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I really liked this devotional. Even though the devotions are short, they pack a punch. This devotional is a lot more in-depth than most devotionals when it comes to referring to scripture, and I loved the author’s teachings and reflections that easily help the reader understand the meaning of the scripture. This would be a wonderful addition to your study guides/materials when reading Psalms and Proverbs.
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Wisdom of The Psalms and Proverbs

I truly love this book of  devotionals. The books of Psalms and Proverbs offer so much wisdom, and they are two of the greatest books referenced for personal development and growth.

I feel that the author put a lot of her own spiritual wisdom in writing such an inspirational book. It is a great book for anyone seeking to grow their walk with our Lord and to gain life long, first hand experience in feeling God’s love for His people. I highly recommend this book and will definitely purchase a hard copy.
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Are you like me? We buy a book of devotionals that looks like it is exactly what we need and four or five days in we give up and find something new to read because it wasn't what we thought it was. I found Wisdom for Life by Gail Purath to be exactly what I needed and wanted.

If you want to gain a deeper understanding of the Psalms and Proverbs this collection of 100, 1-Minute readings, gives direction on how to use Biblical principles to direct daily life.

If you're dealing with discouragement, depression, or discontent you will find how the psalmist dealt with these tough issues. Are you wanting a more joy-filled, positive outlook? You'll find some answers here. Have you wondered how to praise our God more effectively? She gives some excellent suggestions on how to give thanks in the mundane activities of daily life.

I love her style! When an issue is important to understand how the Holy Words apply to our life she wastes no time in explaining the errors in our thinking. Many of these very short, daily writings spoke to me about the people and this crazy world around me. Each devotion ends with a short section that helps us dig into the subject more deeply and use it more effectively in our own life situations. 

This book will be available for you to read on February 21, 2023. You can pre-purchase it here (Wisdom for Life). It is definitely worth your time!
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If you are looking for a devotional with brief entries that are loaded with great analogies, insights, and scriptural references which will help you in your spiritual growth and understanding of the Bible, this one is definitely for you. The author's format is engaging and makes it easy to understand what you are reading. She also provides ideas for further thought on the topics discussed so that you can process and dig deeper. 

The author has also added a very helpful appendix which she suggests can be useful for small Bible studies or for further studying on your own. It is set up topically and is also easy to use. 

That being said, I strongly recommend this awesome devotional to all. 

Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with an advanced copy of this book.  All comments and opinions are voluntary and completely my own.
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The author of this devotional shares some insightful thoughts in her 100 devotionals from Psalms and Proverbs. I suggest you read the introduction to get a better understanding of how the book is laid out and the idea behind the book. The first few also help set up the rest of the devotionals. As you read each one you can tell the author is writing this because she wants to share helpful ways to grow in the Lord. These devotionals are not judgmental at all. In fact, they are like reading a "Thinking About You" card from a friend offering advice. Well written, easy to understand with a "For Further Thought" section if you are wanting a deeper study of the devotional topic. A great gift for a busy friend who may only have a few minutes in the morning or on lunch break for devotions.
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I absolutely love this devotional! Psalms and Proverbs are my favorite books of the Bible. I read at least two devotionals each day and each night. They absolutely calm me and gets me through my day and makes me feel better at bedtime.  These are very well written especially those dealing with Psalms. Highly recommend.
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This is a beautiful devotional enhancing your study. Gail Purath provides insight into Proverbs and Psalms, but never overshadows the original wisdom presented. I am struck by her humble wisdom as she expands the teaching and gently sends the reader back to the texts of these two amazing books. Every day has enough food for thought for the day in only a minute - but take the author's advice and also read the suggested passages in Proverbs or Psalms for the day, and be fed by God's wisdom for life.
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I have read many devotionals, and this one is definitely on the top of my favorites list. Using Psalms and Proverbs, these daily devotional are quick yet thorough teachings full of wisdom and encouragement, I truly enjoyed reading these daily devotions and speaking up the word of God each day. The “For further thought” section are great for diving in deeper.
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Have you ever read a sweet, brief and poignant devotional? One that is full of not only breadth but also depth? If not, you would probably fall in love with Gail Burton’s book, Wisdom for Life Devotional: 100 One-Minute Reflections from Psalms & Proverbs.

The author gives highly compelling and intriguing insights from the wisdom literature of the Bible. With the finesse of a skillful writer and unique vulnerability, she acts as a theological guide and a tender teacher of the word- a direct result of her walk with God which has spanned over forty years.

The book helps the reader understand that the books of Psalms and Proverbs are not just poetic but rather treasure troves of prophecies, principles, praise, and problem-solving. The entirety of the book makes you feel like you just cannot have enough of a single day’s devotion. This makes one read and re-read the passages till it sinks deep into your heart. With numerous scriptural references, the book lends itself as a must-have tool for not only personal devotion but also family and group settings.

Additionally, the further thoughts sections at the end of every devotion help one to pause, reflect and meditate on God’s Word. These pieces of nuggets in the book encourage, comfort, and challenge one to live wisely in all circumstances of life- both in the hills and valleys.

Generally, the devotional is a welcome companion to anyone who would wish to deepen their relationship with the Lord.
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