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This Beauty and the Beast retelling focuses on the relationship between beauty and her past trauma. She is learning to trust and love again after being raped. It is much more than a story of looking past appearances but also of treating others with gentleness and kindness. It is a love story where both people have made mistakes and learn to move past their mistakes.
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Title: Beauty Reborn

Author: Elizabeth Lowham

Ch: 19 plus epilogue

Pg: 200

Genre: Fantasy fairy retelling

Rating: 4.5 stars

Publisher: Shadow Mountain

Beauty Reborn is the hardest Beauty and the Beast retelling that I’ve read. But it’s the one that’s the most important. As it gives a twist on the reason Beauty went to the beast castle in her father’s place. She’s running from the someone. And just like the Disney version the reader will quickly she who’s the real beast in the story. My heart broke for Beauty. I’m glad that read this one. Trigger warning for sexual assault off page though it’s mentioned, and the aftermath is talked about.


I received a copy of this book from the publisher through netgalley. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are mine alone.
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Beauty Reborn is a wonderful retelling of Beauty and the Beast. I loved the focus on who the "beast" really was. It emphasized the need to look past appearances. I appreciated the content warning but was impressed by how well Elizabeth Lowham handled the difficult topic. Unfortunately, this is all too common of an occurrence in today's world. This is an important book to read because it brings a well-loved fairy tale into a conversation about inappropriate behavior and how to deal with surviving a horrible ordeal.
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As in the original story, Beauty's father is caught taking a rose without permission from a Beast. Prior to the book's beginning, Beauty was sexually assaulted by her former suitor. Longing to be gone from this world, she jumps at the chance to take her father's place as the Beast's prisoner.. When she arrives, however she is surprised to find that the Beast is not the horror he was made out to be. In fact, he turns out to be shy and smitten with her. The castle’s enchantments and amazing library begin to make her feel at home. As the two get to know each other, Beauty starts to teach Beast to read. Together, the two heal from past traumas. Will this be both of their’s happily ever after?

A touching retelling of Beauty and the Beast, the plot is more character-driven, but well written. The characters are likable and more realistic. The world build is well-done and reminiscent of the original story. Fans of retold fairy tales, Beauty and the Beast stories, and fantasy will want to pick this one up. Recommended for most library collections.
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When Beauty's father comes home in debt to a beast in the forest she takes his place at the Beast's castle without hesitation. She feels it better to be devoured by a beast then to be forced into a marriage to a different monster. Can Beauty find her worth again after feeling like everything was taken from her? And what role will the beast play in her new world?

I absolutely loved this retelling, even though I went in sceptical. I didn't think there was much room in my heart for Beauty and the Beast retellings after A Court of Thorns and Roses, but Beauty Reborn holds it's own in less than half the page count. Beast is well written and the banter between him and Beauty help you fall in love right along with her. Beauty's growth throughout the novel is a great testament to women working through trauma and how it's not always a forward journey. Backslides are inevitable and the author handles these moments with a truth the reader can resonate with.

5 stars and a heavy recommendation for Beauty Reborn. Recommended for readers who enjoy true retellings with new twists while staying true to well known material. Age range 12+ as nothing graphic is on the page. Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for an eARC in exchange for an honest review.
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An interesting retelling of Beauty and the Beast but not my style. More fantasy than I anticipated and just a book I couldn't fall in love with as much as I wanted to.
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Like many readers, I love a good version of Beauty and the Beast, and Beauty Reborn by Elizabeth Lowham is one of my new favorites. With an angry, traumatized Beauty and a gentle, careful Beast, it's an aching mixture of darkness and whimsy that struck all the right notes for me.

When Beauty takes her father's place as the Beast's prisoner, she hopes to find a fearsome beast who will devour her. Instead, she find a shy and sensitive young man under a spell who is just as much a prisoner as she, forced to remain a beast until someone agrees to marry him. From him, she learns the value of silence, and in his home, she finds freedom from past demons. But how can she break his enchantment and grant him the same freedom when her heart is full of doubt?

First, I loved Beauty and her growth from sardonic girl who talks without listening and revels in her own cleverness to a compassionate young woman who listens for the truth between words. From the first (and even earlier — from the book description), it's clear that Beauty is a survivor of sexual assault, and flashbacks throughout the book reveal how she was courted and then betrayed by the charismatic but cruel Stephan. The assault itself is not described, thankfully, but it's effect on Beauty, her shame and self-blame, her fury and her fear of letting another man close only to find he's not who she thought he was, is central to the story, as is her journey to healing.

The Beast is just as skittish as Beauty at first, though for different reasons, and their tentative friendship and romance unfolds through long afternoons in the library (is a Beauty and the Beast retelling complete without one?) as she teaches him to read and they share ever larger pieces of themselves. Whether they're discussing philosophy or playing pirates, their interactions are utterly charming, and the growing care they take for each other's hearts is equally so. Through her, he learns to be playful, and through him, she learns patience. In Beauty's own words, "If I am Whimsy, you are Fortitude." They complement each other's strengths and weaknesses with grace and mutual respect.

