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Marked for Harvest

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Gripping mix of supernatural, conspiracy, and many secrets that all come to a head in a small town murder mystery that turns out to be much more.  Strong storyline with a bit of heat that keeps things going.  Is there more to come?
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Wow, this book is original with a capital O! I was blown away from the first page until the last. The world-building is epic, and parts have never been seen before. The characters are addictive to read and relatable. The action is intense and fast-moving. The romance is second chance yet plays second fiddle to the paranormal plot.

Let’s start with the world-building. Tattoos that gravitate to the heroine’s body? How cool is that? A wicked enemy who hunts the heroine like she’s his last meal on this planet? Talk about intense. The world the author creates is unique in so many ways. As an avid paranormal reader, I couldn’t get enough. 

The characters come alive while reading. The point of view is mega deep and allows the reader to sink into their bodies to experience everything. There’s an edginess to the heroine that I loved. Gritty too.

The story opens and from that point on, the plot moves at a frantic pace. I get it because the heroine is on the run. But and this is a big but, the reader is dropped in the middle of something they know nothing about which leads to confusion. Don’t worry, though, it’s easy to catch up.

The writing is very descriptive and full of action. The author is talented in many ways, especially when it comes to world-building. I can’t wait to read more from her.

An original book that I’ve told all my friends to read.

My Rating: 5 stars
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You will not be able to put this book down at all. It was full of twists and the mystery was really good, it had unexpected plot. I enjoyed reading this story.
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I really enjoyed this book the whole way through. The mystery was kept interesting and center of focus the whole time but there was also bits of romance and spicy bits sprinkled throughout. I really enjoyed the idea of the shades and the harvester, I've never read a book with a similar magic so that was a breath of something new! I feel like the ending was a little rushed and I didn't fully understand how it all came together but it was still an enjoyable ending. I would recommend this as a light and quick but very intriguing mystery novel!
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Marked for Harvest will have you holding on for dear life with every turn of the page! Melissa Kendall does a marvelous job of bringing it all to life. It is a definite must read and one that you will not want to put down.
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