it takes to keep the city safe.


Together, Connor and Kat work to battle an evil warlock who cursed her. This book does justice to its name and is truly spellbinding. Paige Tyler’s expansion of her werewolf mythos has given ‘The Wolf is mine’ more nuance and depth while melding humor with paranormal suspense. Her characters have such depth that you just can't help rooting for them.
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I received an eARC of this book for my honest opinion

I love that Paige Tyler’s books can be read as standalone, but you will miss out on some amazing books if you don’t read the first 12 books. Also love that in her books you will see other characters from previous books that will pop in and out. In this book you will get to see Kat again, but this time she is not a cat. She is now walking on 2 legs and has a secret that will shock everyone in SWAT, but mostly Connor.

I really do enjoy reading Paige Tyler’s book so much. You always get action, drama, mystery, romance, steamy scenes, and some funny moments.

So, we find out that Kat is a witch, and she was changed into a cat by an evil power-hungry mage, who wanted to use her as his familiar. She wasn’t going for that, so she ran, and she ran for 3 years until she made her way to Texas and found Connor and his pack. Oh, and I forgot to tell you she has been a cat this whole time except for 7-14 days each year where she can change back into a human. Lucky for SWAT that she turned into a human right as 2 of the team’s co-workers have gone missing and they send out more of the team to locate them but to find out they’re up against witches and these wolves didn’t know that they had to worry about witches on top of everything else. Lucky for them they have Kat who knows all about that world and she does everything she can to help the team and help them solve the case they're on with missing teens. However, that isn’t the only thing Kat helps with, she helps Connor open his heart and he realizes he found “one”.

I loved everything about this book from the mystery of what is going to happen next with the case, to the romance that is unfolding before their own eyes, to the rolling around in the sheets. I like that in all her books, all the characters are easy to connect with in some way or another and she doesn’t hide their flaws she displays them.  I really like the closeness of the pack and how they all help each other out through everything. This is a quick read and fast paced, with all the action and drama you won’t want to put the book down. I can’t wait to see what else Paige Tyler will bring us in her upcoming books.

I want to thank NetGalley and Sourcebooks for allowing me the opportunity to read and review this book.
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Longtime series fans would probably consider this one as a big ‘most anticipated’ book because the not so surprise reveal about the S.W.A.T. team feline mascot finally getting the limelight with her favorite werewolf, Connor Malone.  Paige Tyler has set up this book from much earlier in the series when it comes to this pair and I was ready for it.

The Wolf Is Mine is thirteenth in the series that is part of an ever broadening world of standalone paranormal romances in the Special Wolf Alpha Team series and the spinoff STAT series.  I say standalone, but really the worldbuilding and character connections flow from beginning and through the series.

There is an investigation the Dallas police SWAT team werewolves are working on when kids start to go missing, but only they know they are investigating a paranormal crime with some sort of sinister purpose.  Kat Davenport is on the case with Connor and the others, and she recognizes witch magic involved.  Her past with Marko, the warlock, who destroyed her coven and nearly had her may not be as in the past as Kat thought.

All along, Paige Tyler wrote the cat into scenes and meant readers to catch on there was more to the cat and even instances when the cat was uncanny with mysterious help so it was fun to see her up on two legs and sharing her story with the werewolves that she considered friends and found family though they were just meeting the real Kat.

Meanwhile, Connor is a cranky werewolf about the fact that his cat is an attractive human.  He needs time to adjust.  I do think Kat’s assumption that Connor would throw up his hands in happiness and express his love the second he saw her human form was definite daydream territory.  I actually think I’d have reacted like Connor because, though it wasn’t her fault she couldn’t communicate, it was on her that she lived in his intimate space and stayed close to him at work, workout room, etc.  It was voyeuristic and that takes some adjustment that even the fated mate The One attraction didn’t quite mitigate.  But, they share a case and a building attraction in human form so it wasn’t long that things were on track and Connor was worried how they would break the curse spell so Kat wouldn’t lose her human form again.

The ending was a huge adrenaline rush and, once again, has shown the series has advanced beyond the werewolves to, in this case, the witches and a few other darker nasties out there.  Spicy hot romance, suspenseful and tough action with a paranormal world and characters make this a must-read paranormal romance series.
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Connor Male  is on the SWAt  and is a wolf shape shifter.
Kat Davenport she is in feline form ( she is witch) and was cursed by a powerfulWarlock.

Connor and his teammates were looking some of their own.  Whappened too them?
Can they help them?

Kat ( being a witch helps them find their pack mates and helps finds the missing teens.

It is a good against evil.  You will need to read the story to find out what happens.

This is a great story it has suspense, action, a page turner, romance and lots of paranormal happenings.

Great Job  Paige Tyler !!!!
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The heroine had been cursed into a feline form by a villain who she's running away from. She ends up with the hero and his wolf pack, living with the hero for months. The story begins as the hero and his team were investigating missing members of their pack and got into trouble of their own. The heroine has returned back to her human form, a reprieve of her curse, and went searching for him. Even as the two hit it off, how will the couple retain their romantic relationship when the curse and the villains of the book are forces obstructing their happy ending.

The latest addition to the SWAT series by Paige Tyler is a wonderful hit in my eyes. I enjoyed the fast-paced story, and even the instant start to the couple's relationship isn't really a dealbreaker when one adds how the heroine has been living with the hero in her feline form. I also enjoyed reading how the secondary characters, the wolf pack that the hero has made, were supportive of the couple and wanted both of them to be happy. I would have liked some more details in certain areas of the story as well as maybe a second epilogue or so. Overall, an enjoyable Paige Tyler book and I look forward to reading more of the series in the future.

**Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the review copy. All opinions and thoughts in the review are my own.**
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It's werewolves against magic in a race against the clock that pits the SWAT pack against a powerful warlock and his coven. In the middle of everything is werewolf Connor Malone and the enigmatic witch, Kat Davenport.
I don't want to give away the surprises, but I will say that there are a couple of big twists that I wasn't expecting but that made the plot feel particularly exciting. I especially liked how out of their element the werewolves are when facing off against magic. I'm more used to all supernatural beings being portrayed as being old hats when it comes to magic and this physical power versus magical power faceoff was a brilliant twist. 
The only complaint is that there's a plot line that feels very important but doesn't really get resolved. I get the feeling that it's laying the foundation for a future book, but I still left this book feeling like it was left dangling.
I discovered this series with this book and I'm definitely going to be reading previous volumes, but I'm happy to say that it's a pretty easy one to jump into. All the pertinent information needed to enjoy it properly is given without weighing it down with too much world-building backstory for those that are caught up. I never felt lost in the world and lore, which is something that not a lot of authors manage, so kudos to Tyler for that. 

Happy thanks to NetGalley and Sourcebooks Casablanca for the early peek at this exciting read!
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