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Unfortunate DNF, I should have expected a creepy twin stereotype when they said it was similar to bly manor, but this just felt very one note.
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So apparently Gothic Horror is a genre I am really into. I never really thought of myself as a horror person, especially when it comes to movies because my over active imagination keeps me awake and gives me nightmares, or maybe I am just maturing in my taste in books. But When I read Erin A. Craigs House of Salt and Sorrow I loved it thought maybe it was a one off, nope I really liked Horrid too. All the Dead Lie Down has been described as The Haunting of Bly Manor meets House of Salt and Sorrows. Hence why I brought the later up. I was amazed at the creepy vibe and was totally derailed by the story. Just when you think you got something figured out, like I thought maybe Alice Lovelace was a werewolf at some point (she’s not btw😉), the narrative takes a turn.

All the Dead Lie Down is Kyrie McCauley’s contemporary YA gothic romance about a dark family lineage, the ghosts of grief, and the lines we’ll cross for love. I recieved an arc from NetGally for a fair review. The book will be released on May 16, 2023 and if you are a fan of gothic horror or Erin A Craig’s I know you will love it so mark your calendars. Now I have to go read some of Kyrie’s other books!

So the synopsis :

Days after a tragedy leaves Marin Blythe alone in the world, she receives a surprising invitation from Alice Lovelace—an acclaimed horror writer and childhood friend of Marin’s mother. Alice offers her a nanny position at Lovelace House, the family’s coastal Maine estate.

Marin accepts and soon finds herself minding Alice’s peculiar girls. Thea buries her dolls one by one, hosting a series of funerals, while Wren does everything in her power to drive Marin away. Then Alice’s eldest daughter returns home unexpectedly. Evie Hallowell is every bit as strange as her younger sisters, and yet Marin is quickly drawn in by Evie’s compelling behavior and ethereal grace.

But as Marin settles in, she can’t escape the anxiety that follows her like a shadow. Dead birds appear in Marin’s room. The children’s pranks escalate. Something dangerous lurks in the woods, leaving mutilated animals in its wake. All is not well at Lovelace House, and Marin must unravel its secrets before they consume her.

I literally stopped reading this story for 2 days with only 10% of the story left because I didn’t want it to end. In that time my mind was reeling on all that had happened and what would happen in the end because as you imagine at 10% left you are smack in the middle of the climax. I stayed up until 2 am when my eyes were so bleary I couldn’t focus anymore reading this book.

Mourning Dove, Cabin Lake Viewing Blinds, Deschutes National Forest, Near Fort Rock, Oregon
All the Dead Lie Down is enthralling , masterful and top notch creepy! I loved every word of it. Definitely rating this one a 5 out of 5 stars from the first chapter to the bittersweet finale.
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This book was one of my most anticipated releases. I have always loved horror more than any other genre, but in recent years I haven't found the same spine tingling scares I found in my youth. I don't mind gore or slasher horror, but it isn't what I go looking for... so hearing this book was a creepy gothic horror had my heart fluttering. I am happy to say I was NOT disappointed. 

I really do not want to give anything away in this book because it is one which reveals itself and builds so organically that to have someone rip away any piece from the reader feels like a big book lover betrayal, so I'll keep this overview simple and leave you to discover the secrets and scares on your own. A young woman, Marin, takes on the position of babysitting two young sisters. The children in her care are sassy to say the very least, little monsters seems a bit more true. As a woman with two small boys, I can't imagine trying to handle the pranks of these children and still keeping myself collected. Some of these pranks seem rather innocent and some made my body shiver. The mother of these children are also connected to Marin, The children's mother is an author Marin adores (can you even begin to put yourself in those shoes... wondering around the estate of your most beloved author) and a friend of her own mother. The location is the perfect setting for a gothic feeling horror novel, a large estate with a seaside backdrop. During the entire novel, you know the scents of dust and salt water and old paper is just everywhere. I personally want there to be a genre just for this type of setting because it is a personal favorite. 

