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Witty, with awesome characters.  I really liked Agnes and cheered when she met the man of her dreams. 
Many thanks to Author Collective 20 and to Netgalley for providing me with a galley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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"Switch Stance" by M.E. Carter and Andrea Johnston is a delightful sports romance that combines humor, heart, and a touch of steam. The story revolves around two characters who find themselves thrown together in the world of professional MMA fighting. Carter and Johnston's writing is engaging, and their well-developed characters make for an entertaining and satisfying read. With its perfect blend of romance and sports, "Switch Stance" is a book that will leave readers cheering for love.
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As one of those readers who go to signing events, I loved this book! I realized that authors are just like us. Sometimes awkward, ordinary people who have the same life issues we have and if we really look at ourselves, life can be a Romcom. A funny romance that I could relate to by two great authors.
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A fun and flirty  quick read. Switch Stance is an author and her muse story. It's adorable, a little bit naughty. And a whole lot of sweet. 

My favorite quote is : 
"Not all happy endings are written, some are lived."

Enjoy the journey from strangers to friends to everything. It's  all about the ride!
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A fun escape read into the behind-the-scenes world of being an author. At the same time, we see both her personal and professional personas.  Aggi is a klutz, quirky, and a bit insecure, while Adi is confident.  Spencer is just a dream.  But Kate, now she I can relate to! 

I enjoyed this book and did not want it to end; I felt like I was tagging along and did not want to miss a moment.  

Thank you to NetGalley, and Author Collective 20, for the advanced copy; this is my voluntary review.
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"Not all happy endings are written, some are lived."😭
The ending got me so emotional, it was such a beautiful way to finish the story.

This is the book of Aggie, a romance author that writes novels featuring extreme sports athletes. She gest all her fuel from one particular skateboarder, her one and only muse. Who happens to be at one of her signings with his sister. Things start rolling and all of a sudden the whole book features them being on tour together and falling into their connection.

I couldn't put this book down! Not because it was super fast paced or full of drama, just for the sheer vibe it had, so warm and smooth, so full of care and sweet gestures and details. This is how Spencer treats Aggie, with so much care for her vulnerability, giving her understanding, time and space to process her emotions though it may be a bit hard on him. And Aggie is such a sweetheart, she needs a bit of time to adjust to all her dreams getting on the spotlight and .. actually being fulfilled.

I loved how so much of the story just features them, there aren't many characters. And those present are all wonderful, I was pretty fearful Donna was going to be the bad one but she was a true gem.

I loved this book for its graceful ways and just warm feelings.
It also reminded me of the first and only signing I went to and there were so many fond memories. This books feels like an ode to the world of romance writers. This place is a better place because of them and I hope they all get to write their happy ever after ❤️

I received a copy of this in order to offer my personal view on it.
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Skater boy and writer. 

Agnes (Aggi) aka Adeline Snow (her pen name) is a author who uses Spencer as her muse. 
Spencer is a pro skateboarder, X games winner, and all around good brother, who is attending a romance conference with his sister Kate,. 

Skater boy and writer have a thing. But it did take them rather long to finally met.
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This book was just fabulous, full of quirky mishaps and stumbles and a heroine that is so endearing. Romance streams through the book and you can’t help but fall for Spencer and put your whole heart into hoping he gets his girl. Well written, quick paced and full of tidbits of what life spas a writer or a sports pro can be makes sure that we are totally immersed in a book that I struggled to put down.
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I really enjoyed this story. I didn't realize it wasn't a new book until after and was pleasantly surprised to see its a series with more books. I adore Aggie/Adi and her quirkiness. And Spencer was oh so swoony. I do so love a Hero who isn't what you expect.
4.5 stars for me on this one. It felt like an ode to the fans of romance and I loved that.
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I am really really thankful for the opportunity to read and review this one.  Unfortunately, the writing style didn't work for me.  It seemed very choppy and almost too animated (or over-excited?  I can't put my finger on what wasn't working, but it felt like "too much")..  I wasn't able to settle into it or connect with the storyline so ultimately it was a DNF for me.
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**3.5 Stars**

Switch Stance is a story about an author who writes romance involving extreme sports athletes. While at a book signing, Adi ends up meeting her "muse", a pro skateboarder, and in a strange twist of events ends up going on a book tour with him. 

It took me a little while to get into this story, but I enjoyed that it was about an author and involved book signings and the book world. I really liked Spencer's characer. He seemed down to earth and was very likable. I struggled a little with Adi's character and while I wanted to root for them, I wasn't feeling their chemistry at times. 

