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I received this book as an ARC from Netgalley. Thank you for the early read. 

This book is super cute but a standard read for a romance reader. Both of your main characters HATE each other at the start of the book. The best part is the main characters work together. Lyla cannot stand her supervisor Mason. She throws a Christmas party where a fire breaks out. Mason decides this is the time to 'forget' the issue if she comes to his family's Christmas. Come to find out he is not who she thought. 

The book started slow and I was afraid I would lose my interest but I stuck through and it got much better.  I loved the way the author used descriptive terms. It was very easy to visualize where and what was happening because of this. It is a very good read for some one who wants a little holiday romance.
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I was a bit late in reading this during the holidays, but I must admit that the story was still just as magical. The visualization in my head was as if I were watching a Hallmark Christmas special... with a bit more spice. Author Kate Callaghan did a beautiful job with creating each scene in this magical world.

It was easy to relate to Lyla. She was a well developed character with substance and her own slight flaws. Perfect characterization. Not quite so much for Mason. I had a difficult time connecting to his character and his anger issues were a bit of a trigger for me.

The storyline was good and kept me turning those pages, wanting more. The ending, however, seemed a bit rushed. Still, all in all, it was a good read.
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I don’t think I’m the target audience for this one. It felt incredibly cheesy, right down to the name Klaus. I finished it and recommended to a coworker of mine who enjoys light holiday rom-coms and she loved it. Will continue to recommend to the right audience.
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This is your very standard Christmas rom-com. There's a sunshine/grumpy trope.

Very generic and not that unique to what is already out there, so there's not much to say.

One of them loves Christmas and wants her colleagues to enjoy the festive period, the other doesn't and doesn't see why staff should have it off. The one who loves Christmas hosts a secret Christmas party for the staff and results in a fire at the office, so she gets caught. As punishment, he forces her to spend Christmas with his family. He uses his Christmas magic to take them to Lapland (because that would happen? Are you seriously telling me no one would notice she was gone?)

It was so predictable and didn't bother finishing
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The Naughty or Nice Clause is officially one of my favourite Christmas romance books! The dynamics between Lyla and Mason were perfect throughout. I loved the whole set-up and the development of their relationship. While the ending felt a little short (rushed?) to me, overall it was great. My only regret is that I didn't read this during the Christmas season to get the peak Christmas vibes. 

This was a Netgalley review.
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I am a sucker for a cute Christmas love story. This one didn't quite get there for me, though. I liked the idea, the location, and the magic of it all, but the people didn't feel real, nor the romance. There were a couple of places where it came close, but I was left feeling a bit empty at the end. 

Lyla should be the one to take over the family toy company when her father retires, but she discovers that he's left her half of the company while giving the other half to the cold, unfriendly Mason Klaus. Mason cancels the staff Christmas party, but Lyla won't have that, so she throws an unsanctioned party that results in the building burning down. As a result, everyone gets their twelve days off restored. At the same time, Mason has been notified of his father's death, and, saying she now owes him, requires her to join him for his family's holiday season. As she gets to know him and his family in their protected hometown, will she end up staying forever and leaving her family business, or will she leave to never again return? 

It's an enemies to lovers story, but it misses a little bit, feeling a little more like insta-love, instead. I would have liked more time spent with just Lyla and Mason, or maybe some of the story from his perspective. I guess I just want more, in general.

*thank you to NetGalley for the digital ARC in exchange for my honest review
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I really really really wanted to love this, but it fell short for me. I liked the story and the characters, but it just felt like there was something missing. Perhaps the chemistry??? Idk, it felt non-existent. It was such a cute premise to a story.
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Loved this book so much. It was great to read around the holidays as it really put me in the mood for the season. I really enjoyed the world building, and the attachment I developed to the characters!
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I really enjoyed this! It felt like it could be a Christmas movie! 

I loved the writing style. The plot of the story is so unique I haven’t seen anything like it before and I think that’s why I enjoyed it so much. 

The relationship build up between the two main characters I enjoyed too. It was at the perfect pace for how I like relationships to build in a book.
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Thank you NetGalley!

Such a fun read during this time of the year!

I love a good enemies to lovers holiday romance and this was amazing. 
I loved their chemistry and hea.
Check it out for sure.
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This was a delightful treat as a christmas novel, it was like reading a hallmark movie. I also LOVE the trope enemies to lover trope so that was an additionally fun treat. Honestly highly recommend for those hallmark christmas vibes!!
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When Lyla fathers left his company to Mason and not her it's the start of this rivalty between the 2 of them.
They literally loathe eachother since the 1st time, everytime she say yes, he says no. So when he cancelled the Anual Christmas Party she decided to do it anyway, so during this party a tragedy happenes and Mason gets so angry with Lyla so in exchange of his forgivness they made a pact, she would go with him and spent christmas with his family.
I was so surprised when they actually arrived to a Christmas Village 👀, and then Lyla learns that Mason it's literally next in line to be Mr. Santa Claus.
This story was a funny read and an adult version of Christmas which I enjoyed too much.
This book was amazing to read during Christmas time. 
Thank You NetGalley and Kate Callaghan for the oportunity to read this ARC in exchange of an honest review.
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This book had such a great premise but the love interest was just not it. I just couldn't enjoy the book with him being the way he was so I didn't end up finishing it
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Lyla and Mason are typical enemy to lovers in a workplace trope, but with a twist that you wouldnt expect.
When Mason cons Lyla into being his fake girlfriend and into a trip to see his family, Lyla is in for the surprise of her life.
Will they be able to work past their hatred for each other and fool not only his family, but his small hometown?

