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Hand Quilting Techniques for Farmhouse Style

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This is a great instructional book on all the hand quilting techniques.  Lots of pictures to help with understanding.  Definitely recommend for new traditional quilters.
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Great book.  Very informative with easy to follow directions.  I really like that there were quilt patterns with instructions included.
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It's simple, I love this book! It not only gave me some great ideas for patterns to quilt that look achievable, but there are also a host of other wonderful patterns to choose from. Oh, and finally, a binding technique that I think will work for me!
The instructions are clear and the pictures and illustrations pair well to ensure successful outcomes. I feel the author has targeted an audience of beginner to intermediate quilters, which is perfect for me and one of the best I have seen.

I highly recommend this book.
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A book that takes you through the history of quilting to the practical process of quilting. Many different techniques from around the world are covered in this book.. Easy to read and follow. Beautifully photographed projects and how to's! Eleven modern projects using a variety of quilting techniques covered in the first half of the book are a great way to learn and sew. The projects are mostly small scale useful items. There are full scale quilt projects as well. All are beautifully photographed making them easy to follow..
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Thank you NetGalley, the author and the publisher for the opportunity to read and give an honest review of this book.

This is a very good tool for the beginning quilter to have in their library.
It starts at the very beginning of making a quilt by noting what tools to assemble for making your first quilt.

It takes one through the steps of making templates, basic quilting stitches, designs, and binding the quilt.

In the back are various projects for the beginner to try with their newly acquired skills.

I can see this book being referred to over and over in the quilting process.
I don’t think an eager learning would go wrong with the purchase of this book.
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Do you love the Farmhouse look? If so, this is definitely a book that you need to pick up.  This book is full of techniques to help you fill your house with the farmhouse look.  This book has tons of techniques and projects to keep you busy and your home looking qwonderful!
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Hand Quilting Techniques for Farmhouse Style by Carolyn Forster had beautiful illustrations and lots of info on stitching. The author talks about borders and techniques. I personally don’t like putting a quilt together with a sewing machine so I really liked this. 
The book has inspired me to start another project and I loved the Japanese wrapping cloth, french linen quilt and the winding ways quilt.
I recommend it if you’re interested in hand quilting. 

Thanks Fox Chapel Publishing, Landauer Publishing via NetGalley
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I received an ARC of “Hand Quilting Techniques for Farmhouse Style” from NetGalley and Fox Chapel/Landauer Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

I live on my family’s farm in a log cabin and often, like today especially, it gets bitter cold. In fact, it’s below -8 degrees Fahrenheit. So when I saw Carolyn Forster’s “Hand Quilting Techniques for Farmhouse Style,” I knew that this book would be right up my alley. 

Although this book is only 128 pages in length, there is a lot to say about it. Some people may only be interested in the patterns, and for those people, Forster has included eleven (11) projects. Several of those projects are quilts, with my absolute favorite pattern being ‘Winding Ways Quilt’ followed closely by the ‘French Linen Quilt’ pattern. However, the author also includes smaller projects like ‘Coffee Cup Cozies’ for beginners just starting out or other experienced quilters who are hesitant to start a much larger quilt-sized project.

I’lll be completely honest with you: I am a machine sewer. Keep in mind that I quilt all of my handmade quilts using a *small* home sewing machine, NOT a longarm machine. Why? Because it gets cold and I need quilts fast! In the past, I’ve attempted to hand quilt, but the project seemed never ending. 

When I first started quilting, I would only piece the quilt tops and take them to longarm quilters. It was a waste of money. They used the same small stitches,  but spaced the stitches 6” apart. The result was always horrible; the quilt lasted for about a year before falling apart. But Forster isn’t telling readers to do this. The author tells readers to use bigger, heavier stitches instead, including using heavier threads.

One of the best things about this book is that it is picture-excellent and includes step-by-step directions and pictures of each step. Even more impressive, Forster includes directions for a variety of different stitches that quilters can use, along with images of what the stitches look like when finished. This book includes all of the processes of basting, quilting, and different forms of binding, along with directions hand-tying quilt knots.

I would recommend this book to everyone, especially those just beginning to sew, but also more experienced quilters. After years of quilting, I realized that there were some stitches that I didn’t know about. I feel confident now about getting back into hand quilting. As I stated earlier, I tried to hand quilt a project; I ended up putting it aside. Using the larger, heavier stitches—but keeping the quilting relatively close together—I know that I can quilt it quickly and get it done.
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This book is about making utility quilts, those with simpler designs and often bigger stitches, meant to be functional rather than ornamental, and the added benefit of being able to complete them more quickly. That is not to say that the creativity brought to these patterns or quilting is lacking in any way. These quilts are meant to be used, not framed and admired.

Carolyn Forster does an admirable job of presenting a LOT of information in a relatable way and the book is filled with pictures and illustrations that show what is being taught. If you're looking to start quilting or already quilt and want to add a new book to your library, I recommend you look into this book. I believe you'll find just what you're looking for!