As the reader, we stick with Marin. We discover the skeletons in the closets right along with her. We only know as much as she knows and we become just as desperate for answers and solutions as our main character. For anyone wondering, Marin is a strong person who you will not be screaming at to try and make the right decision like in so many horror books. She is not the first to run to a creaking with no weapons in the dark, but she does find herself in some bad situations even though she tries her very best to think things through. 
This book is more than horror and I loved it so much more for it. We get horror and chills, but we also get a touch of romance and yearning. The author did a wonderful job taking us from chilling moments to heated moments without it ever feeling jarring. It felt like the author knew the reader may need a moment to warm themselves and give us something to focus on or root for in the darkest of times. 

This book has been compared to so many other horror novels or television series or movies, but while I can see how it relates to other materials, I think this book stands on its own. Plus, in most of the comparisons I hated how many lose ends those other books and things had. I am a reader who NEEDS answers. I do NOT enjoy vague open endings and this book rewards the reader with answers to all their questions and I love it. 

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys horror. If you're just falling into the genre, I also think this is an outstanding book to start your journey into the spooky since it isn't as dark as some of the other entries I've read recently. I would also recommend this to any reader who just enjoys a dark atmosphere because this book puts you into the gloomy estate and keeps you there. I plan to recommend this book to my library group and hope to have a read-a-long as soon as its released. Do I think it would be a wonderful Autumn read? Definitely. This book screams for a blanket, cup of honey filled tea, and a roaring fire, but I wouldn't tell a single reader to wait on this book. It is a book meant to be read as soon as you can get your hands on it.
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It pains me to write a not-so-fabulous review for Kyrie McCauley, because I really loved her other two books, "If These Wings Could Fly" and "We Could Be Heroes." Her first foray into horror, "All the Dead Lie Down," just didn't have the sustained suspense to keep me hooked.
There are some fantastically creepy moments in the first 10%- the braids and the dog's grave come to mind. But after that, the strangeness appeal flatlines. Especially when Evie arrives, we just get these tense scenes of familial interactions, but that does not a horror novel make.
And therein lies the rub (or the dead, pun intended)- McCauley is a phenomenal writer. Her prose are beautiful, and the remote Maine setting comes to misty life. But this is a horror novel- I need to be horrified. That just wasn't happening here. It also dabbles a bit into magical realism, which works well in McCauley's other novels, just not here.
Alas, I was hoping to love this. Still willing to read McCauley's next novel, whenever that is!
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**2.5 STARS**

I never read The Haunting of Bly Manor (but now I’m intrigued) but I did read House of Salt and Sorrows and loved it. This book was not what I expected. Here is what I thought:

+ Right away the cover gives off that this will be a creepy book and I’m here for it. Marin moves into the house of her mom’s friend, Alice, an author with three daughters. Marin’s mom died so she’s alone and so she is now the nanny to Thea and Wren. The girls, especially Wren – are creepy. The writing is atmospheric and I got the gothic vibes for sure.

+ I was definitely kept guessing throughout the book. And there were weird and gross things like finding teeth in clams, or the girls cutting their hair and saving it in a chest and of course the dead animals around the property. If I was Marin, I would have left the moment Wren tried to feed me poisonous berries as a test lol.

+~ The lgbt+ romance was a sweet one – Marin and Evie complimented one another and they bonded through their grief. Marin lost her mother and Evie, her father. But I also felt like it didn’t work for me. I was caught up in trying to figure out what was going on at the Lovelace estate instead of wanting to read a romance happening.

~ The main reason this story didn’t work for me was to slow in the first half and it just lost my attention. I also failed to connect to any of the characters.

~ I’m probably not the right audience for this book or it was due to me not being in the mood to read it that I didn’t really enjoy it.

