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Nobody Puts Romcoms In The Corner

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This book was so cute! I loved the references to different romantic comedies. I really loved the banter between the two main characters. I also liked how it was more than just romance. I always enjoy romance books that include more of a plot to them so this was great!
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Cute romcom, I really like the main character and all in all it was really lovable to read.
Would recommend
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I enjoyed Nobody Puts Romcoms in The Corner by Kathryn Freeman.  The characters and story are wonderful.  Enjoy! **I received an ARC of this book courtesy of NetGalley and the publisher. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and given freely**
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Nobody Puts Romcoms In The Corner by Kathryn Freeman is a delightful and feel-good romantic comedy that will have readers swooning and laughing in equal measure. Freeman's witty writing style and endearing characters make for an entertaining and charming reading experience. The novel follows the story of Juliet, a talented screenwriter who finds herself unexpectedly paired with the handsome and infuriating producer, Scott, to bring a romcom to life.

One of the highlights of Nobody Puts Romcoms In The Corner is the sparkling banter and undeniable chemistry between Juliet and Scott. Their love-hate relationship and playful interactions create a captivating dynamic that keeps readers thoroughly engaged. Freeman's ability to balance humor and heartfelt moments adds depth to their connection, making it easy to root for their happily ever after.

The supporting cast of characters adds a delightful layer of humor and eccentricity to the story. Juliet's friendships and family relationships bring a sense of warmth and authenticity to the narrative, making the world of the novel even more enjoyable.

Freeman's writing is engaging and witty, with a knack for delivering humorous one-liners and clever dialogue. The pacing is well-executed, providing a good balance between romantic moments, comedic situations, and plot development.

In conclusion, Nobody Puts Romcoms In The Corner is a fun and entertaining romantic comedy that will leave readers with a smile on their faces. Kathryn Freeman's witty writing and lovable characters make this book a perfect choice for those seeking a light-hearted and enjoyable read. If you're a fan of charming love stories filled with humor and heart, Nobody Puts Romcoms In The Corner is the perfect book to brighten your day.
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After another stressful but successful school year, all I wanted to do was shut off my brain and get back to enjoying reading. This book achieved that for me by getting me out of my slump. A really quick read with a cute concept and loveable characters... except Kitty and Harry's parents, I hated them. Going back a bit, the concept? I absolutely loved it. I am a rom-com junkie whose favorite movie of all time is Dirty Dancing. So yeah, after reading the title and seeing the cover, I was pretty easily sold. The grumpy x sunshine was so well done in this that I was pretty much kicking my feet the entire time. I definitely recommend this, especially to hopeless romantics.
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I really enjoyed this one, it was a quick and easy read - a good solid chick lit novel perfect for holiday reading.  A little predictable but that didn’t spoil the read.
Many thanks for the ARC
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Sally is a romcom fanatic that believes in true love and in finding "the one." Harry is not interested in love. He doesn't believe in it. He just wants great sex. When Harry's ex won't move out of his house, he decides to rent a room from Sally. Somehow, they start re-enacting classic romcom scenes for tiktok and they amass a huge following. They continue to post videos and sometimes make some money and get sponsorships.. Harry starts to like the doing the videos because he starts to like Sally. Will he fall in love?

I was truly riding the struggle bus all through this book. Great idea that just ran too long and I didn't really believe the two characters. There was no chemistry. I didn't really care if they got together or not. It just wasn't for me.
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‘Nobody Puts Romcoms In The Córner’ was a cute, light, and fun read with really lovely characters. Highly recommend!
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"Nobody Puts Romcoms in the Corner" by Kathryn Freeman is a lighthearted  read that takes you on a journey through the world of romantic comedies. With endearing characters and humorous situations, the book captures the essence of a real-life romcom. The chemistry between Sally and Harry is charming, and their progression from faking it to making is swoon-worthy. While the plot is a little predictable, the book still provides a fun and nostalgic escape for any rom-com fan!  With engaging writing, witty banter, and nods to classic romcom moments, the book is a fun read.
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Since Dirty Dancing is one of my all time favourite movies, I was so excited for this book. And it definitely did not disappoint, What a cute story! If you love classic romcoms, you'll have a great time with this one. Because it's absolutely filled to the brim with references! It's almost like a fun easter hunt to track them all down. I loved the FMC and MMC, their chemistry was amazing! They had the most hilarious banter. Don't read this book in public unless you want to get weird stares because you'll be laughing out loud so many times.
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A charming and light read.  Great to take to the beach. 
Many thanks to HarperCollins UK and to NetGalley for providing me with a galley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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this book was soooo amazing! i think everyone needs to try to read this book! it was so fun. the characters are so lovely and amazing and beautifully written. thank you so much netgalley!!!!!
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This was just the light romance my heart was craving and it was so cute! It was both heartwarming and fun to read, and perfect for the season of love.

