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It turns out this title is the fifth in a series about this detective. At first, I was concerned that I wouldn't connect with the characters since I hadn't read the other four, but this was a great book and could be considered a stand-alone. If you enjoy detective novels and plot twists check this one out!
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Thank you Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this.

This book was not what I expected, and unfortunately, it is not my favourite. While there are some parts that I enjoyed, there were many other parts I did not.

While there clearly are many people who would like this book, and I would still encourage people to read this to get their own opinion of this book.
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Thanks to Oceanview Publishing, NetGalley, and Robert McCaw for the opportunity to read and review Retribution Book 5 in the Hawaiian Koa Kane series. Although I have not read the previous books I am a new fan of this series and these books are now added to my TBR pile. This book is full of thrilling action and fascinating characters that I quickly discovered had such hidden depths that I wish I had known about them sooner. If you’re looking for books along the lines of Steve Berry, James Rollins or Clive Cussler run to grab this book (the series lol). It works as a standalone but one is definitely not enough, trust me.
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Fabulous!!  This was a great story which I could not put down.  Would recommend this to everyone who loves this genre.
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(3.5 stars)
This is my first Robert McCaw book, which I picked up for a taste of Hawai'i. It's a crime novel centred around Chief Detective Koa Kāne who works lives on the big island of Hawai'i. It's a reasonable if a bit crudely written book. Sometimes I found the language a bit off-putting, perhaps it reflects American biases. For example, "a bearded figure with brown skin and brutal features" felt racially stigmatising, and a person who has problematic use of drugs and alcohol was referred to as "her plight was self-inflicted." I also found the language a bit overblown: "she'd seen barefaced evil, and it had left its mark on her psyche."

In terms of characterisation, the lead protagonist Koa is likeable, but the repetition to establish his flawed nature got a bit boring: "Having fooled the system, he was determined to avoid being outsmarted the way he'd deceived the cops who'd investigated the crime." The author has a fairly wooden way of describing things: "A young woman wearing a sequinned tee-shirt over bare breasts tended the bar." While I liked the Hawaiian language inclusions like "the big haole behind the bar" and "a patch of smooth, black pāhoehoe lava", I think a glossary would assist foreign readers, especially as Hawaiian is not a language that devices like Kindles readily translate to.

At times it found the insertion of police procedural information and Hawaiian history got in the way of the story, because it was done in a such a dry and heavy-handed way: "In compliance with federal requirements, the Hilo police had notified the bureau of the bombing of Nālani's car, and subsequently, the explosion at the hospital." Getting in these facts, like that "police and the justice system that arrested, prosecuted, and incarcerated native Hawaiians at disproportional rates" and information about the sovereignty movement is definitely interesting and important but the way they are added is clunky.
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Detective Makanui Ka’uhane has put many violent criminals behind bars in her long career, first in the Honolulu Police Force, and now in Hawaii County. When a sniper almost takes her life, the list of potential suspects is long, including a bomber who’s  just escaped prison after threatening to kill her, a terrorist group, and a Philippine insurgent. When other attacks take place against other members of the Hawaii County Police Force, and against the family and friends of the police chief, Koa Kane, it seems that the chief is the real target. The person who’s responsible for the vendetta is someone who really hates Kane, but since his worst enemy is locked up in a high security facility, he has no idea who else wants to destroy all he held dear. 
		Retribution is an excellent police procedural, and the plot has plenty of twists and turns. The characters are well-drawn, and the setting in Hawaii adds to the richness of the story. The tension between Native Hawaiians and white incomers, both historic and current, is handled with sensitivity, and that history is interesting and enlightening. Highly recommended.
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Loved the diverse characters and the character development. The pacing didn’t let up and plot twists were great. Disappointed I hadn’t read his previous books but after reading this one, I’m going to read them all!
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I really enjoyed this book! It was a police procedural set in Hawaii. Lots of characters & a well plotted whodunnit mystery.
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A Complex Revenge Story on the Big Island of Hawaii

Off the big island of Hawaii, a Muslim climbs down in a ladder from a Philippine Freighter into a speed boat that takes him away. His mission is to avenge the killing of his brother. Then, Makanui Ka‘uhane, a detective assigned to Hilo, is called by her old boss, head of the Honolulu PD anti-terror squad, that a terrorist who threated to kill her has escaped. From this start, more attacks and deaths start that all have a nexus, Chief Detective Koa Kāne.

The main storyline becomes very complex and quickly. Det. Kāne is called to back-alley murder. He soon learns that the prime suspect is his brother, so he is barred from that investigation. Next, his Det. Ka‘uhane is shot as she is leaving her home. The tension climbs as more attacks occur. To add to the tension, a few of the chapters are narrated by the perpetrators where the reader learns that above them there are multiple layers directing the attacks. The novel offers rapid action and still makes the reader think about who and why behind the attacks. Then, some attacks turn deadly that drives the tension even higher. Action and thinking, I was hooked.