I would definitely recommend this for fans of the Beauty and the Beast story (and even for fans of the Disney classic), but be aware it comes with trigger warnings for depression and discussion of past sexual assault and abuse. While I wouldn't characterize any of it as graphic, the portrayal of Beauty's trauma is very emotional, so take care and don't read if you aren't in the right space for it. If you are up for it, however, you will be rewarded with a beautiful story of healing and self-acceptance, with a sweet love story and whimsical humor to lighten the darkness.

My thanks to NetGalley and Shadow Mountain Publishing for providing an eARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I believe most every book has something to offer. I got about 3/4 into this one and it wasn’t for me. It follows the story of Beauty and the Beast pretty closely with a few darker twists. Our Beauty is getting through the trauma of sexual assault (CW/TW: vague rape depiction) and her journey of healing on the page. The flashbacks were a bit distracting, even though I knew it helped explain the background of Beauty. I may try it again at some point, but for now, I’m putting it down and moving on.
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I enjoyed this Beauty and the Beast Retelling. I liked that it kept that basic outline of the fairy tale but then it gave us a deeper meaning for why Beauty chose to stay with the Beast. I liked seeing both the Beast and Beauty deal with their different issues together and find healing as they became friends and learned what real love is. I thought the story was really good and would be one I would recommend someone read who wants a good fairy tale retelling.

I received a complimentary book from publishers, publicists, and or authors.  A review was not required and all opinions and ideas expressed are my own.
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Thank you Netgalley for allowing me to read this novel. 
This took me so long to read. I did like it but it felt very generic, almost like I read something like it before. That doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it though because I did very much.
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I love this retelling of Beauty and the Beast. It essentially is Bell is trapped in a terribly abusive relationship with a man she is to marry. Since this is expected of her and is what her family needs. Then it is very much the normal Beauty and the Beast story we all know and love. A few more added details and moments have been changed, but the most changed part is the reason for staying with the Beast. On top of that I do like the characterization of Beauty and Beast -- it is different than most stories which is refreshing. 

Thank you Netgalley for allowing me to read this book!
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This fresh, powerful take on Beauty and the Beast is captivating. It’s raw with complex emotions and a beautiful story of healing from/working through the trauma of sexual assault. Beauty is a fascinating character in this story with creativity, ambition, and vulnerability. The beast is sensitive with unexpected vulnerabilities of his own. The writing is beautiful. Absolutely loved this!
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I was surprised by all the negative reviews of this book. It was a really quick read, but it was cute none-the-less.  I appreciated the way in which this story was told.  I thought the author handled the hard situation pretty well, considering there is no easy way to talk about rape. Ever! Not every book is for everyone, but I really enjoyed reading it. I love fairytales of all kinds, and this one was cute!

*I received a copy  of this book as an ARC reviewer, but a positive review wasn’t required. All thoughts are solely what I personally thought of this beautiful book.❤️❤️❤️
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This was a fun retelling of Beauty and the Beast. I loved the magical elements and how it was told in a way that was believable.  I liked how it ended with them not keeping everything- it made it more believable.
The only reason so gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because I thought Beauty was a total brat to everyone in the beginning. I was glad she grew up a bit towards the end.
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A whimsical retelling of Beauty and the Beast, addressing the downfall of wishing. Things aren’t always as they appear, for better AND worse, and Beauty is working through traumatic demons that haunt her every step. 

I love the relationship she has with her father, the quiet way of the “Beast”, and the growth Beauty undertakes from a young trusting girl to a strong young woman. 

The story has some sweet moments and touches on tough topics, but is mostly fluffy and light. A great “read in a day” version of an old favorite. 

I’d rate it 3.5 overall.
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Thank you NetGalley for this galley in exchange for my honest review.

It was quick read and uncomplicated. It follows a lot of what we already expect form a Beauty and the Beast retelling, so a lot of lengthy expositions was skipped. I thoroughly enjoyed the setting and characters, but it definitely won't be considered a deep work of literature. It is however a nice pallet cleanser book.

TW: SA, emotional manipulation
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It’s a short and nice retelling of beauty and the beast. I’m all for a retelling and this was just that. It gave me ACOTAR vibes without truly being a copy of it. The premise is very interesting and I enjoyed it for what it was.
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Beauty for Ashes is Apt in the retelling of beauty and the beast. With whimsy for days (which I love) and characters that enchanted me from the first page this story has it all. I adore books but only once in a while find one that blows me away. Beauty Reborn is one of the rare few books that completely capture me. I will be reading this one again and again.

It does touch on PTSD, Depression, and Trauma Response and Recovery but does so in a way to bring just the right of tension without being triggering.
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"And beauty from ash, though it's ash still. The bad is not good, but through grace, we can make something good of it in the end."

Beauty Reborn by Elizabeth Lowham

I have always loved Beauty and the Beast retelling, and I really enjoyed this book. 

Elizabeth Lowham does a create job capturing Beauty as intelligent and imaginative all at the same time. 

Beauty and Beast (whose name is actually Andre) fit so well together and create a strong bond through their love of stories. 

I especially loved the ending and felt like it tied the entire book together perfectly. 

Beauty Reborn is a story of overcoming past trauma and learning to trust in yourself. Embracing the present instead of living in the past. Beauty may have been whimsical, but she overcame the horrors of the world with her family and Andre by her side. 

*I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!
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thank you to netgalley for the advanced reading copy of beauty reborn. this was ya but it was mysterious and dark and beautiful.
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