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The Banned Bookshop of Maggie Banks

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The premise is cute - Maggie is running her friend Rochelle's store while the friend is on maternity leave, the main characters are why a 2-star review? Maggie doesn't read. She also doesn't seem to have any of the skills a person working in a bookstore should have. Did her friend have no other choices? Maggie doesn't seem to like books at all, I mean, she actively dislikes them.

The bookshop is in the village of Bell River, and the townspeople are obsessed with local (and long deceased) author Edward Bell. So the bookshop is only allowed to sell books published prior to his death, i.e. the classics. But guess what? People want recent books. I don't know how the shop stayed open. The whole town relies on Edward Bell tourism. I don't care who the author is, I can't imagine there is a market for an entire town paying homage to them.

Maggie decides that she is going to start carrying books people want and keeps them out of sight. She also starts a group where they create irreverent takes on classics. They rewrite Moby Dick as a romance (for the dick jokes, duh), for example. This idea becomes very popular and ultimately things come to a head. The problem with this is that Rochelle will lose the business if she doesn't adhere to the Edward Bell-era rule.

I listened to the audiobook and the narrator was excellent. Imani Jade Powers brought the characters to life. 

My thanks to NetGalley and OrangeSky Audio for the ALC in exchange for an honest review.
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One day I hope to find a bookstore like the one Maggie creates in “The Banned Bookshop of Maggie Banks.” Throughout this story I laughed, I cried and I connected with the characters - feeling like they were my friends too! Definitely recommend this lighthearted contemporary fiction audiobook!
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Maggie has come to Bell River to help run her friend’s bookstore. She’s not much of a reader, and has no interest in the books the bookstore sells -- only literature from the time of the town’s famous author, so nothing after 1968. But the store is struggling, and Maggie has some creative ideas to help it succeed, starting with selling modern books that she hides in the back room. This is a fun rom-com with a little mystery and a lot of books.
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I love that the author incorporated the current issues of censorship and book banning into this. It may be an eye opener for some. Maggie has spunk and I love it!
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"Don't tell me you like Atwood..."
"Well I love Atwood, and Marisa Cooper,and Seth Cohen and Summer Robert's"

And that perfectly describes what our MC, Maggie, knows about books when she offers to take over managing the bookshop. This bookshop only sells Classics and nothing about that excites her but she's in-between jobs and her friend needs help. 

A delightful read and great narration. I enjoyed the small town vibes and our MC going from feeling lost to finding her way with the help of a medley of fun characters.  My favorite was the reimagining of classics (I wish they'd been added as appendices to this book.
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✨Book Review✨
The Banned Bookshop of Maggie Banks by Shauna Robinson
I loved this book so much. The Banned Bookshop of Maggie Banks was my second Shauna Robinson book, and I think I liked it even more than the first. Her writing style is light and easy and her books draw me in quickly. I love love love that they are about book lovers and the book world. 
This book centered around a bookstore in a town that was dedicated to upholding the legacy of famous author Edward Bell. The bookstore is only allowed to sell books published before his birth and no one but tourists are interested in these old "classics" written by dead white men. When Maggie comes to town to help her friend run the bookstore, her secret stash of modern books, her secret book club, and her secret mash-up book events turn this town upside down. These events sounded SO fun and I wished so much that I could attend one. lol.  
Anyway, this story is about questioning the status quo, found family, community, and more, and it had all the cozy feels that I love in a book. I would definitely recommend this one to anyone looking for an easy but meaningful read. 
I went back and forth between the audiobook and hard copy of this one, but ended up loving the audiobook more. :) I would highly recommend listening to this one.
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A sweet, bookish story. It read like a warm hug, and I enjoyed the narrator! It reminded me of a hallmark movie in the best way, which feels like a rare vibe for a book with a Black lead. Refreshing!
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*NetGalley Review*

This was such a fun and whimsical read! I thoroughly enjoyed the narrator, Imani Jade Powers. I couldn't have imagined a better Maggie for this story. I loved her journey in finding her purpose and how fiercely she cared for her people. This book had me laughing and was so unique in the twist of including literary classics. I'm honestly envious that such book events don't exist. I can't wait for my next Shauna Robinson read. Read this one; you won't regret it! Thank you: NetGalley, OrangeSky Audio, and Shauna Robinson for the opportunity to read/listen to this one in exchange for an honest review.
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I really enjoyed The Banned Bookshop of Maggie Banks and want avid readers to know about it.  Shauna Robinson's debut Must Love Books was a rather dark look at the publishing industry. I’m glad the tone of her second novel is lighter. It contains conflicts and challenges, but overall it's optimistic.

Maggie Banks' life is a bit of a mess. Unemployed and homeless, she eagerly accepts her friend Rochelle's offer to come to Bell River and manage Cobblestone Books while Rochelle is on maternity leave.  Bell River is a small town dominated by the legacy of the legendary author Edward Bell (think John Steinbeck) - everything from retail to dining and lodging are focused on Mr. Bell and his books, and all businesses must adhere to a strict set of rules to uphold his reputation.

Maggie doesn't adapt well to the limitations placed on the bookstore, which include selling only classics written before Edward Bell's death in the 1960s, and puts its future in jeopardy when she tries to subvert the rules. To bring much-needed revenue to Cobblestone Books, Maggie hosts secret author events with a unique theme and sells recently-published books from cartons hidden in the back room. She quickly makes friends with Bell River residents and 'accidentally' creates a revolution against the Bell restrictions.

