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Baby Dragon's Big Sneeze

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The Little Dragon didn’t mean to burn their houses, but he was sick and couldn’t control his sneezing, which caused a chaotic situation. He didn’t know what to do to make amends. It would take a brave little soul to find out the reason why. This story showed empathy and the love of friendship.
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What a wonderful little tale of how anyone can be friends and help each other. This was a great story my littles were eager to hear. We loved the flowing rhymes and heartwarming story. The story shows how we can be misunderstood and when we communicate wonderful things can happen. Amazing writing and beautiful illustrations complete this adorable story.
I highly recommend this to any parent or early childhood teacher.
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Baby Dragon doesn't breathe fire...he sneezes it! This lively, rhyming story, something of a twist on classic dragons-burn-it-all-down stories, shows young readers a different side of the story—in this case, a young dragon who needs care rather than blame. With help, he's able to get over his cold...and return the favor by helping the townspeople rebuild.

The illustrations are colorful and with plenty of detail for young kids to examine. The verse is not my favorite (the rhymes are solid, but the meter is a bit hit or miss), but the messages of compassion and collaboration (and covering your mouth when you sneeze!) run a strong thread throughout the story. I love that the story makes fireproof tissues a thing...and who can fail to sympathize with a sick baby dragon?

Thanks to the author and publisher for providing a review copy through NetGalley.
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Baby Dragon's Big Sneeze is about a little dragon who has a cold. He sneezes and sets the town on fire. He apologizes, and the townspeople help him get better. He helps the town rebuild. Then they have a celebration feast!

This is a fun book to teach young kids about empathy. The dragon is adorable, and the little girl from the town is so nice to him after she realizes he's sick. The illustrations in this book are so cute! Great book for young readers!

Thanks Netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to review this eARC in exchange for my honest review on the book!
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Thank you netgalley for the e-ARC.
I read this with my 2 and 3 year olds who enjoyed it very much as they are currently obsessed with dragons and dinosaurs. They were very sad that the poor dragon didn't have his mummy or daddy with him.
This is a very sweet story about a poorly dragon who sneezes and accidentally destroys a town. It ends with the townspeople helping the dragon get better, him helping them get better and remaining with them as friends.
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My son said he really liked the book and that the dragon was very cute. Very fitting as he has a cold right now
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We loved this a great story and the pictures were great too. My daughter really loved the dragon and how all the village came together to help him, it was a really good message behind the story.
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This book was so adorable, I loved everything about it, the illustrations were so well done, they suited the book perfectly, the story was amazing as well, even thought is very short I could really connect with the characters and feel theirs struggles.
I’m sure the kids are going to be just as enthralled with this amazing book as I was. 
I will definitely recommend! 

Thank you netgalley and the publisher for this early copy
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Baby Dragon's Big Sneeze is the delightful tale of what happens when a small, lonely Dragon gets sick, and accidentally burns down several houses as a result of an inopportune sneeze.

Unfortunately, the Dragon hatched by himself in a cave and has no parents to look after him. So when the villagers become angry at what they perceive to be wanton destruction on his part, it's lucky that a little girl goes to find out why he would do something so dreadful. 

After the Dragon has explained the problem to her, they are able - through compassion and mutual support - to come up with a solution that works for everyone. 

I love that this little book also does a great job of telling the story in rhyme - something that is often attempted, without taking sufficient care, by children's story writers. This is a creative and heartwarming tale with cute illustrations that children belonging to the target age group will love.
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This is a fantastic book, which teaches about forgiveness, teamwork, friendship and empathy.     

The story is about a  baby dragon who sneezes because he has a cold and accidentally burns down buildings troughout the town. This causes the townspeople to be angry and seek revenge, until alittle girl comes to see the dragon and when he tells her he is sick, she gets the townspeople to help him. They help him in a lot of sweet ways, which is just so cute and loving. Afterwards, he repays them in his own way for helping him to get well again.

I highly recommend this book,  It is so beautiful and heartwarming!
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My son thought this was such a cute story. He felt so bad for baby dragon having a cold because he knows how it feels to be miserable and didn't like that the people were mad at him at first! haha. I would definitely recommend this cute story to parents of young ones they will get a kick out of it!
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This was an adorable book for toddlers. I feel like my son didn’t really stay focused on what I was saying but he did love the illustrations. It was nice to hear people overcome their hate to realize the dragon wasn’t as bad as they thought.
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We really enjoyed this story and we’re able to pick out some rhyming words. The beautiful illustrations provided us with more discussion points too. A great book for youngsters about being friendly and caring for others.
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This was a sweet little rhyming story with cute illustrations. I found it to be the perfect length, not too long or short, for both of my kids to be interested throughout before becoming preoccupied with something else (as is the way with young kids).
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**I received a galley in exchange for review. Opinions are my own.**

Although sometimes the rhythm doesn't quite fit, I still thought this was a cute read.

