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I'm a big fan of horror, and when I found this one on NetGalley, I knew I needed it. The twisting, mutating grossness of this tale helps to add to the atmospheric horror of Gothic by Philip Fracassi. All of the twists and turns put me in the mood for autumn and Halloween, and I was so happy to have had the opportunity to read and review this work of art.
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A horror writer receives a desk as a gift, but it's haunted... and it demands BLOOD!!!! So his descent into madness begins!!! Pretty cool premise! It's a slow burn at first, but it picks up after 150 pages or so, and it gradually starts getting darker and more brutal. I really enjoyed it! Plus, that cover is stunning! 🤩
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True to it's word this felt just like old school horror. It was eerie and left you feeling like "what did I just read?" 

It was a fun read that I'll definitely be recommending to horror fans.
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Thank you to Cemetery Dance Publications for providing me with an e-ARC of Gothic!

You ever read a book and just know it's going to be a classic? That's exactly how I felt about Philip Fracassi's Gothic. Me reading a fairly long novel and actually vibing the whole time, even during slow moments, is very rare & I'm just so thankful that Fracassi came through and reminded me why I love this genre so much.

Gothic centers around the idea of a horror author crumbling apart & going bat-shit insane (see: The Shining), but with its own twist and style. I really don't know what else to say besides the fact that Philip Fracassi did That. There's a wonderful amount of horror and fantastic development in both story and the characters. It was very well-written & I was just here for the entire ride.
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Did not expect to enjoy a horror novel about a haunted, possessed desk so much. It's like if Hammer Horror had done the movie Oculus- campy in all the best ways possible, fun to read, and with just enough of a creep factor. This is pure, pulpy fun and I very much recommend it. 

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing a free copy in exchange for an honest review!
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What a ride! A slow burn, classic horror story that I found both disturbing and invigorating. Yes, I need more Philip Fracassi in my life.
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My thanks to Netgalley and Cemetery Dance Publications for the opportunity.

And thanks also for introducing me to a new horror author, Philip Fracassi, whose new work, "Gothic" was foreboding and spooky enough to match the title, but equally gruesome and graphic enough to appease the modern horror reader.

The novel is the story of a famous, middle aged horror novelist, past his prime and out of creative juices to pen the next big thing. He's already spent his advance on the next book, which isn't written yet, and bills are coming due. Yet, he can't seem to ask for help from his beloved girlfriend of many years, or his college-aged daughter, whom he adores more than life itself.

All of this comes unglued when Tyson's girlfriend buys him an expensive antique desk for his birthday as a surprise. A dark desk with a shiny stone surface and intricate carvings with faces and strange glyphs on the side. A desk that seems to emanate power, and whose carved faces move upon closer reflection. A desk that completely changes the writer's life forever.

So, yea, the trope is a used one: a struggling artist finds inspiration, fame, and wealth through a possessed object, only to rue this discovery in the end. But Fracassi does this story so well, that the characters and the desk come alive, and I was caught up in the story of this demonically charged object. The last chapter of the book was amazing, and the ending lines of the epilogue were pure gold.

I very much look forward to more works by this author!
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What a ride! This book creeped me out, but in a good way, and I loved the vintage vibes. I've already recommended this to a few friends who like books in this vein, and honestly you can't go wrong with Philip Fracassi. The man knows how to write a good story and he's in top form here.
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And incredibly creepy throwback. There is a reason Fracassi is one of the best horror writers... so good.
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Starting out with an Eminem quote left a bad taste in my mouth right away and then nothing changed that at all for the rest of the time reading.
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DNF at 38%

I could not get into this book at all. I enjoy slow burn but this was the slowest of slow burn, at least for me. I also thought there could have been some serious edits done to this book. There were so many unnecessary details and the details that were necessary were not fleshed out.
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Fun, riveting read! It was a little slow in the beginning but the pace quickly picked up around the 30% mark. Would definitely like to read more by Phillip Fracassi!
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Tyson Parks is an aging horror writer struggling to capture his past success with his books. On the edge and close to financial ruin help comes in the form of a birthday present. His girlfriend Sarah gives him a beautiful antique desk that sparks his writing. Too bad the desk is actually a sacrificial alter, and there is some evil magic creating his success. How long before the evil in the desk wants repayment?

