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Such an encouraging and inspiring read! I’m a huge fan of Elisabeth Elliot and have read a lot of her books, so it was interesting to read more about Jim. I really enjoyed this book and feel like I learned a lot! So inspirational!

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This book was a great read. I learned so much about Jim Elliot and his passion to serve where God sent him.
Great story about a great man.
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It has been a long time since I have read anything about the five young men who were speared to death in the jungle of Ecuador by the Auca Indians. I’m sure I have read a biography of Jim Elliot, but I can’t think right now what book it might have been. Passion & Purpose caught my eye recently, and I’m glad I chose to read it. 
Jim grew up as part of a Plymouth Brethren family in Oregon. From a very young age, he was methodical and structured, and by the time he was six years old he knew that he belonged to the Lord. This methodical, structured singlemindedness followed him through the rest of his life. He went to college in Wheaton, Illinois, where he focused all his attention on making himself ready, mentally and physically, for the mission field. His passion was to serve God—and nothing else was to get in his way. When he found himself attracted to Betty Howard, and that she was attracted to him, he made sure  that she knew he would only marry her if he came to the conclusion that God wanted them together. What a long time it was until he knew for sure! As anyone who is familiar with modern mission work knows, Jim married Elisabeth (Betty) and they worked together on the mission field in the jungle for a few years, climaxing with the mission to the Auca Indians. 
I can’t say I learned any new facts from this book. I did find it fascinating to see how Jim learned to find more balance in his life, as he learned more about God and His will. However, for a book that includes the word “passion” in the title, there is not a lot of passion in the writing! This book is a good overview of a life lived for God, but not a gripping account.
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It wasn’t a moment of sacrifice. It was a life of sacrifice, of love, of obedience. Jim Elliot was completely dedicated to obeying his Lord. If that meant not pursuing sports, getting a job, or even marrying. So be it. He would follow where the Lord led despite the sceptics. His devotion to Bible study and spreading the Gospel is inspiring. 
 The end of his story here on earth is pretty well known. Defeat. His life’s dream ended in a few violent seconds. But – the God who led him there had another plan. His sacrifice would inspire countless Christians to lay down their own lives to carry the Gospel to every corner of the world. How many souls in hidden corners have understood their desperate need of a Savior because of that? I don’t know. Still, with the years that have passed, we have been given a glimpse of the eternal harvest that his death led to. This book does include some details about his death that have come to light in the years since then. Those were very interesting. 
  Unfortunately, this book is a very passionless presentation of his life. Elliot’s passion is shown through his devotion and dedication, but what he is passionate about is almost completely missing. The author sees and clearly understands the eternal importance of the Gospel that Elliot was bringing the Waorani. Still, his dedication is somehow made to seem a little silly, especially his early devotion. The author seems to only really start to approve of his actions once he starts participating in things like sporting events and college pranks. It was a strange way to write a biography. Perhaps, it would have been better to let him speak a little more for himself. His quotes are always so inspiring.  
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Passion & Purpose dives into Jim  Elliot’s journey to missionary work and his relationship with his wife Elisabeth. The book is well written and easy to read. It goes into great detail about Jim Elliot’s life. Jim’s story in its self holds enough excitement and adventure that it requires no embellishments. The author seems to stick to the story well and shares a lot of quotes from Jim’s journal. I enjoyed reading this book and look forward to reading more from this author about other inspiring Christians.
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Most have heard, read or watched the story of Jim Elliot. This book does take a different approach which brings to life new information. If you are interested in missionary work, the history of evangelism, or Christian martyr's you will enjoy reviewing the sad story. Although I don't like the cover of the book, I still enjoyed the authors take on Jim Elliots life and work. You could use this book with a book club or Sunday School class as reading it with a group will spur great conversations!
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I loved reading Jim Elloit’s story!  I learned so many new things.  What a man of God!  It’s a lot of information to take in but I was captivated.
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Passion and Purpose is the story of Jim Elliot's life. He realized his passion to become a 
missionary in Ecuador when he was a teen and followed it faithfully as he felt God 
leading him throughout his life. His dedication to faith has been an inspiration to many 
and my continue to be for future generations.
I give this book 4 stars as I felt the writing was a bit monotone.
I received an advance copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest 
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Thank you to NetGalley for allowing me to read this ARC version of Passion and Purpose. My thoughts are my own  I love the Elliotts' story. For me, Passion and Purpose read very dry and too long. I had a hard time staying focused.
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I have always looked up to & admired Jim & Elizabeth Elliot. I was so excited to hear about a new book coming out about Jim. I had never really read much about him prior to his work with the Aucas. 

I really enjoyed this book - From the timeline of main events in his life, to all the little details of family life growing up, glimpses of his journal entries, to hearing about what other college students thought about him. Thank you for the job well done! 

(I am a book reviewer & was able to preview this book in exchange for my honest review.)
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Passion and Purpose, The Jim Elliott Story: Review

Anyone who remembers "Through Gates Of Splendor" and "The Edge Of The Spear" will be familiar with this story. This one goes a bit more in detail about Jim's life than others I had read, and this is the first I remember reading an explanation from the Auca on why they attacked the missionaries that morning.  Definitely a good read for anyone who appreciates those who are willing to spend their lives spreading the Gospel. I will probably be getting a hardcopy of this book for my kids to read as they get older. 

I received a gratis copy of this book. All opinions are my own.
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A wonderful biography on the life of Jim Elliot. I did not know much about Jim Elliot, besides that he was a missionary and had tragically died trying to preach the gospel to natives in Ecuador.  This book gives you a much more in depth detail of who he was growing up and what events led him to his mission to Ecuador. 

I graciously received an advance e-copy from Netgalley for review. All opinions are my own.
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The story of Jim Elliot who was determined to spread God's word to those that had never heard it. Even though it cost him his earthly life.
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The book challenges you on what it is like to be a missionary in a foreign country, and how Jim Elliott and his friends took the challenge, and even through the tough times they carried on.
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