Tropes: creepy secluded house

Why you should read it:
*you like gothic mystery and horror
*the theme of grief

Why you might not want to read it:
*too slow for me

My Thoughts:

The beginning was too slow for me to get invested into the story but I did think the writing was atmospheric and brought the creepy vibes. This one didn’t work out for me but I think if you like gothic horror and mystery, you will enjoy this one a lot especially in the second half of the book.
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I was so excited to receive this ARC from Netgalley and it did not disappoint!!! I couldn’t put it down!!! So creepy and so good!
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This is definitely a slow burn for the first half, and I was really worried I wasn't going to like it, even though it was one of my most anticipates. While it was not quite a five star for me, the second half of the book was so unsettling, fast paced, and just a good spooky time that I ended up loving the book. 

I have not read any of McCauley's other books, but I do know that this is a new genre for her. She truly excels in it, and I would pick up a second horror book from her without question. 

The exploration of grief in this as well as the anxiety representation were really great.
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I am typically not one for horror based books but I LOVED this one.  I started just before I went to bed and I had to make myself go to bed to finish it when I woke up.  There are so many different little events that pop up throughout the book that truly surprised me.

Marin accepts an offer to look over 2 children after her own mother passed in exchange for room and board.  The children's mother, Alice, had known Marin's mother when they were younger and Marin needed a place to live. Alice was also a well known author and she needed the children taken care of so she could focus on her novels.  Marin accepts as she is a teenager herself with little to no money.  The girls try to scare Marin by pranking her by doing creepy things in efforts to get her to leave.  Eventually their older sister, the same age as Marin, Evie returns.  Instead of making her leave their mom insists that she stays and share the responsibility with Evie and to help Evie with her studies.  As Marin adjusts to life at Lovelace her anxiety bolsters with each passing day as curious events occur.  From dead birds in her room to mutilated animals in the woods, things are off about Lovelace House and it's residents.

Grief is a huge theme in this book as both Marin and the girls had recently lost someone.
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If you are looking for a spooky story then this one fits the bill.  I loved how this was dark and creepy and I think that readers are going to fall for this one hard.  The sapphic romance was perfect for this plot, it built up a lot of tension as the story unfolded and I loved every page.
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This gothic, creepy tale is a different genre for Kyrie McCauley.  There is a lot of comparison to Bly Manor and a focus on the house with the hype of the book, which doesn’t fit.  I kept looking for the house to do something, which lead me looking for the wrong thing.  The focus should be on the characters.  There is a lot of development in the beginning and the real eeriness begins towards the second half.  The romance was not for me.  If one has a life-or-death mystery to solve stopping for romance isn’t logical (or romantic).  This romance felt like an interruption to the story.  Otherwise I would’ve been all into horror of a tale.
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As soon as I read reviews on good reads that it's similar to The Haunting of Bly Manor, I knew I had to read it. The first chapter introduces the 2 girls Marin would look after and the bird in her room, this is how to set up a good horror atmosphere. The pranks these girls pull on Marin are a bit extreme (the pile of braided hair and the poisonous berry which they said was edible.) I would've quit right then and there. The clams with the teeth inside them, I knew things were about to get even creepier soon. As the book went on, it did start to slow down and there were creepy/eerie moments but they were few and far between. The dead birds in the cemetery, the clams with human teeth instead of a pearl, Evie's gift. Overall it was a decent slow burn but the ending was intense in the best way possible. Using Evie's gift on Charles and Alice showing her true intentions about that and using Thea to do so.
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I am a sucker for a good Gothic Horror and this book DELIVERED. The horrifying elements paired with the sweet, sapphic romance was the perfect balance for a YA read. It had the old tropes that I adore but some fun new twists as well and was exactly what I wanted it to be when I first heard about it. I have been talking non-stop about this book and can't wait for it to hit shelves so I can convince people to pick it up!
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This was hands down one of the best books I've read recently. Every time I thought I had something figured out I was completely wrong. I loved the voice and flow, the snippits of Alice's work at the start which you need to read, they add another level to the story overall. Wren and Thea are cute (once you get to a certain point) and Marin and Evie were adorable to watch fall in love. Wren and Thea's 'mom and dad are fighting' scene was so cute and probably one of my favorites because it was a nice respite from all the creepy supernatural stuff going on and showed how much they wanted their sister to be happy.
How McCauley handled and describes grief in this is probably the best I've seen most recently. Each person dealt with their own grief, for the Lovelace women it was for a lost husband and father, for Marin it was her mother. But no one's grief was the same and everyone was dealing with it differently. 
Overall just an amazing read, it does deal with some heavy themes and is incredibly creepy, but still a very beautiful story of how love and grief go hand in hand and how love can either help heal grief, or make it worse.
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Thank you Netgalley and the publishers for sending and allowing me to read this book. 
Wow! I absolutely loved this, the authors writing is fantastic! 5 stars.
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"And I don't know about you, but I'd rather spend my time caring for the living than fearing the dead"