I think the relationship between Adi/Aggi and Spencer could use some further development. I found the story line interesting but not quite enough to hold my interest at all times. 

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read a copy of this book. All opinions expressed are my own.
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Adeline Snow (aka Aggi, to friends) is a successful author with a deep catalog of sports romances inspired by her crush on skateboarder Spencer Garrison.   Reality collides with fantasy when a chance meeting between Spencer and Aggi results in media attention for both of them, as well as a genuine spark.   They're convinced by their publicists to tour together to capitalize on the uptick in interest, but can the real man live up to the hero in Aggi's mind?    And could Spencer handle knowing he's been an unwitting character in dozens of steamy novels?   

This one was not a good fit for me.  It's very "inside" about the business of being a romance writer, which may appeal to other authors/enthusiasts but was a bit much for me as a civilian.  The author's voice is extremely casual and conversational with lots of pop culture references which made it seem unpolished, but that's definitely a matter of personal preference.   Spencer was a lovely cinnamon roll, which left me frustrated with Aggi.   She had a kind, giving, good-hearted man who was utterly besotted with her--it's hard to forgive her pushing him away beyond a momentary freak-out.   Yes, I'm sure it was absolutely awful to feel so exposed, but it took her way too long to pull up her big girl pants and deal.   Also, this was incongruously closed-door given the subject matter and some of the narration.    I wouldn't discourage anyone from giving it a try if the description appeals, but it's not one that will stick with me.

Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review.
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Switch Stance
Authors:M.E. Carter & Andrea Johnston 


So kind, So Patient and So Worth It!

In the first book in the Charitable Endeavors series we are treated to a truly perfect paring. Spencer just needs to convince Aggi they are end game. The author writing is flawless, and the words are so captivating, the plot had so many twists and turns and none that I was expecting, and many shockingly intimate I  have become a huge fan of this author. The author writes with so much intensity and emotion pulled from each book it’s felt page after page. Some are quick witted story lines are so perfect and lets you believe you have a front row seat. So being able to read this love story didn’t disappoint. The authors ability to have two separate individuals struggling in their everyday life and try to navigate someone else’s thoughts, needs and desires was intense and gives all the fills.

Blurb: I, Agnes Sylvester, a successful author known as Adeline Snow to the romance community, enjoy the simple things in life: watching the X Games with my childhood friend Todd; taking pictures of interesting buildings; and creating stories based on fantasies about my favorite skateboarder, Spencer Garrison. I’m known for my extreme sports stories, and as long as no one ever figures out he’s my muse, all is well. But fate has never liked me and now that muse is standing in front of me. Asking me to sign a book. What. Is. Happening!?! “Extreme Sports Superstar” is the term the media has used to describe me over the years. I prefer to just be Spencer Garrison, a small-town guy who happens to ride a skateboard for a living and is known for philanthropy. Nearing retirement, I’m focusing on my non-profit efforts and building a life outside of a professional athlete. My agent won’t let me retire in peace and consequently a talented and kindhearted woman stumbles her way into my life. Sometimes happy endings aren’t written. They’re lived.

This book has everything I love in a book. Then you add that it's beautifully written and believable. It is easily a five star read. Written in dual POV my personal favorite this story flows so incredibly well that the next thing you know your 80% into the book and loving every second of it. The believable way the characters interact is perfect. Run, Hop, Jump or use your (1 click) finger to do whatever you have to do and get this amazing book.  It'll break your heart, you'll want to scream with frustration and it'll let you discover that love just might conquer all. The chemistry is steamy and sweet and oh so romantic.

Thanks Netgally for letting me read and review.📚💕
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I loved this story!!! I will definitely be keeping an eye out for the next in the series! It was lovely having a clumsy heroine rather than just a perfect yet for some bizarre reason insecure heroine as most write. This leading lady felt like a real person with honest reasons for her hang ups about herself, and a hero who loved her for the things that made her imperfect, rather than loving her despite them. This was a closed door romance but still with visible romance and lust, and it worked really well, and made it so it’s readable by all ages. I’d wholeheartedly recommend
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I just finished reading Switch Stance.  I absolutely loved this book!  I got a copy from NetGalley and then realized I already had purchased this book some time ago.  I am sorry i didn't read it right away as it is really wonderful.  I loved that I could totally believe this romance and the way it unfolded, it was just perfect.  I have only a few stories that I would consider hold a "book boyfriend".  What I consider a good one is one that doesn't waiver in his feelings for the heroine.  Spencer doesn't.  He is so supportive of who she actually is and is a truly good guy.  I don't want to do any more spoiling than I have, so I will just say this book was a strong 5 stars for me.  Can't wait to read the rest in the series!
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