This book was good! I loved the banter, and at times was literally laughing out loud. This book had a great plot but the slow burn aspect really slowed the whole thing down for me. 
Overall I loved the characters and their development.
The end was nice and neat. No cliffhangers or anything. 
Overall a cute, quick romcom that was fun to read.
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This had all the possibilities of an absolutely adorable holiday enemies to lovers, bring a fake fiance home for Christmas read, but unfortunately it left SO much lacking. 

There was no chemistry between the characters, a huge lack of situational depth (so many questions on each main character's family businesses, and the FMC and MMC's previous interactions), also the questionable, uh, multiple murder(?!?!?!) attempts by a previous fiancé? (They were fairly light hearted methods and relevant to the continuation of what the reader knows of the plot, BUT STILL). 

Mason's family embraced Lyla in the best of ways, but we never meet Lyla's family (or chosen family given her family circumstances), other than a brief call with her father at the end of the book. The immediate conflict resolution had a very insta-love feel, which normally I am all for an insta-love situationship, but it does not work in regards to conflict. 

Also, don't even get me started on the magical Christmas village you can only get to by traveling by a magical bell (does it have like floo powder in it or something?) and as an outsider you get your memories wiped if you try to leave? Magical elements like this just are not my cup of tea. 

This is the perfect read for those that want to curl up in the cupboard under the stairs and escape to a holiday filled christmas village for some Yuletide cheer, but unfortunately this was not the holiday read for me. 

Thank you Netgalley and Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA)for the ARC in exchange for my review!
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Enemies to lovers? Check!
Family drama? Check!
Holiday magic? Check!
Slow burn romance? Check!

Lyla Smurfit is a part owner of a toy company that has been in the family for generations. When she is handed her shares the company is struggling to survive. Her father sells his shares to Mason Klaus, who becomes the other part owner. Mason has a reputation for saving businesses, but not for generosity. When he announces that the annual staff Christmas party has been cancelled, Lyla takes this as a golden opportunity to treat the staff while also knocking him down a peg. And it works… until the party causes a fire in their office building! It will take a lot of money to fix this and Mason offers to cover the cost on one condition: if she accompanies him home for the holidays. Caught between a rock and a hard place, Lyla accepts and is whisked away to Yule, the magical home of Christmas. She must play the part of a loving fiancé during this season or risk losing more than just the company!

This was a magical bite sized book! The setting was creative and festive. The story made sense. And the tension between Mason and Lyla was excellent! The two start out as definite enemies but over time they learn more about each other and begin to soften. 

There is like zero spice in this book. So don’t go in looking for lots of spicy shenanigans! But there’s is great chemistry between our lovebirds so that makes up for it!

I do wish the end was a bit more fleshed out. The last few pages just seem kinda abrupt. That said this was still an excellent and enjoyable read! I’ll definitely want to reread it again for Christmas this year!
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Unfortunately I had to DNF.

Not sure if it wasn't for me or if the timing played against me but couldn't connect with the authors way of narrating.

I do hope to give it a shot in the future.

Thanks netgalley and the pubkisher for the chance to read the book.
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i was pleasantly surprised by the amount of christmas magic incorporated into this novel - fans of christina lauren’s “in a holidaze” will certainly love this book as well! as someone who looks forward to the holiday season, i couldn’t help wishing to visit yule myself! “the naughty or nice clause” was filled with plenty of whimsy and jolliness, making it the perfect christmas read! having said that, this wasn’t my go-to type of romance because i felt like lyla and mason were after each other’s throats for more than half of the book - they either were arguing or admitting to themselves how much they despised the other.

however, i was a big fan of the band of side-characters that made important contributions to the novel. mason’s entire family was so welcoming towards lyla and i loved how they accepted her as one of their own. lou was one of my favorite characters because of her charisma and passion for sleigh-engineering - she’s so cool! anyways… i was excited whenever yule was hosting one of their holiday events because the entire klaus family showed up. but, on the relationship side of things, it seemed as if lyla and mason were were always at odds and i couldn’t figure out the point they “fell” for each other
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Not my cup of tea. It was kind of hard to get into. And honestly the main character was I really tried to finish it. But I ending up DNFing it :(
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The Naughty or Nice Clause is a cute, quick and fun read meant for the holidays season. Though it was a fine read, it wasn't meant to my taste I fear. The story felt kinda rushed and way too fast at some points. Also, the romance (which happens to be the thing I like most in books) is sort of…lacking? They had potential, but I couldn't really feel a real chemistry between them, and their attraction sort of came out of nowhere—which is so sad because, as I’d said, there was potential there. And the ending was way too fast, it left me unsatisfied. Still, I want to add that I really liked all the magical stuff and Kevin (Mason’s younger brother, he’s amazing).
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