This book being so cute is unfortunate, because the publisher/author (same people) kept emailing me because I hadn't reviewed it yet -- after I explained that I was homeless/doubling up and didn't have access to decent internet. That really tainted my experience, and so even though this book is cute...I prefer authors not to constantly be contacting me. It felt like an abuse of NetGalley's features and prevented me from wanting to review this book at all.

A single email with a PDF galley since the upload didn't work properly was all it took -- no need to send 10 emails thereafter, sometimes twice within 5 minutes of each other.
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Baby dragon has a cold and he is all alone, he sneezes and accidentally starts a fire.  I love the rhymes and the message about friendship, teamwork, and empathy.  This is a beautifully illustrated little book. This sweet story is a great conversation and activity starter.  Recommended!
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I received an ARC of “Baby Dragon’s Big Sneeze” from NetGalley, BooksGoSocial, and Be-Kind Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

This beautiful picture book was written by Sheryl Bass. The text uses rhyming and, unlike a lot of books, encourages the use of empathy. This is such an important concept for humans to learn. Unfortunately, so many people today lack this basic, nurturing quality.

When I realized that Bass had earned her MSW (Master of Social Work), this made me appreciate the book even more. My own mother earned her MSW LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker), and I know how important it is to introduce young children to empathy and other similar concepts. By doing so, kids can grow up to be adults with this quality instilled in them.

The world is a hateful place, but this PB shows young children that, sometimes, when bad things happen, that it’s not always a result of ill intentions, but can be accidental. When the dragon sneezed and burned down the town, it was an accident and the dragon felt remorse. Later, when Mirabelle arrived at his cave, she learned that the dragon was an orphan and was all alone.

What this book does is gives kids positive ideas. For example, after Mirabelle entered the cave, she didn’t try to solve the problem all by herself. Instead, she asked the king for help. By asking for help, Mirabelle quit being alone and got the assistance she needed. This book can help children realize that they themselves can do the same thing. Because of Mirabelle, the dragon not only got the help he needed (comfort, care, and friends), but he even became a participating member of the (human) community.

I can’t say enough how perfect this book is for our day and age. People around the world, and especially here in the US, are really angry. This PB teaches children to think about things first, to not jump to conclusions, and to ask others for help.

The author’s website (Be Kind Publishing) offers several items for kids to explore with their parents. Not only does it have 5 different coloring pages that can be downloaded for kids to color, but t also has a really cool book trailer.

I highly recommend this book not just for kids, but also for their caretakers (parents, grandparents, etc.). A book like this really needs to be made available in libraries in English-speaking countries everywhere.
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I enjoy this book as a child therapist because I am always looking for ways to teach the kids on my caseload about advocating for themselves and expressing when they are sick. This is the perfect book for the children on my caseload who are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. It’s an interactive and fun why for them to learn to new skills
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This was super cute.  My almost 9-year-old daughter enjoyed this very much.  The story is adorable and the illustrations are too.
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My grandkids love dragons, so this book was a perfect fit for them. A young dragon has a cold and what happens when a dragon sneezes? Exactly, he is a fire breathing dragon after all. When he accidentally burns down the village, the people want revenge. Dragon runs off to hide in his cave, scared about what is going to happen to him. One young girl knows dragon needs a chance and a friend. She goes to his cave and asks him what happened, and why he did what he did. When dragon shares that it was an accident and that he is sick, she goes to the townsfolk to get them to help, not hurt him. What happens next shows what friendship, acceptance and care is all about.

This is a wonderful children's picture book that teaches about caring, compassion, friendship and understanding are all about. It is always important to get both sides of the story and find out the other person's point of view. When I read this to my grandkids, we talked about putting ourselves in the dragon's shoes and finding out what happened before making a decision and doing something we might regret. I absolutely loved the illustrations in this books. They are large, vibrant and show a lot of emotion. The text has a nice rhyming cadence so it is easy to read aloud. My oldest grandson loved reading this to his siblings. I recommend this story to teachers trying to teach empathy, caring and acceptance. A great addition to public, school, class and family libraries.
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