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Hand Quilting Techniques for Farmhouse Style

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This is a nice beginners quilting book. Anyone who already knows how to hand quilt will probably not find anything new here except for the historical tidbits they may not know. I would absolutely recommend this to the new quilter desiring to make something beautiful, yet useful. 

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A great guild to slow quilting.  I learned a few new techniques.   The 0hotos of quilts are lovely and inspiring.  I enjoyed it.
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I have always loved farmhouse and rustic interior designs.  I love the look of it!  I find it both refreshing and classical. This book is great for anyone who would love to make their own farmhouse looking quilts and designs.
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5.0 / 5.0 This book was a pleasant surprise to find and I thoroughly enjoyed all the information it contains. 

I especially liked the history and photos of vintage quilts that demonstrate so well the timelessness and durability of this way of quilting. I have been hand-quilting (big stitch) my work for the last four years, and I improve every time I take up a needle and thread, but this book really laid out the math of repeating patterns, and how to achieve beautiful hand-quilting without needing to take an expensive workshop or know someone who can teach you. The hardest part for me is always deciding how to pattern the quilting, how to make the repeat fit, and being confident in my application of the technique. The author takes the time to demonstrate how you can audition various ideas on your quilts without marking them, so for all of us scatter-brained neuro-divergent makers, we have another tool in our arsenal when it comes to finishing things to our individual expectations.

I will look for more by this author; her writing style is very fluid and informative. The book is not confusing and the technical writing is concise. There are a few small projects in this book, simple makes that will take a supporting role to the quilting, which I appreciate as a maker since I can see the techniques from the book in action. It helps my imagination capture the information and apply it to my own projects.

I recommend this one for anyone interested in hand-quilting, especially the big stitch technique, which is my absolute favorite. I read and reviewed this book via NetGalley and was not compensated for my honest review.

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Good book,
I was expecting a little more but would be great for later beginners.  Outside of the circular is a little more advance.  (I will say circular quilt pattern scares me a bit.)  I will definitely try the log cabin pattern. 

4 Stars
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Very interesting book on utility quilting. She describes how quilting was done in the past to efficiently get quilts on the bed to be used. Included are supply lists, techniques, and projects. I have rudimentary machine sewing skills, have pieced a couple of quilt tops, and this kind of quilting appeals to me. It’s definitely a book I can reference over and over.
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This is a super interesting book! The author shows several different techniques for hand quilting, just like our grandmas used to do. I love all the projects and definitely plan to make the coffee cup cozies soon! I will refer back to this book often!
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Very Informative, Quite easy to follow, loads of different techniques. 

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Hand Quilting Techniques for Farmhouse Style Easy, Stress-Free Ways to Quickly Hand Quilt by Carolyn Forster is a quilting technique book to help with your hand quilting and 8ncludes a few projects at the end. It is a pretty in depth look at hand quilting including utility quilting, tying, binding and other techniques used to finish quilts. It's a good addition to your quilting toolbox! Thank you to the author, publisher and NetGalley for an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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Carolyn Forster's new book, Hand Quilting Techniques for Farmhouse Style is a motivating and instructional book primarily for hand quilters, but those who are machine quilters will also benefit from reading it.  This book was just what was needed for inspiration and motivation to finish the 5-6 quilt tops I have sitting on a shelf in my sewing room.

The author encourages the reader to consider using simpler designs to finish quilts in a shorter amount of time.  She provides quite a few design options that are not difficult and would look great on many quilts.  Those who are interested in hand quilting will appreciate this book with its many photos, instructions, and recommendations.  However, those of us who are machine quilters can also benefit from this book by reviewing her ideas and suggestions in addition to considering the practicality in considering simpler and quicker methods of quilting. 

Reading this book was like having a good quilting friend give me ideas and motivation to finish up my quilt projects.  Loved the photos, loved the ideas, loved the quilt patterns, loved the book. 

