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This intrigued me from the outset. A none verbal autistic patient is sectioned and presents a challenge to physiatrist Rina Kent. One night during a power cut she comes up to the Dr and whispers four names into her ear the last of which is her ex husband. Soon afterwards the first person on the list is murdered. This book was very suspenseful and I read it in one day.
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The Patient's List by James Caine - 4/5

Rina Kent is a caring psychiatrist who has her life thrown for loop when one of her patients commits suicide.  This story had me on the edge of my seat wanting to know what would happen next and how Rina Kent would react.  This story is filled with tons of twists and turns, which add to that adrenaline feelings as you read.   If you love stories with suspense, tension and left wondering what is going to happen this a great story for you to dive into.
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The plot in this book was pretty good. It was very entertaining in parts. I would definitely read this again someday soon. It was a fun and quick read
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Quick, fun read! Not much of the substance I was craving to match the synopsis, however it was entertaining enough to be a 24 hour, popcorn read.
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The plot was captivating, thrilling but felt a little farfetched toward the end. This wasn't due to poor execution of the plot points but just how unexpected it was. It felt very far off, a little overdramatic. It also didn't make a lot of sense why Rina was constantly being thrown into the middle of the drama. I can't give more details without giving spoilers but it was still a very good read. There was tension, suspense and a massive plot twist - all ingredients of a great mystery. Would definitely recommend to others.
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Amazing book!!!!twists and turns at every page turn ...throughly enjoyed this book I would give it a 10 out of 10 any day of the week!!!! Very interesting plot aswell!!!!!
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Pretty good book the flow was good I liked the characters it was another new author for me and I went in blind and it did not disappoint
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Rina Kent, a caring, thoughtful psychiatrist, is living her best life. She has a job she loves and excels at Holy Saints Hospital, and she has recently married another doctor employed at the hospital. She prides herself on engaging with her patients and forging relationships with them and it rocks her to her core when one of her patients commits suicide.  What happened? Rina’s life tumbles down around her.  Her confidence in her abilities is shaken, she finds that her new husband has cheated on her, and she loses out on a job promotion that should have been hers.  A niece of a colleague is admitted to the psych ward and although Rina declines to be assigned to the case, she eventually becomes connected with Amy.  During a chance encounter, the previously nonverbal patient states a list of names, one them being Rina’s ex-husband, Jonas Kent.  Rina strives to discover why her husband is on this whispered list of names. What follows is death and intrigue. There was an ending that I did not see coming. Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for the advance review copy in exchange for my honest review.
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This was a good, fast paced mystery with an engaging story from start to finish. The only thing I didn't care for was some of the characters; though they were well developed, I couldn't find a handhold on them. Regardless, I'd highly recommend it for lovers of dark mysteries.
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The story has a good premise, however it is poorly written and the characters are unrealatable. It was difficult to get through this book and I really tried to like it.
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Thank you to NetGalley, and Victory editing NetGalley co-op, and the author James Caine for a copy of this book to read.

This was a fairly quick read, I actually enjoyed the concept of the book and how the psychiatrist ends up communicating with her patient. For me, the characters needed a bit more fleshing out, occasionally the story felt a little disjointed. Enjoyed the overall concept and the final twist!
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Rina Kent is a psychiatrist with a knack for finding ways to connect with patients that others have given up on. Most recently, she’s made significant progress with a young girl named Jenny. Rina is striving to be considered for a future opening as the Chief of Psychiatry at Holy Saints upon the retirement of Adam Greber. But, before Adam retires, Rina is going to take a honeymoon with her new husband, Jonas Kent. Rina is a half day away from her honeymoon when Jenny commits suicide. 

Rina can’t help but blame herself for Jenny’s suicide and begins on a path of self-destruction. A year later, her and Jonas have separated, Rina is exercising to a point of being unhealthy, and she is choosing to exclusively work midnight shifts. While she still takes pride in helping her patients, she has not taken on any tough cases since Jenny’s suicide. 

Then, a suicidal young girl with autism, Amy, is admitted to the ward. Amy is non-verbal and spends her days in the ward putting together puzzles. Then, one night, without warning, she speaks to Rina. Amy provides Rina with a list of names, but nothing more. Not only that, but the person first on the list was recently murdered, and Rina suspects the others may be in danger as well, including her ex-husband, Jonas.

Why is Jonas on this list? And what do these people have in common?

Although it was an entertaining read, I’m not sure it hits the “thriller” category for me. Definitely more of a mystery in my opinion.

Not sure if it’s just an issue with the Kindle version, but there were numerous instances of words missing a letter. Most frequently, the letter “L” would be missing in the middle of words. There were also some formatting inconsistencies that left odd gaps / breaks in the page.

I was really interested by the concept but there are a lot of inconsistencies throughout. For example, the writer starts off by having Rina as the sole narrator; however, there are a couple of instances where, without any indication, the narrator changes. Generally speaking, I enjoy multiple POVs; however, the execution is sloppy here. There is no regular cadence in which the narrator shifts, and we don’t even hear from the second narrator until the book is nearly finished. The application feels choppy and not as well thought out. Also, at the beginning of the POV shift, the writer essentially recaps what happened prior. As the reader, sure, I guess it might be good to know that these two characters have the same information, but do we really need to read it twice?