There is much to like about this novel. The cast of characters is great - Maggie, Rochelle and her family, Maggie's new Bell River friends, the authors and attendees of the secret events, and Malcolm, who is torn between his job at the Edward Bell Society and his attraction to Maggie. It's full of bookish goodness with many titles and authors mentioned. And it has lots lovely small town charm and a thread of mystery. One storyline in particular requires some suspension of belief, but this didn't outweigh all of the positive aspects of the plot.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Imani Jade Powers who brought Maggie's big, reckless, passionate personality to life but also did well in conveying a large cast of other characters.

Many thanks to OrangeSky Audio and NetGalley for the ALC of this delightful novel.
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Maggie Banks arrives in Bell River to help her friend run her struggling book store, only to find that she can't sell anything recent. Maggie starts a subversive bookclub and starts an underground bookselling network to help the store stay afloat and get contemporary books into the hands of the locals. It's a mostly lighthearted and entertaining read that had me rooting for Maggie and her new friends.
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I believe this book was a pretty cute read. It took me a minute to adjust to the narrator, but overall the performance was good. The romance and the mischief alone is enough for me to recommend it. I would pick it up again. Thanks to NetGalley and OrangeSky Audio for the opportunity to review this audiobook
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Not my normal read, but I really liked it. It was a cute book. Easy read (or listen too). 
So if you are looking for something fun, with a little drama (not serious), a little romance, then this book is something you should pick up. 

Thanks #Netgalley for the opportunity to listen to #TheBannedBookshopofMaggieBanks 
I work at a library and I love the idea of this book and the events in this book. I could see them being fun in real live.
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DNF at 34%
Okay, it's been over a month since I've last listened to this book, and I'm going to have to admit to myself that I just really don't want to finish this. I'm just not enjoying this book and rather listen to something else or nothing at all. 

This isn't a bad book. I'm sure this will be great for many people, but it just wasn't working for me. 
The plot is very unlikely. Our main character, with no experience or knowledge about book selling, googles for a bit and then supposedly saves a failing bookstore? Because the owner, her best friend, never tried something as difficult as googling for solutions, I guess. 
There was also this big thing of Maggie doing stuff in the bookstore/causing problems/changing things without ever talking to the owner/her best friend? If my best friend would keep very important business information from me, while she was temporarily working in my store, I don't think I would ever trust her again.

The hate for classics annoyed me a lot as well. I have read amazing classics. I've read awful classics. I don't think all classics are good, nor do I think they are all bad. The dismissive way they are treated in this book was just so silly.

The romance... Well, I'm only at 34% so I can't say much but the two main leads together felt very forced. Maggie's treatment of him in the first 34% of the book is enough for me to never want to see them together anyway. 

The jokes in this book felt juvenile and unfunny to me. I know humour is highly subjective, but this just isn't the kind of books I find fun. I know there are plnty of people who enjoy these types of jokes, but I'm not one of them. I'm sure Maggie would absolutely hate me and think me the most boring person ever, because anyone who doesn't think the same way as she does obvously has to change and get a life...
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Thanks for the opportunity to review. 

This book had a very cute premise. And, while I really enjoyed the book's bookish nature and could really relate to the power of reading to build community, I found the book to be too slow moving and underwhelming. 

While Maggie was a likeable character, the romance with Malcolm lacked the chemistry I was looking for. The large cast of characters and the quirky Edward Bell schtick were neat in theory, but fell a little flat, feeling almost juvenile.
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This is probably the most perfect book for a palette cleanser. It's cute, it's got romance, it's got a book shop, it's about building community. It's about self-discover and growth.  There wasn't anything too serious about the book, but it wasn't meant to be that.  This was supposed to be a feel good romance and it was perfect for that.  For the readers who love book stores and community, I would recommend this.
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Books about books. There isn´t much not to love abou it. This story is about Maggie who starts to work in a bookshop that is based around a historic figure. Thus the bookshop only sells historic books, which isn´t much to Maggies liking. She starts to secretly sell other books too, starting with romance and some mystery books. She also starts to organice readings, in which she invites authors and they mix their own genre with a classic. 
I really loved the setting and the plot of the story. someone who newly found the love of reading deciding to secretly sell books. The romance was also really cute and lovely to read about. 
The beginning was a bit streched and i didn´t really enjoy how the plot of historic person panned out, but i still really liked it. 3,75 stars
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My first ever audiobook which was enjoyable fun.

A humourous into village life....and problems. Follow the goings on at Cobblestone Books set in Bell River. Warm to the characters that are depicted and completely imaginable as the type you would expect to meet in a small village.

Funny and warm.
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Shauna Robinson delights with her latest, The Banned Bookshop of Maggie Banks. I enjoyed moving through the pages and rooting for Maggie's self discovery journey. I know that readers of women's fiction will also share the same thought! 

Maggie Banks feels like a failure to her family. She's unable to hold down a job, her mind consistently moving a mile a minute. When her college best friend invites her to run the bookstore while she's on maternity leave, Maggie cannot resist and heads down to Bell River. Maggie's dreams are instantly crushed however; when she realizes she cannot sell books besides the classics. It's the Edward Bell way. Yet, Maggie is about to show the town her way: one romance novel book at a time. 

Listening to this novel brought another spark to the story and allowed me to be immersed in Bell River. Imani Jade Powers was the perfect voice to tell Maggie's story.
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This is a terrific audiobook!
I really enjoyed the narrator. Excellent job!
The characters are terrific and quirky. They really kept me listening.
Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing an ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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I received a copy of this audiobook from netgalley for an honest review.

I loved the clandestine meetings in this book! So much fun to be had trying to save a bookstore that has restrictions on what you can sell. Maggie got around these things beautifully. And definitively one of the best endings I've read this year.
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