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What Happens in the Ballroom

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This book was so good. There was banter, there was steam, there was funny situations. Complex, intense characters heat up the pages with scintillating love scenes amid the intrigue. Jeffries continues to impress, and romance fans will eagerly await the next book.
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I have loved Sabrina Jeffries for what feels like forever! I read the first book in this series, A Duke For Diana and I couldn't wait for this book about Eliza! I do think you need to read the first book in the series before you read this one because the characters and storyline does carry over. 

I loved it! I expected it to start off slow, but it didn't! I loved Eliza and that she was an independent woman. It took me a minute to warm up to Nathaniel mainly because of the "secret" he carries around. It's a big secret no doubt, but it just dragged and dragged for no good reason lol. 

Anyhoo, this was a solid romance novel read.  I would definitely recommend.

Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC. All opinions are my own.
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I really, really liked What Happens in the Ballroom!  It is a great read!  
Sabrina Jeffries takes us back to the three plucky young women who branched out on their own and created Elegant Occasions, where they plan events (how fun, especially regency events!) and help ease other young women into ton social events.  In this book, we get sister #2, Eliza.  I really adored Eliza-- her independence, efficiency and her love of music really charmed me.  I wasn't as big of a fan of Nathaniel, and that's because he had too many secrets and problems with the truth, but it goes with the story so I did feel like by the end I could like him more.  I did wish his break was a little harder, and a little longer.  But I did enjoy Eliza and Nathaniel's chemistry together, him loving Eliza made me begrudgingly like him.  
The story, the dialogue was entertaining, snappy and I loved reading the story!  I was late to an event because I could not tear myself away from this book!  
I was super excited to get What Happens in the Ballroom as an ARC, because I really enjoy Sabrina Jeffries and I loved the first in this series, A Duke for Diana.  I think I have this book on preorder, but it had a different name, which I think I liked better after reading this one and taking into account the title of the first book in the series.  Small quibble though, the title nor the time did not take away from my enjoyment in reading this book.  The timeline in this book from the previous book was a little confusing as well, because it seems to me like Eliza's husband being deceased for 3 years and Diana being married for only a few months seems off from the previous book? Maybe this is a pre-published book issue and once published it will be fixed, but if not I don't think in any way it takes away from the story-- which was a lot of fun to read.
I highly recommend What Happens in the Ballroom, and the whole series in general!  Kudos to Sabrina Jeffries for another great book!  I cannot wait for Verity's book!
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So I read this book in one day. I absolutely could not put it down. I carried my Kindle around with me while I did errands so I was able to read whenever I got a second. This book will absolutely captivate you. If you’ve read the previous book, a Duke for Diana, you know the characters, and have been on pins and needles waiting for the next book in the series. This one is about sister Eliza. She is the down to earth widow sister of the three Harper siblings. Our hero, Nathaniel, the Earl of Foxstead, is someone you may remember from the previous book. He was good friends with Geoffrey, even though Geoffrey was upset when he thought that Nathaniel was flirting with Diana. But if you read the last book, which you really need to do before you get this one, he’ll know that he had no interest in Diana. Now we learn that our war hero rake earl is interested in Eliza. But that doesn’t bode well. You see, he was Eliza’s husband’s best friend. They went to war together, but Mr. Pierce, Eliza’s husband, never returned.

So anyway, Nathaniel has a problem. He is asking the Harper girls and their company, Elegant Occasions, to assist a friend in coming out and getting a husband. This situation is quite mysterious, because we don’t know why he is doing this favor for this friend, who is the widow of someone else they were at war with. And what about her child?

Anyway, without spoiling anything, Sabrina Jeffries takes us on an adventure: even though Diana has married a duke and their business has redeemed a bit of the scandal that you learned of in the previous book regarding their parents’ very nasty and public divorce, the Harper ladies still are not completely accepted. In addition, Eliza is  mourning her husband and previous life, and still figuring out who she is because their marriage was not at all perfect. By the way, for fans of this series, we do hear a little more about the other sister, Verity, and her phantom (if you’ve read the previous book, you know that there is a mysterious gentleman who Verity sees from time to time. Fingers crossed that this phantom is our hero in the third book).

This is a lovely addition to the series. It’s a strong 4 1/4 to 4 1/2 star book that we will round up to a five. You fell in love with the sisters in the previous book and this advances their story, plus there’s some mystery. Second books in trilogies are sometimes weaker than the rest of the books but this one can hold its own.
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this was another great entry in the Designing Debutantes series, I enjoyed how well this was done and that it felt like the same universe as the other book. I enjoyed the plot and was invested in what was going on in this world. I enjoyed the characters and am glad I read this.

“It would have been had he agreed to it. To be honest, I try not even to think about the particulars. Fortunately, both were skeptical about his enduring such torment. My mother convinced my father to travel to Italy to see a doctor my mother had heard of from her own family there.”
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