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Such a great story! It was a sweet western rom com. Don't expect any spice, this was super clean. If you're wanting spice, this might not be the book for you, but if you can overlook that and get wrapped up in a sweet story with great characters and the sweetest romance, give this a try!

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Such a sweet story. I loved how real the characters felt and I was captivated throughout the entire novel. Definitely recommend.
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Yippee Ki-Yay another awesome western book by Sarah M. Eden! This book was bursting with chemistry, hopefully she continues this series!
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Oh, I loved this story! Such a fun rom com. A perfect balance of humor, romance, and peril.

Our heroine is strong, courageous, and wise. Our hero is a great strategist who risks his life to help others.

The story’s opening chapters begin with the hero going under cover. His characterization of John Butler (a farmer, see summary) is so much fun. This was my favorite aspect in the novel because he couldn’t remain in this character. Great tension! I enjoyed how the heroine and hero interacted while he played John. How he had to pretend to be naïve and yet he knew so much more than others thought—a mirror to how the heroine conducted every day of her life. Their chemistry was palpable.

Our heroine is a woman of mercy, reaching out to help others in danger, even though the threat is very close to home. She can be impetuous, and though the hero worries for her, he admires her as well.

I really enjoyed their interactions in these opening chapters—their banter and attraction. The author hooks us right away and keeps us engaged. Themes include mercy, nobility, sacrifice, service, and recognizing we all have different sides to ourselves. Which one will prevail?

The MCs have to outwit their opponent, and the conflict of the corrupt sheriff being the heroine’s own father (see summary) is excellent for providing tension.

Is the hero the gentle undercover version of himself, John? Or is he the colder, calculating version of himself, Marshal Hawk. This inner conflict kept me reading because even Hawk was torn. Great characterization and layering!

Such a good read! This author is masterful at creating excellent wholesome romances, which is why I love her work.

Highly recommended!
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A story that feels at times modern but is set in the old West. Liesl, who is the sheriff's own daughter has written to the U.S. Marshall's office wanting help for her town of Sand Creek. She goes out of her way to warn people when the deputies are riding out to collect tax which she knows the people don’t have. When a farmer by the name of John shows up she is taken by him and by his actions. Later when she finds out his true identity she feels lied to and wants nothing to do with him, now he must change her mind. A good story with good characters.
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Ever since reading the Little House series and my dad's Louis L'Amour paperbacks, I've loved reading westerns with romance! This is an exciting hidden identity story with John going undercover in the small town to investigate the anonymous warning of a plot against his life. I really felt for Liesl and her difficult circumstances of realizing how corrupt her father and his friends are. I admired that she did what she could for the locals, and didn't let that feeling of powerlessness descend into hopelessness. She finds a hero in John and I was in anticipation of when they would be able to confide their secrets in each other. When John is ready to call in reinforcements, it made me realize how much we take our instant communication and quick travel for granted! Back then it took days, even with the telegraph. I love the way John falls for Liesl and is so protective of her and the town.

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I’ve read all the books in this series so far, and I’ve been waiting for Hawk to get his own story. And this one did not disappoint! The heroine, Liesl, is a great character. She not the overly-tough “girlboss” that annoyingly permeates entertainment these days. She is realistically afraid of her father and his minions, but she also has the conviction to do what she can to thwart his plans. Definitely a good foil to the honorable and stalwart US Marshal.
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this is a sweet clean western romance. 
I thought the action was well done. I felt the story start off great and I was drawn into the storyline very quickly.
A brave heroine. A handsome, roguish lawman. A sweet love story with suspense.
nice well written thogh odd dislogues and strangest terms used 
Thanks netgalley for the ARC!
Was this review helpful?  I am grateful to be able to read this as an ARC. What a fun story! I really enjoy this series set in Savage Wells. My favorite  was the previous book but this one was enjoyable too. It's a fun escape to the wild west. I grew up watching Gunsmoke and Bonanza with my dad. This brings me back to those days.
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I love anything that comes out of Sarah’s Savage Well’s County Wyoming. I listened to books 1 and 2 last summer on audible and loved them. Now, reading Hawk’s story has me all excited about heading back there (fictionally, unfortunately)! 

He’s not your typical “cinnamon roll” hero. He’s still pretty hard, but there is a soft center only for Lisle (aka Lamb). 

If you enjoy: 
🐑 shoot outs 
🐑 family betrayal 
🐑 backstabbing colleagues
🐑grumpy US marshalls
🐑 false identities 

Or, maybe you prefer:
🐏 town socials 
🐏Cuddling up by an open fire 
🐏 dances 
🐏 falling in love 

Well, mix it in a blender and you get Wyoming Wild! I promise you it’s one WILD time!
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Well hold on to your bootstraps folks because Eden takes you on one wild ride! She immediately tethers you to the story and keeps you hanging on for a steady paced story that you cannot get it enough of. This is one wild ride into the small towns of rural Wyoming. This historical western has so many twists, turns, and mysteries that I kept page turning so fast. I was three quarters of the way through and I felt like I had just started reading it. Eden is a masterful storyteller and I am always amazed at how easily she pulls the reader in and keeps them there until the end. Then you just want to read the book all over again because it is that good! You will fall in love with Liesel and Hawk, and all of the townspeople of Savage Wells. If you are even hesitating a little bit, don’t! Run and get yourself a copy of Wyoming Wild as soon as you can! I received a copy of this book for free; all thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Another beautiful story from Sarah M. Eden. I was rooting for Hawk and Liesl.  Ms. Eden weaves beautiful love stories.
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It's a good book and you'll love the characters of Hawk and Liesel. It's well written, clean, and a good story for lovers of clean western romance. 