Gothic is dark, creepy, and a fun ride. I was expecting a haunted desk to be as scary, but this book was very successful in showing the menacing and disturbing nature of the desk. Watching the slow and undeniable transformation of Tyson throughout the book as the desk takes hold of him is unnerving to read. There is a real sense of dread while not wanting anything to happen to this family who has been thrown unknowingly into this situation. 

I would recommend Gothic to fans of horror with cursed objects. This book is a lot of fun to read despite the very dark disturbing content.
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Thank you Netgalley,  author, and the publishers for allowing me the opportunity to read this e-arc.
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The centerpiece of Philip Fracassi's Gothic centers around a demonic writer's desk that was carved from an altar of the occult. It possesses a fading horror author as he crafts his latest work and as you would imagine, bad stuff happens.

This is a '70s throwback novel, but with a contemporary twist. Think Paperbacks from Hell for the 21st century. It's easy to make comparisons to classic Stephen King. A haunted desk? That's Christine without wheels! A struggling writer's descent into madness? Redrum! 

I had a blast reading this book. Despite the familiar themes, Gothic stands on its own merits. Sure, it does tend to drag a bit, just like classic (and modern) King, but it's well worth the ride. This was my first Philip Fracassi novel and I'm ready for more.
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A masterful horror novel. This made me uncomfortable a number of times, something I haven't experienced for a while. The timing and way the evil would surface was really disquieting. This is not for the faint of heart, so if you don't like horror, don't read it. If you do like a good horror novel, don't pass this one by.
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Struggling with writer's block, horror author Tyson Parks needs a new muse in his life. For his 59th birthday, his well meaning partner buys him a new desk she's found in an antique store. Little does anyone know that this desk is in reality a shapeshifting portal to cosmic forces beyond the comprehension of man, hunted by the last member of a powerful family bent on putting an end to its powers. Philip Fracassi blends Lovecraftian horror with the very human tale of a writer descending into obsession and madness a la Stephen King in Gothic. 

- The premise is fairly wild and the action reflects this: it doesn't pull many punches, is pretty gory in places, and doesn't make sense in a comical way at times. 
- It's feels like a love letter to the genre, namedropping various King references and having some strong Lovecraft vibes throughout. 

- Beyond the main character, the others are all fairly superfluous and could almost be cut from the book without much impact. In particular, the character trying to chase down the artifact has almost no relevance to the plot for how much time is spent with her character in perspective chapters, and her story ends in a comically abrupt way. 

Three stars. It's fun in a gratuitous way, but there's not much bubbling beyond the surface here. 

FFO: Lovecraft, the Shining. 

**I was given a copy of this book by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. My thanks to Cemetery Dance and Netgalley*
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Gothic is a satisfyingly dark read, weaving together well-worn tropes, character archetypes, and gory goings-on into an original story that hits plenty of horror high notes. It might have benefited from a hundred pages in either direction - depending on whether you'd want certain parts fleshed out, or the fat trimmed off entirely - but once it gets going, it's a wonderfully twisted novel, marking Fracassi as an exciting voice in the genre.
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If you like those Stephen King types of books then this one is something to pick up. Very much a slow story building book but quick to read and consume with the short chapters to keep you turning the page. There is some scenes that might not be for some people with tiggers. A good entey novel into more extreme horror.
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Reading this book gave me chills! It was so creepy and atmospheric. Some parts left me terrified! It is a but graphic at times so be aware if you plan on reading this but I loved it!

Tyson Parks receives antique desk for his 59th birthday. The perfect gift for a famous, struggling horror writer, his partner Sarah got it for a good price. She’s hoping it’ll give him inspiration to write. Tyson begins using the desk and after awhile begins acting unlike himself. He’s become angry and violent. His is writing faster and more than ever before. But his writing is disturbing. His publishers are ecstatic with the turnaround are believe it will be very successful. Tyson will do whatever it takes to protect his success even at the expense of his family and his own sanity.

Gothic is available February 3, 2023.

Thank you netgalley and cemetery dance publications for this arc in exchange for my honest review.
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