*many thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for my gifted copy for review
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This one was definitely a let down for me. I was so excited about it specifically because I love the 80s and 90s romcoms. They bring my heart happiness. And when I read the MCs names were Harry and Sally, I fell in love. But alas, my heart was broken. Everything felt so forced and off throughout the whole book. The pacing of it all lacked, and just the whole romantic aspect was not there. It just all felt completely fake.
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This was cute and enjoyable for the most part but I didn't like some of the very causal fatphobia that I came across while reading. Thank you NetGalley for this ARC!
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I wanted to love this but I honestly feel like I read it before. The UK setting was refreshing and I enjoyed the friend group but it felt very similar to the Kerry Winfrey books and so for me it was a pass..
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Wow! I didn’t expect to love this as much as I did, but it so surprised me! The premise of this was so good! Fake dating, but only on Tiktok! Harry moves in with Sally when both run into a financial issue, skip ahead two months and they start recreating famous romcom scenes and posting them to Tiktok! Slowly we see them fall in love and get their happy ever after, but the whole journey was fun and just good vibes. 

I would so recommend this as a lighthearted romcom with a dash of life lessons in the mix!

One criticism I did have was that, at the start in particular, there were scenes or bits of dialogue that felt underdeveloped and skipped over. Somethings felt a bit lacking and like they didn’t make sense because of this, but very easy to get over and an enjoyable read regardless!
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I found this one a little difficult to get into and something about the pacing felt off. Maybe it's because the obstacle between Sally and Harry didn't feel big or realistic enough. I get that the whole point of the book is embracing and referencing romance tropes, but it was hard to read without rolling my eyes at each cliché (Harry and Sally being the MC names for one).
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Trigger Warnings
This book contains:
-	Reference to cheating
-	Suggested familial financial extortion/violence.
Sally is the romance loving, café owner with a room to let after her younger sister has moved into her boyfriend’s place. Her life is all about romance. Romance movies of all kinds, a café themed on love and creating early love experiences for other couples and wanting to find her own perfect match.
Harry on the other hand is a total love cynic. He’s a builder by trade whose parent’s marriage has been falling apart more and more since his dad retired. While he never had a loving home growing up, what he’s experiencing as their marriage deteriorates solidifies his belief that love doesn’t exist.
Thanks to Sally’s sister moving out and the debt she needs to repay, she’s forcing to let her sister’s old room out. A friend of a friend puts Harry in touch with Sally because he’s in desperate need of renting a room on a short-term basis. 
As they live together, they learn more about each other, most prominently, their difference of opinion about love. One night after a few drinks, they re-create the famous lift scene from Dirty Dancing, and overnight become a Tik Tok sensation.
Overall Thoughts
As the name suggests, this fun love story is basically a rom com the whole way through. While I don’t think I’ve seen EVERY movie they recreated or referenced, I’ve seen most and I loved reading about their adaptations. 
I had such a fun time reading this. I think pretty much every time I picked this up, I found myself giggling and laughing at what they were up to. 
And in amongst all those funny moments, Harry is beating the gender stereotypes in his industry as a builder. I won’t say how, because that might spoil the surprise, but it was so nice for this to be popped into the story in such a natural way.
Overall, a hugely fun book that is quite inclusive in such a natural way that I kinda wish more authors could do.
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Thank you to NetGalley and Harper Collins UK, One More Chapter for the free e-arc in exchange for an honest review.

A fun, flirty, and fast-paced romcom. Sally and Harry (notably not from When Harry Met Sally) are two unwitting flatmates with vastly different opinions on love, and sudden TikTok fame leads to them reenacting many iconic romcom scenes for their audience.

I liked the characters and their chemistry, and the tension and conflict between them made sense. Both characters have their own lives and problems to deal with, even if some of them were a little ridiculous.

The 3rd act conflict is entirely predictable, and I did not like how quickly it was brushed aside, as it was actual sexual harassment committed by the ex-girlfriend towards Sally and Harry. The novel also contains some casual internalized fatphobia and offhanded diet culture comments that I felt were unneeded. I was also put off by the pro-"pull yourself up by your bootstraps" and focus on work as a sign of worth, especially in relation to how Sally's sister is depicted.

Overall, a fun premise and a typical contemporary romance novel that hits the right notes for a quick read!
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