For me, I started reading Sarah M Eden's books years ago and instantly fell in love.... but over time they have all kinds of started to be the same. And they lack some of the chemistry other clean romance writers seem to be able to produce. I heard once that Sarah doesn't like to write the "kissing scenes". Well then she should have an editor do it and give the romance in the book a little extra umph. 

Overall it's a good addition to the Proper Romance series.
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It was good news when this return to Savage Wells title was released. I really liked the first two years ago and had hoped for another in the series. Hawk has been an intriguing character with his gruff manner and devotion to being single.
Leisl's father may be the local lawman, but he's out for blood and treats all under his purview with hostility. She overhears a plot to assassinate Hawk and risks all to notify him of the danger. Hawk takes the warning as expected and works with his deputies to root out the threat to both himself and Leisl's hometown, Sand Creek.
What I didn't care for:
I was disappointed by how Hawk was portrayed. For being such a hardened and wise Marshall, he seemed to have few answers and said "I didn't think about that" too often. While I like when a female character shows grit and intelligence in a historical fiction, I found it unrealistic that Leisl could intuitively understand things faster than the Marshall and deputies she was surrounded by.
What I liked:
To be perfectly transparent, I've been disappointed with releases from this author lately because they've lacked the romance I've come to expect from her with previous publications. They've focused more on friendship or historical quirks to the time periods, for example. This all to say, I was happy to see that it was more present in this book (although I will never say no to more chemistry or more kisses). Sarah's attention to historical detail and language suiting the atmosphere was exactly as expected and made for nice change of pace with the western setting.
Thank you to Shadow Mountain and Netgalley for the advanced copy. All thoughts in this review are my own.
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I was so happy to be back in Savage Wells, it's been too long since we've been there. We get to see a lot more of US Marshal John “Hawk” Hawking and find out that his heart isn't actually made of stone.

Liesl's father may be the sheriff but that doesn't mean he's on the side of the law. She and the residents of the small town of Sand Creek have suffered at his hands for years, but no one's been able to do anything to stop him. Things may change now that Hawk and Paisley have come to town posing as a farmer and his sister. Hawk isn't like any man Liesl has known before and Liesl's courage starts to loosen the hard shell around Hawk's heart.

I loved seeing all the Savage Wells residents again--Cade, Paisley, and Tansy. I loved the banter between Hawk and Liesl, the tension and suspense with the bad guys, basically I loved everything about this book! This latest addition to the Savage Wells series has everything I've come to expect from Sarah M. Eden. If you haven't read the first 2 books don't worry, this one can stand on its own.

I received a complimentary copy from Shadow Mountain via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own.
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This was a very good romantic suspense story.  I loved the witty banter of Liesl and Hawk and rooted for her to melt his iron heart. 
Many thanks to Shadow Mountain and to NetGalley for providing me with a galley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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Beautifully written! This is my favorite of the Savage Wells’ series! Hawk find out that again someone is planning his demise, so he goes undercover to find out who. What he finds is a young woman full of charity helping the people in the city of Sand Creek, they work together to unravel an evil group’s plan to make money of the suffering of the town.
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I read Healing Hearts back in 2019 and really enjoyed it. So much that I added the previous book in the series to my TBR list, and I was hoping that Sarah M Eden would continue the series. Wyoming Wild is not officially listed as part of the Savage Wells series (as far as I could tell), but it does carry on with characters from the series and previous books.

Leisl's father is the sheriff in Sand Creek. His corrupt handling of the town has Leisl feeling guilty being related to him. She does everything she can to thwart him and help the town citizens. Leisl overhears her father and his cronies plotting to assassinate a US Marshal. She takes the risk to sneak into the telegraph office to send the Marshal a warning.

Marshal Hawking can't abide corruption in his territory. He's worked too hard to make Wyoming safe for the citizens. He also assumes that he will never be able to have a personal relationship due to his duties. But he never accounts for meeting a woman such as Leisl.

Sometimes, I don't enjoy a mystery being thrown into a romance. I just want romance, romance, romance. But the mystery in Wyoming Wild fit right into the story in a way that wouldn't have made sense for the characters had it been missing. And I think that's what sometimes bothers me about other romances that have a mystery included. The mystery doesn't always seem to fit, or sometimes it takes over.

Wyoming Wild was so enjoyable. I read it in 24 hours which is rare through the last 7 years for me. Hawk and Leisl were such a great couple, and the mystery fit right into their story in a way that I can't imagine it to be missing. Wyoming Wild gets 4 Stars. Have you read Wyoming Wild? What did you think? Let me know!
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This is my second Sarah M. Eden book. I requested it because of the cover, but I really enjoyed this book. I don’t think I’ve read a book based in Wyoming! I loved the mystery and intrigue elements with a good old fashioned shoot out. It made me want to watch an old western! I loved the character development of both MCs and the twist and turns it took. 
It is the third book of the setries, but it’s stand alone. Highly recommend if you like historical romance.  

Thank you NetGalley for the eARC. All opinions are my own. 

CW: mention of physical abuse, murder. Closed door with chaste kisses
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It was great to go back to Savage Wells. Something about a powerful Marshall is always appealing to me. I loved Hawk and Leisl was strong and resilient. This author always makes strong relationships and friendships and I admire that in her writing. Definitely a page turner with little pocket of swoony moments that compliment the adventure. It was like watching an old western unfold page after page. I continue to be a fan of this author. If she writes it I’ll read it.
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