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I love books like this. Between the writing and the phenomenal display of relationship dynamics, good, bad and difficult, and the way they struggle through them.

We want so badly for our main protagonist tomake the *right* choices, but do we ever really know what the right choice is when we're in the midst of the problem? Not always. And it's not always easy for people to leave, despite how we as readers see the red flags. I loved how raw it was. I loved how co dependent they were---toxic or not, it was a great read! a quote that stood out to me was “I didn’t know how to separate the feeling of love from the feeling of wanting to escape.” The need to fill that void and that emptiness ,even with someone who has complete power to break you, is so so relatable.
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This was a quick read that pulled me in but in the end left me somewhat unsatisfied. Leah is young, early 20s, and had left Massachusetts to pursue an MFA in a small midwest writing program. No, not the big one. As she tries to find her way in the writing program, she falls for a guy she meets cute in the line at the grocery store. Despite clear warning signs (he doesn't have any money, he lives in his parent's basement, he doesn't seem to really work), she is too deep before she realizes he is a recovering addict. It seems to be a good depiction of what a relationship with an addict is like, but in the end it was all just too sad.
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Wonderfully clear writing voice. I could feel the feelings of the characters at all times. The book is addicting, and is a great example of flawed characters who you can't help but love.
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This was such a beautiful and heartbreaking novel. I found myself getting sucked in from the first chapter and was very invested in these characters and their lives. Anyone who has loved someone who battles with addiction will definitely feel their feelings with this. It can be a tough read sometimes just because it is sad, but it’s worth the heartbreak.
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Holy moly this book was beyond a 5/5 stars. It was all the things: devastating and raw and heavy and fundamental. Major trigger warning for addiction and relationships involving addiction. But if you can get through that part, it’s so well worth the read. I listened as an audiobook and it was so well done. Be ready to feel lots of feels.
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Boy, was this a story I will remember for a long, long time. Halperin wrote so well and so vividly, I could literally read this book and watch it unfold as if I were watching a movie. What talent! This story will stick with me for a while.
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Our main love interests, Leah and Charlie, meet at a grocery store and their chemistry is immediately apparent. While Leah notices a few things about Charlie that seem off, she doesn't really question it too deeply until he finally comes clean about his addiction. While he continues to self destruct, we begin to learn that Leah is struggling with an addition herself: to her relationship with Charlie. 

This book was so raw and emotional. I'm sure that there will be many people who read this and feel frustrated and confused as to why Leah keeps going back to Charlie. But, as anyone whose ever loved an addict knows, things are not so black-and-white. I thought Halperin did a wonderful job capturing this dynamic and portraying how the consequences of addiction affect not just the addict, but also those who surround them.
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“ I really did believe that art could save a person.”

4.75⭐️ I Could Live Here Forever by Hanna Halperin

This heartbreaking and hauntingly beautiful novel centers around Leah who attends an MFA writing program in Wisconsin. She meets Charlie, a recovering drug addict, who she has an immediate mutual attraction with. What starts as a sweet and easy connection quickly turn into anything but. Leah is also profoundly effected by the sudden abandonment by her mother at age 13, and this follows her like a dark shadow through every aspect of her life. 

An honest and raw story of what it’s like to fall in love with a heroine addict. It was an intense read I couldn’t put down. 

Thank you NetGalley for the ARC.
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I STRUGGLED to get through this one. 😵‍💫

Leah is working on her masters degree in writing in Madison, Wisconsin. Seemingly a world away from her childhood home in Boston where her mother up and left her and her two brothers so many years ago. 

Leah meets Charlie one night in the checkout line at the grocery store and he *love bombs* her. And she falls for it.  Charlie is a recovering heroin addict and Leah is desperate for someone to love her. So desperate that she looks past alllllllllllll the red flags. 

Charlie might as well have been wearing a red flag as a cape that first night. I wanted to grab Leah and shake some sense into her! Girl, what are you doing!!!!

It just didn’t work for me. I kept reading because I thought eventually she was going to come to her senses. But. I was wrong. Leah, do better👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Thanks #netgalley, the publisher and author for this e-arc!
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Leah moves from the Boston area to Madison, Wisconsin, for an elite MFA program. She seems to be feeling some imposter syndrome effects, unsure of who she is and wants to be both as a writer and as a human. She meets Charlie in the grocery store and enters an all-consuming relationship with him, which she attempts to balance with her writing and school. 
The writing is beautiful - it grips the reader and doesn’t let go, making the book hard to set aside. The characters are described so well that I could visualize them - I wouldn’t be surprised if I ran into them in my grocery store. As I read, I empathized with Leah. I could feel her balancing her tortured love for Charlie with her desire for a more dependable partnership than Charlie was able to offer her. I’m shying away from describing some of the content that’s in the book’s blurb, but I’ll add a content warning at the end.
I switched back and forth between the eARC and an audio copy from my library - the narration by Megan Trout is excellent, too.
Thank you to Viking Books for an ARC via @netgalley in exchange for my honest opinion. This searing novel was unlike anything I’d read before - while it follows Leah through romantic pursuits, it is not a romance. I enjoyed witnessing Leah’s growth over the course of the novel, and it helped me reconcile some lingering emotions I didn’t realize I had, due to experiencing a relationship similar to Leah’s - what an amazing and unexpected result of this read! I’m excited to read the author’s previous novel, Something Wild. I Could Live Here Forever is available everywhere.
CW: drug addiction, drug addict in recovery, overdose, drug addict relapse
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A devastating and poignant novel about love, loss, trust, and trying to find yourself.

