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This one was ok, but it wasn’t the book I was hoping for. I absolutely loved her first book which was a supernatural-mystery-suspense novel and this one is more of a domestic thriller with a lot of romance (very different vibe). 

It reminded me a bit of The It Girl by Ruth Ware with the toxic relationship between the two girls. The story focuses around the friendship of Thomas, Scarlett and Hannah and this daring game that the three of them started in college that gets very out of hand. It’s told through a past and present timeline from Hannah’s perspective.

It was a decent read and if you like a thriller with romance and a messy main character then this one might be for you.
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This one was a solid thriller.  The chemistry between Hannah and Thomas hooked me, and then the mysterious plot kept me around.  I really liked the whole thing.  The second half got a little wonky, but otherwise, a good solid read.
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This is one of those books where you hate every character, they're all doing horrible things to get themselves in these situations and the deserve what they're getting. I was hooked from the beginning! I read this in two sittings (dumb work getting in the way of my reading time).
As for the twists, I was able to figure most of them out, so no big surprises there. There are multtimes the characters could have stopped when they were doing and got help, but kept doing what they were doing. 
Trust no one in the book. 
A new to me thriller author, and one I'll definitely need to read more of.

Thanks NetGalley for the arc.
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I didn't like anyone in this book. Hannah, the main character, is despicable and pretends she cares about being a good mother, but she gets herself in so much trouble that it really doesn't seem like she can be all that concerned about her family. Her husband Evan is basically abusive with the way he treats her and speaks to her. Hannah's college friends, Thomas and Scarlett have no morals and make terrible choices throughout the book. Add in an obnoxious busybody neighbor and you basically have the majority of the characters. 

I agree with another reviewer who said the plot was a bit juvenile as far as the dares went. The whole book was pretty slow yet the end seemed rushed with a bunch of action just thrown together. And I don't want to spoil anything but I thought it was really bizarre to say she wanted to leave her childhood home due to the memories, considering where she ended up. 

Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Thank you Crooked Line for this alc. It was an interesting listening. I loved and felt all good and bad with the main character. I was nor expecting the end at all. I love dual timlines and this was really done so good. Love makes the world goes around and here was really a vivid demonstration about it. How young people do all instinctivelly and point the finger to everyone else. It was a nightmaire so a perfrct thriller.
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Sure, it’s all fun and games….until it turns deadly!

Hannah and Scarlett were best of friends when Thomas attached himself to the duo. Quickly the three became inseparable. Their favorite pastime was playing their daring game. After one dare too many, Thomas is expelled from school, breaking up the trio.

Now years later Hannah and Scarlett have moved on in their lives. When out of nowhere, Hannah receives a message from none other than Thomas….it’s game time! But this time someone is playing them!

This was just an ok read for me. I found the game itself to be a bit juvenile, giving the book a rather YA feel. Not my cuppa!

I was hoping for something a bit darker and more sinister rather than childish games and (view spoiler)🤷🏻‍♀️

There are many positive reviews for this book so perhaps it’s just a case of “it’s just me”.

Thank you to NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books.
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Don't You Dare is a fast-paced psychological thriller set around a game of dare between three university friends with challenges that are taken to extremes and eventually the game goes horribly wrong. Sixteen years later, two of the trio reunite but the reverberations from the fateful night that broke them apart continue to impact the friends. 

This is an intense and unputdownable read that felt like I was rubbernecking at a horrific accident. You know the feeling. You don't want to look. You know it's going to be disturbing, but you just can't help but be curious. This story, told in two timelines - the university years when Thomas, Scarlett and Hannah first meet and sixteen years later when forces bring them back together, with dire consequences. 

The story is filled with unreliable and unlikeable characters and is a compelling and intense page-turner. Unhealthy and questionable relationships abound within an intense story that includes a surprising amount of spicy sex scenes. Filled with nosy neighbours, a creepy lurker and many secrets, readers will question the motives and intentions of this cast of morally questionable characters. And while I guessed the identity of the culprit midway, Hamilton keeps the tension high and kept me madly turning the pages. 

This thriller has a Desperate Housewives vibe with its setting, secrets and dysfunctional relationships that will cause readers to question who is telling the truth and have them reading well past their bedtimes.

Disclaimer: My sincere thanks to Crooked Lane Books for my advanced copy which was provided in exchange for my honest review.
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I was pulled into this book by the synopsis but entirely hooked by the first few chapters. Jessica's storytelling is impeccable, making for an addictive and risqué read.

Hannah and Scarlett meet Thomas in college. Their chemistry is palpable from the beginning and they grow closer and closer as they play the Daring Game. Sixteen years later, Hannah is unhappy in her life and marriage when Thomas reappears in her life, seeking to play the Daring Game. Sparks fly between them, until one day they're welcomed back to where it all began by a single dare to tell the truth. 

