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If you love personality tests (like I do) and often put yourself on one side of a personal or spiritual dichotomy, this book is for you. Whole is written to Christians who often find themselves "leaning" one way on four spiritual dichotomies: head or heart, being or doing, truth or spirit, sinner or saint. It's overwhelming message is that these four things are not dichotomies but are meant to be integrative parts of who we are--we can be BOTH saints and sinners. We can unite the thinking (head) parts of ourselves with the feeling (heart) parts of ourselves, and more than that, we are called to do this by God. Whole uses Scripture, the example of Christ, and personal examples to illustrate and reinforce their points. Sections of this book--especially the chapters on head and heart and being and doing--were personally convicting for me. The book gave great ways to connect to your personal life, starting with helping you identify your personal bent then ending with application steps. I found it easy to identify where I was most likely to lean and was often convicted of how I needed to love God more fully, as a whole person. This was an outstanding book, and while sometimes repetitive and not the most theologically or biblically rich, the message was clear and convicting. I strongly recommend it.
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