Leah is studying for her MFA in Wisconsin, a significant change from the Massachusetts home where she grew up. Leah's mother walked out on the family when Leah was still a child, and she has always felt the void in her life. In Wisconsin, Leah becomes part of a group of friends made up of her fellow writers, her cohort. At last, Leah feels like she might belong somewhere.

When Leah meets Charlie, it is almost instant love, despite some of Charlie's quirks. Charlie tells her he is a recovering heroin addict but that he is not using. Leah allows herself to trust him and in meeting his family, begins to imagine having Charlie and a whole family.

Leah can not let go of Charlie, even as she dates another, more responsible man. She begins to understand that she has always kept herself shut off from others and most times pushes them away.

Leah has to make some difficult choices as she tries to navigate loving Charlie and what she imagines life might be like with him, with trying to heal herself and move forward. This novel makes you take a deep breath at the end and try to process it.
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In I Could Live Here Forever, Hanna Halperin writes beautifully about heart wrenching circumstances.
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Such a stunningly beautiful and heartwrenching novel. I adored it and will recommend it widely. I loved Leah as the protagonist so much. And Charlie? Like Vivian, I could also see why Leah loved him. Wow.
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Such a disturbing story that I just couldn't put down. The characters and the whole situation felt so real. And so sad. It felt like watching a friend get pulled down into something bad with no way to stop it. Really, really well done novel!
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I love an intense, messed up love story that's absolutely not a "romance" novel and this one was 5 stars! I recommend avoiding the publisher’s blurb as it reveals the big reason this particular relationship is messed up, which I loved discovering on my own (but, check the blurb if you're sensitive to triggers). This story features Leah, a grad student in an MFA Program in Madison, WI and Charlie, a guy she meets in the checkout line at the grocery store. That’s all you need to know. This is a character-driven story that's so emotionally intense that it reads like a page turner (I read it in 1.5 days and could NOT put it down). Halperin's writing made me root so hard for Leah and Charlie, but I was also terrified for them. I loved the dynamics of the MFA experience that made up the background for Leah's and Charlie's relationship. It's a sad, emotional book, but one that will pull you in and not let go.
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Thank you, NetGalley, Penguin Viking, and Hanna Halperin, for this arc.

An emotional read that follows Leah, a book writer who attends a university where only six people can get in for a prestigious MFA program. Leah is one of the lucky ones who got accepted. She is not looking for love. She is excited about starting this new journey and getting lost in writing novels, but then unexpectedly she falls in love with Charlie who is a recovering addict. Leah believes they are soulmates but little does she know his addiction will affect her life just as much. Leah has childhood issues that affect her emotionally, she is codependent on love, anyone's love, and acceptance. 

This book was not a happy ever after but a realistic heartbreaking insight story of how addiction affects not only them but the people who surround them. 

Check trigger warnings before reading!
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This book blew me away honestly. Halperin’s writing style is so simple, like she’s just recounting events to a friend at dinner, then she’ll say something so profound you just have to sit there and take it in for awhile.

This book is about how healing comes in waves. About how sometimes we choose right and sometimes we choose wrong and that’s okay. Sometimes we do things that don’t make sense, sometimes we love people who are hard to love but we just can’t help it. It’s about showing yourself grace when you choose to love unlovable people and trying to choose better next time. Basically, this book cured my attachment and abandonment issues lol. I found myself addicted to Leah’s and Charlie’s journey, how real it was. Like I could go through that and learn my lesson vicariously so I don’t have to make those choices in real life anymore.

Thank you Hanna Halperin for playing a role in my healing journey. Thank you to the publishers and netgalley for the best arc I’ve yet to read!!! I had to buy a physical copy too because this really stuck with me.
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As always - Thank you NetGalley for the ARC :)

I went into this novel not knowing it was about a woman who enters an all-consuming, heartbreaking relationship with a recovering heorin addict.


That is some heavy stuff.

Basically, this book has no happy endings, or happy stuff in general. I cannot point to a single part of the book that is considered "happy" for me. I think that is the point. As someone who loves beautiful, tear-filling happy endidngs that give me hope, this was interestingly out of my comfort zone.

Good writing, just sad. That is my warning if you decide to read it!
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Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the advanced copy. 

Unfortunately, this was not for me. I found the writing style a but juvenile while tackling some of the heavy themes in this book. I think the story has great potential, it just lacked the refinement I tend to look for. Again, just a personal preference for me.
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This book really surprised me. I didn't have a lot of expectations going in, and I read it on a whim since I was pre-approved for it automatically on Netgalley. It intrigued me although this type of book is not one I would typically read. I have to say that I was blown away by it. I got to the point where it was hard for me to put down, and I really wanted to continue to see how Leah and Charlie's relationship progressed, especially through the ups and downs of Charlie's drug use.

I think "I Could Live Here Forever" would be a good book club book for people to discuss, especially with the opioid epidemic we are seeing currently. I think this book would help people empathize with others who struggle with this. Also, on Leah's end, she would be a good character for discussion with her family issues, loneliness, and how she deals with those. 

Would I read this again? No, probably not, but I do feel that I am better for having read it. It elicited an emotional response for me at the end, and that to me is one of the hallmarks of a good book.
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