Thank you to Fox Chapel Publishing, Netgalley, and Carolyn Forster for providing me with a digital ARC in exchange for my unbiased review.
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Wonderful book.  Highly instructive, even for beginners.  I can sew by hand, but I've never quilted.  I really enjoyed this.
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Synopsis (from Netgalley, the provider of the book for me to review.)
Discover simple, stress-free techniques for creating gorgeous quilts! If you have ever wanted to try hand quilting, this is the perfect place to start! Utility quilting is the perfect solution for today's modern quilter who wants to quilt by hand in a way that's stress-free, satisfying, fast, and easy. From the popular author, teacher, and quilter Carolyn Forster comes this updated edition of the complete quilting project guide to introduce you to the beauty of utility quilting. An ideal method for modern quilters who seek the satisfaction of hand quilting but like to get things done quickly, utility quilting holds the quilt sandwich together using simple, all-over designs, bigger stitches, and thicker threads. 
It's just as perfect for use with today's big, bold fabrics as it is for classic mini prints! Featuring 11 projects with step-by-step photos, overviews on supplies and getting started, 32 favourite designs, 12 stitches and knots that have stood the test of time, how to secure your quilt with buttons and felt shapes, 5 binding and finishing techniques, 9 tacking and basting ideas, and helpful tips, this is your must-have guide to creating beautiful hand-quilted projects! 
Projects Carolyn Forster has been a quilt maker for over 25 years. The author of Handmade Quilt, Hexagon Happenings, The Joys of Jelly Roll, Quilting-on-the-Go, and Utility Quilting, she has been featured in Today's Quilter magazine and in an ambassador for Vlieseline UK. In this 128-page book, she makes hand quilting new again by teaching you the techniques you need to know with step-by-step photos and easy-to-follow tutorials, providing you with lovely and beginner-friendly projects with complete instructions so you can easily complete your own hand-quilted creation with ease. 
Now is the perfect time to finish your quilts with hand quilting and discover the soothing power of classic needle and thread—without a machine—with Hand Quilting Techniques for Farmhouse Style!

If you love quilting or want to start doing it (hand quilting means you do not necessarily need a sewing machine!) this is a great book to do it with as it is not complicated and teaches you how to do it from step one.  The photos are very helpful and the instructions are clear and concise...there is a lot of talk about utility quilting which is easier than a lot of other quilting styles as it helps things last a lot longer: If you want more proof, look at the 12o+-year-old quilt of my grandmother's that I have that is still together as it was utility quilted!  You can machine quilt these beautiful creations if you want (and of course, put the pieces together by machine) - quilting is actually the process of doing the stitches to keep it together!
if I ever get done housecleaning and clearing out the junk (and stuff that came from my parent's home before they went into two different nursing homes!), I can get to the fabric stash and start creating some wonderfulness...or maybe finish the selvage quilt I started pre-COVID!)
A wonderful book all in all --- highly recommended. #shortbutsweetreviews
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As someone who has just started to get into quilting/sewing semi recently it was a great read and held me start to develop a good technique. 
It walked me through all of the steps in an easy to manage way where I didn't fell over whelmed by the amount of information all at once. 
It even came with beginner patterns to be able to practice/put to use all of the techniques that you learned in the book. I will definitely be reaching back to this book for whenever I get stuck on a project as a quick guide.
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I would feel very confident to produce a quilt using the information and instructions in this thorough and beautifully illustrated guide. I didn't realise there was such a variety of techniques for producing a quilt. There are about seventy pages explaining the equipment needed, preparation, quilting designs, stitches and binding. The remainder of the book is a selection of eleven projects, ranging from coffee cup cosies to a Christmas presents quilt. 
Thank you to Net Galley for an arc in exchange for an honest review.
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For anyone interested in a technique-heavy book filled with photos and step by step images, Hand Quilting Techniques for Farmhouse Style by Carolyn Forsters is a fantastic resource.

This book begins with some history about quilts and the need for utility quilting. Definitions are accompanied with photos of old quilts (which I love). The author then covers techniques including basting, binding and choosing the materials a quilter would need to complete the project. As someone who has been quilting for over 10 years, I discovered new-to-me techniques which I'm am looking forward to trying.

The last section of the book is dedicated to a number of simple projects to piece and practice the farmhouse style quilting. 

All in all, a wonderful book and an excellent addition to the craft book library which we quilters all seem to have.
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A great aid for hand quilting(and beginning quilting in general). This book had wonderful visuals, and easy projects to practice on! I loved all the templates and step by step directions the book gave!
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I absolutely love this book. I mostly machine quilt but I learned some new hand quilting techniques that I can use. The book is well written and the patterns are easy to follow.
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I love this book! The author has provided written this in such a way that it is clearly understandable for any level of quilter. The instructions are clear and concise, paired with pictures and illustrations that are not only artistic, but enhances the instruction. 

I’m a quilter who does English Paper Piecing, so stitching by hand is my thing. But I don’t do the quilting (always send it out to be done). This gave me so many ideas for patterns and techniques that I can—and will—do! The addition of small, easily doable quilting projects a plus. 

I highly recommend this book.
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What a great resource!  I am finishing up my first quilting class and my quilt top is complete.  My next step is to assemble and quilt so I was delighted to read these detailed instructions with so many options.   I will reference back to this book as I complete my first project and many more to come.
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This is a great instructional book on all the hand quilting techniques.  Lots of pictures to help with understanding.  Definitely recommend for new traditional quilters.
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