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Thank you to NetGalley and the Publisher for the chance to read this book.

I have been a huge fan of the Saunders sisters since "The Rule of One" series. This book, "Intruders", follows up the first book "Exiles" in a two-part series. The first book pulled me in and this one left me a bit hanging. While I love reading about Crys, Jade, and the rest of their group, I found it to be a little slow and dragged on quite a bit. As a result, I had a hard time staying engaged in the book. There seemed to be a lot of the same scenes which led to the dragging feeling. As a result, as much as I love the Saunders sisters, I would not recommend this book.
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Many thanks to the author, publisher, and NetGalley for the advanced copy of the book.

This was a great book!
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Such a fun continuation of the story. These authors have such a unique take on sci-fi and a fun perspective of the sister/twin dynamic. I've really enjoyed this series and am going to read more of their work. 
I found this a tiny bit slower paced than the first book but that's not a bad thing! It's a nice even story line with some highs and lows to keep you turning pages. 
Content notes: a bit of language and some violence - mostly attempted or threatened, futuristic drug use.
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I was provided an ARC via Netgalley, all opinions are my own.

This is the second book in the Exiles series, I don't feel you can read it as a standalone.  There is alot of set up and introduction of the characters in the first book that you really need for this book to make sense.

This picks up shortly after book 1 ends with the twins trying to put their lives and the lives of their siblings back together.  All of the siblings have been impacted in some way by the nanobot technology that their foster father developed.  A sinister group call the Conservators has begun using that technology to target the homeless population in Los Angeles.  As the twins and the core group of siblings work to stop the Conservators, they realize that the homeless aren't the only target.  They plan to control the entire world with.

Much like with book 1 I felt that the pacing was a bit slow until the final few chapters at the end.  I felt the ending felt rushed and things wrapped up a bit too conveniently.   I really thought the premise of the nanobot technology was interesting, but there isn't a ton of time spent exploring the development and science aspect of the nanobots in a lab setting.  You just kind of have to accept that it works and that the bots that make them inactive also works.  The writing in this was still a felt a bit confusing as things jump around from one thing to another.  I was always left feeling as if I missed something as the characters moved from one place to another or one topic to another.  I had the same issue with the first book. 

Overall I enjoyed seeing how this duology came to a close.  The premise was interesting.  This is a great series for readers who want to read sci-fi but don't want to get bogged down by the heavy details of all of the science (I love that stuff, but not every reader does).  I think this will particularly appeal to young adult readers as there isn't a ton of graphic anything, there is a bit of violence but not much and the language is pretty clean.
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Intruders is the sequel to Exiles. Unfortunately, I did not enjoy Exiles. At all. I attempted to read Intruders 3 different times. I read books between to give it a fair chance. I can not get into this book. This series disappointed me. I did not enjoy.
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This is a very weird thing to say, but this book reminded me of Zenon, the Disney movie. 

Something about the lingo and drama. 

That being said tween or even teen me might’ve been really into this, but it just didn’t do it for me.
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Twins, Jade and Crys, along with the rest of the Exiles, must find the cure to the fear inducing nano reform. Its a fight between the Fortunates and the Unfortunates as the Exiles race against time and those trying to stop them.

I was really looking forward to this book after reading book one, Exiles. I found it lacking the sense of urgency that the first book had. However, I really enjoyed how the narrative took the reader all over the world in search of the cure.  The rift between Jade and Crys was a little frustrating but I felt satisfied with the resolution.  Overall, a good dystopian novel with good action. Definitely recommend reading book one first.

Thank you @netgalley and 47north for letting me read this book.
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I enjoyed this entry into the series. It wasn't as strong as the first book, but kept the story moving along. I felt there was a bit too much story. Some of the stories got confusing, and the new characters introduced didn't get a lot of time to be developed. I still enjoyed the ending, and it wrapped everything up nicely.
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I tried connecting to this book, I really did, but the fact there were previous volumes before it made it problematic for me to connect to this as a stand-alone narrative. There was too much of the story already told and the character connections were harder to make in my mind than they might normally be. If I had the whole series with me, I might have different insights.
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Pulse Pounding Conclusion Evokes ALLEGIANT To A Degree. This is a solid continuation and conclusion of the EXILES story, and both combined are short enough that one almost wonders why the two books (each sub-300 pages) were not simply written as one complete story rather than one story in two halves? It seemed to make sense at the end of EXILES, when at least my own expectation was that this would be a second trilogy from the twin sisters that write twin characters. With this clearly being a short duology now... one begins to question a bit more. Ultimately, I'll leave the 5* and not deduct one for blatant cash grab, but I'll also be interested to see what other readers think on that point, and perhaps hear in some interview or social media post or some such why the decision was made to split the story as it was. That noted, particularly with its emphasis on fear and our heroes having vials that can evoke or conquer fear... yes, this book absolutely has a degree of a feel of ALLEGIANT to it. Which was an interesting connection, given just how reviled the ending to that particular tale was (though to be crystal clear and yet without actually giving anything away, this tale does *not* use the specific type of ending that got ALLEGIANT most of the scorn it has ultimately gotten - scorn that I have disagreed with since the moment I finished that book myself). 

And yet, even with these issues this tale really was another pulse-pounding thrill ride, perhaps with fewer questions for the reader to ponder and more fights to marvel at. The sisters continue to show their evolving skills and natural-seeming storytelling talent, and it will be very interesting to see what they come up with next. Very much recommended.
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This is an intriguing book. It is a departure from their previous works but still quite enthralling. I truly enjoyed it. I think it will be the great beginning of a new series.
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I think it's really special that twin sisters in real life are writing books revolving around the idea of sisters that may be different, but realize they need each other. I also really love dystopian tales, so this book was right up my alley. The book is extremely fast-paced. To the point that I had to pause and breathe at a couple of points because I felt like I was sprinting alongside the characters. The authors' have a unique voice and I would highly recommend this read.

I received an advance review copy for free through NetGalley, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.
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I've been enjoying the way the authors write since The Rule of One and I had enjoyed the first book in the Exiles series, so I was looking forward to reading this book in the series. It has the same spirit as the first book and does it better. The characters worked so well in the story and it did what I wanted going on. I can't wait to read more.

"Damon wondered when Hariri had gained possession of it. He reached for the memory, his mind stretching back to before he’d arrived in Monte Carlo with his club of Conservators, a crude, ill-healed scar on his upper arm . . . but he grasped at nothing. Lately his mind had felt like a massive star that had exploded, creating a black hole around certain timelines of his life."
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