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Every once in a while you just need to brush up on you. This story is one of those where I could pick up and read small parts here and there when I just need to take a moment to reflect, breathe, and recenter my goals and priorities.
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I found this book to be a great easy read, powerful story. Brittany Estes wrote Flip the Ascript wrote a wonderful page turner, that i couldn't put down.
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I thoroughly enjoyed reading Flip the Script by Brittany Estes. The tone of the book was very friendly, included many personal experiences, admitted personal mistakes and invited the reader in her life. But she also gave lots of Scripture and advice how to flip the negative thoughts that bombard us from outside or inside and turn them with the help of God's Word. It is written in a easy to read style and is very fresh and personal. Even though I am an older woman, I could glean words of wisdom.
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Brittany Estes takes us on a journey to flip the negative scripts in our lives.  Ms. Estes writes about the many areas in which these negative scripts impacts us such as thinking of ourselves as a failure, unworthy, loneliness, and shame to name a few.  In each chapter, Ms. Estes speaks from a knowing and compassionate voice.  Ms. Estes uses experiences from her own life and Scriptures to illustrate that God doesn't want us to be enslaved to these negative scripts in our minds.  Ms. Estes even illustrates examples of old scripts and new scripts in each chapter, which is very helpful.

One of the notations I made from this book is the section where Ms. Estes writes about how when we seek God we will understand how we shine.  I found a lot of truth in those words; Scripture tells us how much God loves us and He is always guiding us through His Word for good purposes.  

I would recommend this book for every woman of any age who needs encouragement through her own negative scripts.  Negative scripts impact us all in so many different areas of our lives and this book serves as a great reminder that God wants us to live a life free in Him.
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Flip the Script: Make Your Move from Broken to Brilliant is a fresh take on breaking free from the “negative scripts” that plague the minds of many women, both young and old, in today’s society. Author Brittany Estes presents several areas that women battle with, including failure, comparison, worthiness, loneliness and shame. Her presentation includes examples from her own life.. After exposing each issue Ms. Estes gives the reader practical steps to “flip the script” on negative thought processes. This book is written from a Christian worldview and the tools presented are based on God’s word, helping the reader see herself as God sees her. The most helpful part of the book are the side by side comparisons of a negative thought pattern next to scripture based words that present a new way of thinking. 

This book meets the needs of all types of women. The new scripts are good for personal application, but can also be used to build others up. A great book to share with young adult women, giving them a strong foundation as they move out into the adult world.
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This book contains examples and Bible verses to help a person change the negative thoughts in their mind. It is designed to empower readers to overcome and live the life that God intended for them. This book would be especially good for young women who are facing numerous pressures and would benefit from Brittany's teaching.

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A wonderful book with such inspiration to follow the dreams God has shown me. Knowing how to change the mindset to reflect God is a wonderful skill that we all need to develop.
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Flip the Script
Make Your Move from Broken to Brilliant
by Brittany Estes
Pub Date 14 Mar 2023 
 Abilene Christian University Press & Leafwood Publishers
 Christian  |  Religion & Spirituality 

I am reviewing a copy of Flip the Script through  Abilene Christian University Press & Leafwood Publishers and Netgalley:

In Flip the Script Brittany Estes reminds readers not to let harmful dialogues play through your mind; it’s time to flip the script and reclaim your joy. Soon you’ll begin to see life in a brand-new way.

We are bombarded by negative, broken, lie filled sentences that fill our heads in work and in play, as we go on with the business of daily living.  And these scripts are sidelining us, maligning us, and harming us.

But what if it were another way?  What if your life didn’t have to be defined by what others say? Or even by what you say to yourself over and over? What if you knew that beauty and life are yours to be found and you finally danced in the freedom that awaits you?

Flip the Script reminds readers that there is more for us.  We can learn how to silence all the negative scripts in order to hear the one that really matters, so we can live exuberant, positive life meant for us.  this book, you’ll finally uncover the scripts that have broken us down. The great news is that we are never broken beyond repair. Learn how God gently collects all our broken pieces and puts them back together as we retrain our minds to think differently about our situation, God, and our world.

I give Flip the Script five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!
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This book is exactly what I needed to read. I started reading and had to finish to get all the goodness that Brittany provides. The scripts that she flips often run through my mind and I found it so empowering to read her suggestions of what to replace the negative with. If you like examples of exactly how to change your thoughts this book will help!

Five stars from me! Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC for the purpose of this review.
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