This is the fifth novel in the series, but the first that I have read. The main character, Koa Kāne, is well developed through his actions and dialog with his wife and friends, personal and professional. The relationship between him and his brother is portrayed extensively. Kāne’s actions and interactions are very consistent throughout the story. The background on Makanui Ka‘uhane was quite extensive also. To me, both seemed to be well-developed characters. Also, I did not feel that I was missing anything about these characters by not reading the previous novels. There is an interesting B-storyline between Kāne’s wife, Nālani, and her fellow park ranger Olina Crow. These aspects increased my reading enjoyment of this novel.

For the aspects that quickly turn off some readers, there are not any intimate scenes. Vulgar and rude language is very low, and with just a few impious references. Most of the violence is described in the more edgy as it occurs but is not excessive at all. The author does use some native Hawaiian language. When its use is not obvious, the authors added a translation or explanation. Most readers should be able to read this novel without any issues or reading the previous novels.

This novel was sailing for a five-star review when at 92% through the novel, an anonymous character was introduced. This character played a critical role in the main storyline, but by the end of the novel, this character’s identity is still a mystery. I am not against a multi-novel thread, but when it is pops up at the end of a novel, it just leaves a bad last impression of the novel. Without reading any of the author’s previous novels, I am not sure if he uses this technique or not that would ameliorate it for me. If this is not an issue for you, this novel should be a five-star read for you. For me, it is four-star review.

I received a free prepublication e-book version of this novel through NetGalley from Oceanside Publishing. My review is based only on my own reading experience of this book. I wish to thank Oceanside Publishing for the opportunity to read and review this novel early.
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An outstanding novel set amongst the beauty of Hawaii.

I regret that this is my first encounter with the police force, especially Detective Kane and Hilo Detective Makanui Ka’uhane of the Big Island of Hawaii. One can read this as a stand-alone novel; However, I want to read the previous books in the series as Robert McCaw has described in minute detail life in Hawaii. He also uses the native language of the islanders. 

This storyline follows the detectives desperately trying to trace and recapture an escaped prisoner. A man is hellbent on causing untold pain and suffering to Detective Kane. 

A truly remarkable novel with many twists and turns before justice finally wins. Robert McCaw is an exceptionally brilliant author.


Elite Reviewing Group received a copy of the book to review.
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This was a great action book with lots of mystery! I enjoyed trying to unravel the pieces of the puzzle and solve the crime. Great journey.
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Chief Detective Koa Kane must use all of his skills to identify and stop the person responsible for the attacks on those nearest to him and his work colleagues. 

Excellent thriller set in Hawaii and great characters in this fast paced novel. Detective skills are brought to the front to solve the person behind these attacks. 

My first Koa Kane novel but will certainly find others to read and enjoy.
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I received an ARC through NetGalley and I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

The story begins with an unknown individual landing in Hawaii with revenge on his mind. The story nexts brings into play a murder scene in which a knife was discovered with fingerprints belonging to Loa's brother. The fingerprint discovery was only discovered the next day and because the fact that the prints were someone in his family, he would be off of the case. Koa knew that he needed to do somethings if we was going to prove his brother's innocence. The next morning Koa learned that Makanui, a detective that he had hired, had been ambushed. Koa went quickly to the scene where he discovered that she was still alive and called for EMTs. He then began examining the scene after she taken away in an ambulance. After his search he discovered that the shooter was a sniper and he was able to pinpoint where the shot came from. After going what he could at the scene, he went to the hospital to see Makani and find if she had any ideas who might want to kill her.

After arriving back at the station, he was told that chief wanted to see him. The chief first asked about Makanui and then told him that he had to get off the cases that his brother was implicated in. The chief then handed the case to Moreau, the Deputy Chief of Detectives who had been hired just a few months earlier. Koa was not happy with Moreau's hire and his attitude was not very good. He knew that things would not go easy for his brother. Later there was another killing where the intended victim was to be Koa's girlfriend, but instead a co-worker was killed instaed.

The case had other incidents which soon led Koa to believe that this was all related to him. As a result he wound putting security arround his family and had police guarding Makanui. Eventually Koa started getting information that pointed him in the right direction.

Find out how Koa's brother made out, why Makanui was targeted and who and what evidence Koa found which help bring the cse to a conclusion. The ending is well done and all questions but one will be answered.
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Koa Kane Hawaiian Mystery book # 5

In “Retribution”, Koa struggles to discover the truth when someone frames his brother for murder and how it might connect with a series of attacks aimed at those closest to him. Might he be the real target and who is behind this trail of retribution?

This taut, suspenseful plot of deceit and intrigue within the Hilo Police Department where the culprit’s true identity is carefully camouflaged continues the saga of conflict between two men who were once childhood friends. Mr. McCaw's prose highlights the beauty of the Hawaiian people and their cultural tradition and incorporates slang and dialect in the dialogues. On the down side, the author’s overkill of the Polynesian language with its English translation is a huge distraction and slows down the flow immensely.

The storyline is suspenseful as we follow Koa unofficially investigating a murder where damming piece of evidence found at the scene points to his brother as the killer. When a sniper shoots at one of his colleague and someone attacks his family no doubts to Koa that there is a criminality behind all of this...With small clues to guide him Koa needed to get to the bottom of this complex conspiracy. The many twists and turns Koa had encountered and dealing with a large pool of suspects that kept derailing everything I stayed glued to this mystery totally captivated till the very end.