Also, it doesn’t really make any sense that Amy relayed the list to Rina. Rina was not her assigned psychologist and they had no rapport prior to the night that Amy spoke to Rina. 

It’s a quick and easy read, but not spectacular.

(Thank you to Victory Editing, James Caine, and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my review.)
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This was creepy right from the start.  I couldn't help but love Rina with all her quirks and mishandling of her job roles.  Things rapidly unraveled in her life when a mute patient is admitted to her ward and one night tells Rina a list of people, including Rina's now ex husband.  Rina can't let it go and finds herself going down a rabbit-hole of betrayal and seeks justice for it all.  Loved the pace and tense emotions of this book.  Didn't see the ending coming.

Thanks Netgalley for this arc
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Rina's life is going well - she is married and has a job she enjoys but this all comes crashing down when one of her patients commits suicide.
A new patient who is deemed to be lost cause as she does not speak suddenly whispers a list of names to Rina with her now ex-husbands name on the list. Why is his name amongst those whispered to her, what is the list.
Rina must find out before she or anybody else outs themselves in danger.
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The Patient’s List by James Caine

Despite the book’s rosy beginnings things begin to really escalate. There’s a suicide, a missing person, and murder after murder. There are strange goings on, a mysterious list of names, and a one-woman race to get to the bottom of things. (No spoilers.)

The book has a wonderfully happy start, describing the lives of two newlywed doctors and their dog. But this dreamy atmosphere comes to a swift end when one of Dr Rina Kent’s mental health patients suddenly crashes through a window, killing herself by landing on Rina’s car, right by her.

As you can imagine, this is traumatic for Rina, and the trauma of it all leads Rina and her hubby to split up. Rina decides to take on only night shifts and only the easier patients, but has a renewed sense of dedication to her role’s cause.

The former head of the department is murdered in his home, and no suspect is arrested.

A new patient is admitted to the ward following a suicide attempt shortly after her mother’s disappearance. She is autistic, mute, and does not communicate with anyone.

One night, there’s a creepy scene where the mute patient comes into the gym where Rina is working out under flashing lights as the power struggles in the old building, and the patient whispers 4 names, starting with the murdered head of department, and including Rina’s husband.

Rina is shocked and doesn’t know quite what to make of it all. Rina tries to find out more from the patient using unconventional means.

Rina seeks out her husband’s help, but all that seems to be on his mind is getting back together, and Rina doesn’t get anywhere.

When a second person on the list is murdered, Rina realizes that she has to come clean about the patient’s list. And with so many people in clear danger the story shifts to include the POV of the case detective, and Rina becomes a suspect.

There are action scenes and a confession, and as the story progresses the reader learns what connects the 4 people on the list. But the whole of the story doesn’t come out until the very last page, which is quite the twist.

This book was a nice, easy read and the story flowed well. There were some things I didn’t like about the book, however.

I found several characters angry and obnoxious, including the main protagonist Rina. That wasn’t a big deal though; I guess it adds to the drama.

And I would have liked to have known more about what was going through Rina’s mind rather than simply a report of what actions she took, and a more detailed imagining of what might link the people on the patient’s list.

I enjoyed the story, and didn’t guess what connected the characters or who the true culprit was.
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Loved it!  Kept me swiping the pages on my Kindle. 
It was my first time reading this author and I wasn’t disappointed. 
Great character development, smooth reading and above all a good read. 
I would highly recommend this book to family and friends. 
Thank you for a digital copy to read and review. No compensation was received. Only my honest opinion in a review.
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Creepy, dark and atmospheric this book was gripping right from the get go. It was twisty and unpredictable and I couldn't put it down
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The Patient's List by James Caine was a crazy and compelling story that I simply could not put it down until I read the last page. 
There were twists that were really chilling to me. 
A well written plot and story line that had me engaged from the start.
I enjoyed the well fleshed out characters and found them believable. 
My only complaint would be that I wished it would have hooked me sooner. 
But other than that I personally thought this was a fun and fast read that I would definitely recommend!

"I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own."

Victory Editing NetGalley,
Thank You for your generosity and gifting me a copy of this eARC!
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3 stars
I’m conflicted about this book. It was quite a slow going book, at least for the thriller genre. The storyline was pretty good, the characters were all horrible (which is not always a bad thing). While I did enjoy it, it rated about average on my personal scale.
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I was given this book by NetGalley for an honest review-
Rina, a psychiatrist is married to a doctor and they both work at Holy Saints Ward.  Her life begins to tumble when one of her patients commits suicide and her marriage ends,
Then a suicidal patient enters the ward and she whispers names and one of them is Rinas ex husband,  what does that mean?  How can she find out when  the girl  won’t talk? And then as each name is murdered she know she must find out what is going on,   A thrilling read!
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