Besides just providing this awesome quote, All the Dead Lie Down was an incredible read...once you get to about the 50% mark. The first half of the book really does just feel like a slight alteration of the Haunting of Bly Manor, it was hard to stay into it, but that 50% percent mark really changed my whole opinion on the book. I thought McCauley did a great job showing different ways grief impacts feelings but also bringing in a supernatural/fantasy aspect. Even the twist about 80% did actually leave me shocked. My other gripe with this book, besides the slow build up at first, is just the relationship between Marin and Evie. They are both so young but the relationship seems so quick and a little unrealistic. But barring the things I mentioned, I think this a great spoopy read with some fun aspects! 

I am requesting that my Library purchase this book to add to their collections upon the release of this book.
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I really really loved #AllTheDeadLieDown. 
Marin Blythe has just lost all that mattered in her world. Due to a horrible train crash that claimed the life of her mother Marin is now adrift. She receives a letter that turns out to be a lifeline. The famous horror author Alice Lovelace who happened to be a childhood friend of Marin's mother has asked her to come and live with them in exchange of taking care of Alice's young daughters who recently lost their father to drowning.
After arriving at the Lovelace home and meeting Alice Lovelace and the girls Thea and Wren it doesn't take long for Marin to wonder exactly what she has gotten herself into.
Wren seems to hate her and just wants her gone, Alice practicallly haunts her own home when she isn't locked away writing and neglecting her own kids and sweet little Thea likes to take her dolls into the woods and bury them complete with a funeral in a very old cemetery. Several strange things begin to take place and Wren takes it upon herself to ask her older sister Evie to come home.
Wren is completely entranced by Evie and finds herself slowly falling for her. But something in Lovelace is rotten, dark, and dead. Marin keeps finding dead birds in her room that now and then seem to manage to suddenly not be dead anymore. Evie seems to be hiding something about herself. Marin has no place to go and no one to turn too. Will she make it out of Lovelace alive?

Many Thanks to #Netgalley for the oppertunity to read #AllTheDeadLieDown by #KyrieMcCauley
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I loved this book! I would read this over and over again. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a crazy wild ride of a book.
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This book was really interesting and I liked the story itself. The writing was great and I felt like it had a nice flow. The magic/mystical aspect was good, too. I liked the eeriness and horror aspects, but I didn’t care for the characters, so I couldn’t get sucked in.
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Rating: 4 stars

Solid gothic horror/mystery. Loved the subtle homages to so many horror classics (Yellow Wallpaper, The Shining, Tell-Tale Heart, and countless others). The horror elements were outstanding throughout and I found the story to be gripping! Each little sprinkling of the mystery unraveling itself was so well done. Can't wait to read more from this author.
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This was really absorbing.

Marin takes a job nannying two young girls, in the home of a famed horror novelist, Alice, the childhood friend of her late mother. The girls are odd in their owns ways, especially when they try to kill her…

Something is really off at this coastal estate and it is only more evident when Alice’s oldest daughter returns home from school.

Marin and the oldest daughter, Evie have an immediate pull to one another and it’s enough to distract her from the absurdity of these young girls and their antics. But, it doesn’t change the strange air around the house and the dead animals that deep turning up.

I adored this book. I loved the little girls, in spite of their strangeness. The story takes some crazy twists and turns and ultimately left me on the edge of my seat. Secrets and death lurk around every corner and Marin might not be safe… none of them are safe…
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