DON'T YOU DARE is a fast-paced, compelling read with characters that are gritty, flawed and hiding many secrets making each of them hard to trust. I really enjoyed getting this story in solely Hannah's POV, both past and present. 

The thriller aspect of the novel is dark, twisted and ultimately very well done, keeping me in question of what may truly be at hand and who may be responsible. I had some ideas but was still surprised by the big reveal! 

I will say that I was surprised at the erotic romance aspect of this novel as I was truly not expecting it. Very well executed (and super sexy!). 

As my first experience with Jessica's writing, I am thoroughly impressed and confident that it won't be my last!

<i>I would like to thank Netgalley and the publisher, Crooked Lane Books, of this advanced digital copy for the opportunity to read this novel in exchange for an honest review! All opinions shared are my own.</i>
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Hannah,  Scarlett, and Thomas are college friends. They play the Daring Game. The Daring Game is a game of dares . Thomas ends up expelled from college because of dare. This book is told in 2 timelines, now and in college. 16 years have passed and Thomas reaches out to Hannah. This book was ok, but I didn't like any of the characters. I received an advanced readers copy and all opinions are my own.
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She’s fast becoming one of my favorite authors! This is by far my new favorite of hers! This book will love with you long after you finish reading!
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Don't You Dare was just OK for me. I felt like the self-medicated narrator is just a tad overdone anymore. It was just not my cup of tea and it fell flat.
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⭐️: 3/5

In college, best friends Hannah and Scarlett meet Thomas, and together the trio grow closer and closer as they play “The Daring Game”, where they each dare one another to do riskier and riskier things, until the game ends in tragedy. Now an unhappily married mother of two, Hannah gets a note from Thomas, who is back in town and wanting to reconnect and resurrect The Daring Game. Soon, both of them start getting notes from someone else who seems to know about everything they do, and Hannah is left with the questions of who they are and what they want.

If I were an alpha reader instead of an ARC reader for this one, I’d have a lot of comments (you’re in upstate New York, why are you talking in kilometers? What human person doesn’t know what goldfish crackers are??), but due to the circumstances, I’ll hold in most of those type of comments. The beginning of this book didn’t start off particularly strong for me, because I’ll be honest, the trope of the bored, sad, housewife who drinks too much with a controlling, derisive husband is overdone in my opinion. It sets up a predictable narrative that was exciting to read the first few times, but now nobody is surprised when what inevitably happens, happens. This may also be a me thing, due to the books I’ve read recently, but why is it that every FMC’s dream in life is to write a novel? Is everyone a writer?? Anyway, I did think that the time switching between past and present was done well and in an effective way to further the plot and the characters, even if there was something a little off about the pacing with the present storyline. All of the storylines were wrapped up well, if unbelievably, by the end as well, which I always appreciate in a thriller. Also, I just realized that this makes two books now that I’ve read in the past week that dated the present storyline before COVID, I’m assuming to just avoid allll of that, which, you know, I support 💁🏻‍♀️

Thank you to @netgalley and @crookedlanebooks for this eARC in exchange for my honest review!
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5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 

Hannah, Scarlett, and Thomas are best friends in college. To keep things fun and interesting, they make up the Daring Game, where each dare is crazier than the last. Both the dares and their friendships cross the line, and jealousy and secrets quickly develop—especially when sparks begin to fly between Thomas and Hannah. Angry, Scarlett issues Thomas a dare that leads to tragedy and his expulsion from school. It seems like the Daring Game is finally over.

Sixteen years later, Hannah is unhappily married. She receives a letter from Thomas referencing the Daring Game and her life is flipped upside down. Old sparks begin to fly between the pair once more, and their renewal of the game leads to an illicit affair. Then one day, they receive a mysterious letter daring them ”to tell the truth.” Someone else has joined the game and knows about their affair. Who is it, and what will the consequences be this time? 

I really enjoyed this book! I could not put it down. The stories in both the past and the present are so good, allowing you to slowly piece together the whole picture. I also like when psychological thrillers add some spice, and the author definitely captured that with Thomas and Hannah’s dark and sexy relationship.

This is one of very few 5 star books that I’ve read so far in 2023. Do yourself a favor and put this one on your TBR list! 

Thank you to NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this ARC in exchange for an honest opinion.
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Thank you Netgalley & Crooked Lane Books for an eARC of Don't you Dare by Jessica Hamilton! Did I binge this book on a red-eye flight, avoiding sleep that was very much needed? I freaking LOVED this book.

