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A powerful story and beautifully written.  
Many thanks to Bell Bridge Books and to Netgalley for providing me with a galley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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I love anything about Native Americans and always up to learning still another challenge they faced when their country and land was basically confiscated. 

For Katherine this journey started as an adventure of sorts. But ends up being a test of survival. Quite innocently Katherine is accompanying her new husband across the western territories to serve as missionaries. Candidly their mission is to assist in the civilizing of the native Americans they would encounter on their trip. Katherine routinely describes most of these natives as savages. Haven’t no personal knowledge or association with any of the tribes or their community she is basing her description on what the council of missionaries does. Preaching to savages so that they leave their reliance, traditions, birthright and become Good Christians. Rather blatantly insulting and elitist, but that was the common belief. 

In actuality, it was all a huge ruse to acquire the tribal land, use the natives as instructors in the trades that the settlers were planning on assimilating as their own. Tell me again who the savages are. 

Kathleen Eagle brings these stories to light and to life in every book she writes. There is always an incredible element of facts and truth. Her characters come to life through their spoken dialog and their quiet thoughts. Many characters are based on real people, often hidden in the annals of history. 
The discussion about the treatment of the indigenous people of America before it evolved into the United States of America, a country created with the joining of many undeveloped territories. 

HEAVEN AND EARTH touches on a few sometimes-distressing stories about folks traveling west. Arduous travel through vast undeveloped land. Most were truly unprepared for what challenges lay before them. And Katherine and her husband were a perfect example. Kinds of starry eyed and in love Katherine was willing to follow Thomas wherever he envisioned helping people through his missionary work. But neither could have foreseen the peril in their path. They were basically left behind by their wagon train. Thomas died of the fever. Katherine now drove her wagon with a very ill child whose parents had succumbed to the very sickness that now plaque her. 

For sure Katherine would have been still another victim if not saved by Jed West. 

And this is their story told with an amazing backdrop of history. 
Those of us who find conflict in rationalizing how the original inhabitants of this land were treated will find HEAVEN AND EARTH a moving, informative look into their conditions and treatment. The utter disrespect for the traditions and language is palatable. The movement to change them was quick and decisive. The misuse of the land and its herds of animals still resonates. All due to authors like Kathleen Eagle. HEAVEN AND EARTH is gritty and real and wondrously penned by a talented author.
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Heaven and Earth is a well written inspirational romance.  If you enjoy historical books you will enjoy it.  My thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for my ARC this is my unbiased review.
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This story is beautifully written with strong characters. I have never been disappointed with this author’s work.

Young widow Katherine had been traveling to Oregon country with her minister husband when most of their group fell ill. Katherine is barely conscious when Jed finds her and nurses her back to health. He feels deeply attracted to her, but has a strong dislike of missionaries due to his mixed heritage. His late wife was also Native American.

Slowly, Jed and Katherine grow closer as they spend the winter together. However, Katherine is determined to continue her journey to the mission where she and her late husband were headed. Jed is unable to join her as he is a wanted man. Will they be able to find each other again?
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This book was sent to me by Netgalley for review.  Historical fiction…love and romance…friendship…loyalty…making a new life…leaving others behind..despair…the new country…the protagonist is a strong woman traveling west after her husband died on the way.she is rescued…this author is talented and gifted at bringing history alive. The characters are likable and unique.  I liked this book. Enjpy.
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