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I’ve always liked Kelly Minter, and this has to be my favorite devotional yet. This 90 day devotional is more in depth than typical devotionals, thought provoking, and wonderfully written. The devotional is based on the teachings and miracles of Jesus and shows us how to live a blessed life through Jesus’s story/teachings, without the fluff you find in a lot of Christian books. This is a book that should be added to every Christian woman’s library and would also make the perfect gift for a friend.
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Kelly Minter is one of my favorite bible study teachers, so I was excited to read The Blessed Life.
This is a 90-day devotional broken up into 2 areas: days 1-59 focus on Jesus Teachings and days 60-90 focus on the Miracles of Jesus.  I enjoyed that these daily devotionals were a little longer, compelling the reader to tarry a bit in the scripture and insights from Kelley.  I know that I will return to this devotional often and would highly recommend it for your daily time with the Lord.
Thank you NetGalley & B & H Publishing Group for the opportunity to read and review this book!!
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The Blessed Life is a 90 day devotion of Jesus and His teachings and miracles during His time on earth. I usually favor devotionals that have three to four verse references with a small portion of devotion's author's inspiration from them. This devotional only has a section of verses that are from Jesus's mouth or his works with on to two pages of reflections from author and I love it. Kelly Minter doesn't mince words to keep the devotion only uplifting, but  gives readers something to think about in how to live differently or a new perspective of Jesus' life.
The longer devotion is worth the time and will leave the reader with a deeper faith. I already know who I will be giving this book to as a gift in the future.
I received a complimentary copy of this book though NetGally and publisher, but all opinions are my own.
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Kelly Minter is well known for her excellent Bible studies and her podcast but this book is her first devotional book.
The Blessed Life arrived on my desk just as I was reading one chapter a day from the gospel of Matthew. As soon as I finished Matthew I began reading this 90-Day Devotional.
The Blessed Life is a daily devotional book that is divided into two sections. The first 59 days focus on the teachings of Jesus and days 60 – 90 on the miracles of Jesus. The focus stays on Jesus and the devotionals are always in context. I did not read any fluff or filler in this book but instead found much to cause me to pause and think. I think this would be a perfect devotional to turn to while reading the gospels. If you want to study the sermon on the mount you will certainly find this book helpful.

Kelly Minter’s writing style will cause you to easily visualize being there on the hillside. Picture yourself sitting among the people listening intently to the words of Jesus and be changed.
I would like to thank NetGalley and B&H Publishing for providing a copy of this book.
All opinions are my own.
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Being Blessed

This is a very inspirational 90-Day devotional that is presented by the author in two parts. The first part discusses the Teachings of Jesus, days 1 through 59, and the second part discusses the Miracles of Jesus, days 60 through 90.

I enjoyed reached the section on the meaning of the word "Blessed", and often many of us don't stop and give thanks for how truly we are really blessed. 

The author provides scripture throughout this book that is pertinent to each day's topic. In particularly, I loved the verses where it is written "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for the kingdom of heaven is theirs.” Matthew 5: 3; “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” Matthew 5: 4; and “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.” Matthew 5: 6. These are but a few, and this devotional is filled with scriptures that will remind us to "count our blessings",  and not worry about what we want.

As the author states "Blessed living means giving, fasting, and praying not for the applause of people but for the communion and reward of being present with the living God."

I highly recommend this 90-Day Devotional for any desiring to live and walk a life in the teachings of our Lord and Savior.
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I have read three Bible studies by Kelly Minter, and I love her writing so much. The Blessed Life is her first devotional book, and I think she makes the transition well. I have enjoyed her verse-by-verse approach to studying this passage in Matthew. It has caused me to slow down and really study a passage I have read hundreds of times. I am learning new things and remembering old in deeper more meaningful ways. I'm so grateful for Kelly's ministry -- what she does best in this book is mix truth with grace. I feel challenged and forgiven. She points to Jesus so very well and reminds us of His true character and hope for each of us. I really loved this book.
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This is a beautiful and timely devotional. It was a very enjoyable read. Kelly expounded on Jesus’ teaching in Matthew in such a profound way. This devotional for new believers and also for those who have read these chapters in Matthew time and time again.
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Love this devotional because it's the kind that will help you to grow in the Lord! Well thought out and researched. Interesting too!
Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the advance e-copy of this book. The opinions expressed are entirely my own.
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I have enjoyed Kelly Minter’s Bible studies, so was eager to use a devotional authored by her. Her insights into the blessed life and Matthew chapters 5-9 have proven to be a true 90 day heart journey for me. Kelly Minter takes us to the mount on which Jesus delivered His greatest sermon. Here, we get a glimpse of what Jesus was teaching the people of that day, why the “blessed” statements and miracles met the people where they were and how the same lessons are relevant today.

B & H Publishing delivers another contemplative work laid out in a daily format. Each scripture passage is followed by a devotional thought explaining how each phrase met the people in both familiar wording   
and timely examples. A prayer is included after each section of scripture is completed. 

The translations used are Holman’s Christian Standard Bible (HCSB), New International Version (NIV) and English Standard Version (ESV).
The book is divided in two parts:
Part 1 —-Days 1-59 The teachings of Jesus
Part 2 —-Days 60-90 The miracles of Jesus

I enjoyed meeting Jesus each day through this devotional and look forward to using this book again in the future.

I received this book from the author/publisher free of charge, with no expectation of a positive review.
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I was thrilled to find this devotional as I had listened to Kelly Minter's podcast series on the Sermon on the Mount and was very inspired by her teachings. This is a beautiful devotional book that dives in and helps to apply the lessons of the Sermon to your life through a historical and current lens. Kelly Minter packs an incredible amount of learning and wisdom into the small nuggets that you read each day. I often find myself dropping off with devotional books as the time goes on but I couldn't wait to dive into it each morning and when I could make the time would read two or three days at a time because the teaching was so good.
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Not able to relate to this book at this time, will set it aside and try again at a later date. Although I feel this book has great lessons to teach, it is not speaking to me in this season
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The Blessed Life: A 90 Day Devotional Through the Miracles and Teachings of Jesus by Kelly Minter.

Enjoyable humor is something we expect from the author. Reading The Blessed Life: A 90 Day Devotional Through the Miracles and Teachings of Jesus by Kelly Minter feels like Kelly is sitting across from us at the cafe table, with a hot latte in her hands, and a big smile on her face. She connects with her readers, makes us comfortable with her casualness, and then pierces us with a deep thought. She never leaves her reader without an opportunity for spiritual growth and transformation.

In this 90-day devotional journey, readers are gifted with the warmth of Kelly Minter’s personal stories. Page by page, I found myself thinking about how these stories help me understand and apply the Bible each day. In storytelling, we are more likely to connect ancient text with modern life. The Blessed Life: A 90 Day Devotional Through the Miracles and Teachings of Jesus by Kelly Minter is very good writing and storytelling.

Fans of Kelly Minter Bible studies will enjoy the depth of her devotional book. The 90-day format is a daily experience her readers will enjoy. Just like her other books, you’ll want to read it more than once. Or after 90 days, pass your book to the next person in your small group and share the blessed life with friends.

I received an Advanced Reader Copy from Netgalley.
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