Besties Hannah & Scarlett meet Thomas in college - and the chemistry is something that you see in movies. To keep things interesting in their already strange trio dynamic, they come up with the Daring Game, and each dare is riskier than the last. What begins as a platonic trio quickly crosses the line into something deeper, leading to jealousy, secrets and tension galore. A final dare leads to tragedy and a suspension from school. Sixteen years later, nobody has heard from Thomas since.

Okay, STOP THERE! That storyline would've been enough to keep me going - LOVED how this storyline rolled out in the "past" chapters, but there's another half of this novel that happens at the same time. 

Sixteen years after, Hannah is married - unhappily. When she receives a mysterious letter about the Daring Game from Thomas - her life completely flips upside down, quickly. It quickly becomes clear that not only are she and Thomas playing the game again, but something more is going on. 

This book gives it all:
-Neighborhood drama (Love those nosy neighbors)
-Past and present chapters, unraveling two stories at once - Adulthood & college life
-Lies, jealousy, complications of friendship
-Love & affairs - A dabble in a throuple -Suspense with some spice - Wowza

To be honest, I wasn't expecting what I got out of this book, but absolutely loved it. I think the entire synopsis gives a lot away re: the plot, so I recommend going into this one blindly and enjoying :) This will sure be a hot spring & summer hit for 2023!
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It's gonna be a no from me. Too raunchy. I don't really think that works unless you like reading smut and that's not what I expected or wanted from this so I didn't finish.
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Sorry this book is not for me. Way too much sex for a thriller. The characters are so unlikeable and I am kinda over the woman being the pass out drunk character.  Just not something that I am enjoying but I see plenty of others who have.
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This had an intriguing premise & was a book that I was looking forward to reading, but it just left me frustrated.  I normally enjoy books with dual timelines, unlikeable characters and unreliable narrators, but the combination of all three in this book just did not work for me this time.  I didn’t feel like any of the characters had anything redeemable about them - stalkers, manipulators, busybodies, psychopaths, gaslighters, cheaters, liars; they’re all such top quality people.  All of this is told from Hannah’s perspective, someone who self-mediates with alcohol just to get through the day.  We see her make one bad call after another in both timelines, which does not end well for her or anyone around her.  I found the ending to be disappointing as I felt that so much build up had been focused in one direction and then it swung into another.  Unfortunately, this book just did not work for me at all.
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Thank you NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books for the copy of Don't You Dare by Jessica Hamilton. The premise was alluring - Hannah and Thomas reunite 16 years after Thomas is kicked out of college because of a dare gone wrong.Their college romance was complicated by Scarlett, but now Scarlett is miles away. Even though she is married with kids, Hannah embarks on a flirtation with Thomas. They resume a college game of The Daring Game, which might have been okay when they were in school, but didn’t really make sense now they are adults.
Hannah was not a likable MC. She drank so much and neglected her family and home so it was hard to care about her, especially when she was so clueless about Thomas.  Her husband Evan was cold and distant and it was impossible to warm up to him. Scarlett, who we mostly see in college, was conniving and a bully. Thomas is a manipulative tormentor. They were all so unappealing I couldn’t wait for the book to end. Throw in the unexpected and gratuitous spiciness and this book was an uncomfortable read. If you love books where a lot happens with a couple of twists, you will like this book. I needed a more believable story and at least one character I didn’t despise. 2.5 stars rounded up to 3.
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I was excited to receive and read the ARC of Don’t You Dare after thoroughly enjoying What You Never Knew. But I was disappointed as I got into DYD since it’s about as far from WYNK as you can get. 

Summary: Sex. Lots of it. I’m not a prude but sheesh it almost felt like soft core. NOT AT ALL what I was expecting. 

At first I commiserated a little with Hannah - a middle aged mom in the throes of parenthood and marriage.  But by the end of the book I hated all the characters. 

Hannah is out of control.  Scarlett is a psycho.  Evan is emotionally abusive. Thomas is manipulative. the neighbors all suck and the storyline is predictable if you put thought to it. It is fast paced and I did keep reading bc there is enough to make you question if you figured it out correctly.  But you did, in the end.
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Hannah and Scarlett have been best friends since their youth. They went to the same college and in their sophomore year, they met Thomas. He was the only person able to break into their circle of friendship - and pushed it even further and deeper. They played a dangerous game, The Daring Game, that ended their friendship and something even worst.

Now, years later, Hannah is a stay at home mom, in a terrible marriage, whose only pleasure is her nightly bottle of wine and a good book. She and Scarlett are 'friends' but really online only. When Thomas returns, The Daring Game starts again, until is goes further than before.

This is a good, quick thriller - about the dangers of youth and the power of revenge. Jessica Hamilton was able to write an exciting plot, with a mystery and a line of romance that keeps things spicy.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for the opportunity to read and review.
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