My thanks to Landauer Press for allowing me to read the book via NetGalley. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and are freely given.
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I've been quilting for over 20 years now and taught patchwork classes before I transitioned to high school teaching. While I am typically a machine quilter, I love the hand-quilting style and have done a few quilts in this way. This book would be an excellent introduction to hand-quilting for anyone who is a beginner to intermediate quilter and wants to try something new. I loved the comprehensive guide to all things basting, hand-quilting, and binding which is perfect for someone who wants one book they can use as a reference for it all. All the methods included were things that I've taught or seen other quilters teach so very happy to recommend. The 11 projects were also lovely. I'm definitely going to make the Courthouse Step quilt, and the French Linen Quilt reminds me of traditional Amish quilts I've seen so naturally that is also on my to-do list. Thank you for adding another two projects to my ever-growing project list!! 

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I love this book, with lots of information and beautifully illustrated, one is well on their way to hand quilting a fabulous quilt. These days everyone want quick - craft are not things one make quickly, they are to slow us down, to enjoy our creativity and put a lot of love into our creation. 
Techniques are fully explained, patterns are illustrated as are beautiful hand stitching. This is a very large book and covers a lot of the skills required to make a handmade item. For those that would like to do hand quilting, but are novices, there are small projects at the end of the book, to learn by making small and simple items to start with.
Fabulous book.  Thanks you NetGalley and the publishers for the DRC
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Interesting information with a nod to old fashioned quilts from days gone by.  Detailed descriptions and awesome photographs.  The book is divided into the following sections:

Introduction - “Utility quilting gets the job done.”

Getting Started - Supplies 
 Preparing to Quilt Supplies
Marking Supplies
Binding Supplies
Stitching Supplies

Preparing to Quilt - A variety of basting ideas.  She refers to three different systems for basting and includes detailed information and photos.

Utility Quilting Designs - Excellent photos and instructions including how to make the templates for quilting the design.

The Stitches - Detailed photos and instructions that also references tying a quilt.

Binding and Other Edge Finish Techniques - Photos and instructions that will help any quilter visual finishing techniques.

Projects - Eleven different projects with instructions and photos are included in the book.  My favorites were the Utility Pouch Project and I really loved the Winding Way Quilt which is an excellent way to use novelty fabric.

Overall, if you enjoy quick quilts and quilting, this book is for you.  

My review is voluntary and all comments and opinions expressed are 
my own.
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This has amazing tips and tricks and it is very easy to understand all of the steps of all of the projects!
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I’m more in the novice and new to quilting category. I believe this book is more suited to quilters with more moderate and above quilting experience. It’s a beautiful book with lots of diagrams and I enjoyed the historical references. Will love to come back to it in the future when I have more quilting experience to better follow along with some of the techniques and patterns.
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I've been an avid quilter for over 15 years and made well over 100 quilts. Any chance to check out a new quilting book is a chance I'm going to take. Hand quilting isn't something I've tried yet, but definitely something on my radar. The author presented several techniques and methods to try and recommended a lot of good notions. (Some of which I might just want to try anyway!) I do feel like there were places in the book where the author shifted from writing for a beginning quilter to an intermediate quilter and then back again, but that's the only issue I could see! Lovely Book.
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Hand Quilting Techniques for Farmhouse Style is a book full of tips  and techniques for quilting by hand or simulating the look by machine.  It appears that this enables you to get a result faster than the normal tiny quilt stitching previously used.  This is great for mindfulness and relaxation.  There are 11 projects in all and the instructions are step by step, very clear and illustrated. If you have been piecing and quilting for a while this book is not for you.  If you are starting your journey this book is worth a look. 
Thank you to the author, Fox Chapel Publishing, Landauer Publishing and NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I am a modern utility quilter, always have been and probably always will be. I did not know this until I read this book. I am a fan of straight lines, simple curves and big stitches . My sewing machine is my go to for finishing all my quilts because usually I am on a time crunch for gift giving. The only time I ever hand quilt is if it is a mini-quilt. As an experienced quilter, there is no absolute way of doing anything. It’s an expression of our creativity when you piece a quilt top and then decide how to quilt it. I found this book to be a great source for threads, big-stitch patterns and overall knowledge for utility hand quilting. I love the sections on making your own templates and the tips given along the way. The photos are helpful and the instructions are clear and understandable. There are a lot of examples which has sparked my creative mojo and I am going to give this a try on a future quilt.

I would definitely recommend this book and plan on purchasing it after release date.


A huge thank you to Net Galley, Fox Chapel Publishing and Landauer Publishing for the opportunity to read this ARC! All opinions are my own.
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Easy to understand and has a ton of descriptive pictures to show you what to do. Makes quilting seem so easy and fun! Just follow these tutorials and you’ll have a ton of new hand quilting stitches to use!
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A technique quilting book for hand quilters. Eleven projects and step by step photos. Lots of tips for stitching, basting and finishing quilts.
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Hand Quilting Techniques for Farmhouse Style is a beautiful book full of tips  and techniques for creating quilts by hand.  There are a number of lovely projects to put your new skills into action.  The style enables you to get a result quite quickly and it is a lovely mesmerising skill to learn.  Perfect for relaxation and mindfulness. 
 There are 11 projects in all and the instructions are step by step, very clear and illustrated.  The perfect gift book for crafty people.
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