I am a big fan of police procedurals and following Koa and his team tracked down suspicious activities and suspects was a thrill.
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Book Review: Retribution (Koa Kane Book #5) by Robert McCaw
Published by Oceanview Publishing, June 6, 2023

★★★★☆ (4.25 Stars)

Great read!

Brings to mind that timeless classic "Hawaii Five-O" (TV Series '68-80) with Jack Lord as Honolulu Detective Steve McGarrett. (Ah, that catchy theme music!)  Imagine McGarrett teammate Hawaiian native Det. Kono promoted to Chief Detective at Hilo, Hawaii.

Enter Hilo Chief Detective Koa Kane by Robert McCaw and his compelling 5-book Hawaiian Mystery Series (2015-2023).


// "Retribution" (Koa Kane Book #5) (2023) by Robert McCaw //

Hilo, HI, on the "Big Island" of Hawaii
210 miles due southeast of Honolulu, Oahu

Retribution by those infamous Abu Sayyaf terrorists for a foiled kidnapping years 

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The latest in the Chief Detective Koa Kane Hawaiian Mystery series, Retribution by Robert McCaw is another engaging knotty crime tale. When a dead body is discovered in an alleyway, the nearby bloody knife has Koa’s brother’s fingerprints. Despite being removed from the case, Koa continues trying to prove his brother’s innocence. Then his colleague, Makanui is attacked, another policeman is killed in an explosion, and his team of detectives struggle to advance the investigations. Are these crimes connected and why are these attacks on the police? Is Koa Kane the real target? This is more than a police procedural, with a delightful intricate story, plenty of action and a suspenseful climax. It can be enjoyed as a standalone read that makes for a four stars rating. With thanks to Oceanview Publishing and the author for an uncorrected proof copy for review purposes. As always, the opinions herein are totally my own and freely given.
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I was so excited to read this book, but unfortunately, it wasn’t a fantastic book for me. The murder and mystery is exciting. There is also a lot of action. Those are all good aspects of the book and made the book enjoyable. However, there was SO much prose. There was SO much description and SO much unnecessary background information that did not push the plot forward. Reading other reviews, many people really loved this, which is awesome because everyone has their own taste and this book is definitely great for some people. Unfortunately, it did not resonate with me. If there was less of that prose, and more focus on the dialogue, then I believe I would have enjoyed it more. I am just particular about what I like, but that doesn’t mean this is a bad book by any means. McCaw is very talented at painting a picture. So there you have it; if you like books with vivid description that also has mystery, murder, and action, then you’ll enjoy this book.
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Great characters and excellent storyline. Will definitely read more. Thanks to Netgalley for the opportunity to read this book
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Detective bureau chief Koa Kane has had more than his share of investigating and solving crimes. Both he and his team members were responsible for locking away a number of criminals. All of which had an axe to grind with Koa and his unit.

So when Koa’s brother becomes a person of interest in a murder investigation, and his closest colleague is attacked, Koa must determine whether the crimes are related. Or is Koa the real target in the grand scheme of things?

Retribution is a police procedural novel set on the Big Island of Hawaii. It is the fifth novel in the author’s Koa Kane Hawaiian Mystery Series. Though it is the fifth novel, it can be read as a standalone.

The characters in the novel are varied and many. And I really liked that the author used names that reflected the diverse nationalities that is unique to Hawaii — the melting pot of the Pacific. Clearly McCaw has spent a lot of time immersing himself in the culture and peoples of Hawaii.

The plot follows a whodunit theme. But there are several scenes that take place. Seemingly all at once. And there are a few plot twists that kept me guessing.

The pacing was slower than what I am accustomed to. But my familiarity with the Hawaii locations kept me engaged. I was pleasantly pleased that McCaw didn’t use ficticious business names (i.e. local restaurants,) which made for a fun reading experience.

I’ll be looking forward to reading more of McCaw’s novels in the future. And Retribution is just the start for me. Four stars.

I received a digital ARC from Oceanview Publishing through NetGalley. The review herein is completely my own and contains my honest thoughts and opinions.
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Thanks to NetGalley and Oceanview Publishing for providing me with a free ARC in return for my honest review.

This is Book 5 in this series, and my first read of the series and author and I was blown away by this book. The book features Hilo (Hawaii) Chief Detective Koa Kane and I most be honest with you, I now want to read the previous books in the series!!! This book is all about seemingly unrelated acts of retribution again an assistant detective, Koa's brother, attorneys, Koa himself and more. The plot is super, the action is realistic and fast moving. This is one slam-bang police procedural that will keep you on the edge of your seat, and guessing until the very end who is the mastermind of this plot. Just well written and with no need to having read the first 4 books in this series in order to jump in and understand the characters and plot. Filled with interesting facts about Hilo and Hawaii, I felt as if I was right next to Koa and if even if you have never been to Hawaii McCaw grabs you it and takes you on a wonderful tour of Hilo as we follow along trying to find all the answers and pieces of the puzzle. Just a fantastic read!!!
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