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The Widow of Weeping Pines

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I'm obsessed with the writing! It hooked me in right away and I was super invested till the end! The plot twists + ending had me reeling for a while 🥴
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This book is a haunting and beautifully written novel that lingers in the mind long after the final page. The author has crafted a work of literary art that transcends the boundaries of genre, offering a profound and unforgettable exploration of love, loss, and the enduring power of the human spirit. If you're in search of a poignant and atmospheric read, this novel is a must-have on your bookshelf.
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Oh goodness this book was really smooth. It was a quick read I couldn’t put the book down and I started it today, the twists!!! Betts is a school counselor turned therapist and has her own “clinic.” She’s a widow as well, living in a small town she hates. We get to meet these seedy characters like one of her clients Carmen, and then Detective Nick who looked up to her late husband. 

We see that Betts isn’t who she seemed, neither is Nick, Carmen and Betts recent fiance Ian. And the ending??????? Omg! How the past catches up you! And Betts? Omg Betts is something else lol.
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Short and easy read. Didn’t love but didn’t hate. A good pallete cleanser. I would definitely read more from this series!
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"Sometimes I wish my husband would die." What an opening line! How can you not get hooked after that?!

This book had several perspectives and timelines but switching from one to another was easy and didn't lead to confusion. Betty Lou is clearly someone who doesn't have a conscience and will do what she wants, no matter who pays the price. If she feels wronged, she is quick to take revenge. Her sociopathic tendencies know no bounds. Her husband, Jack, dies a few months after they move to the quiet town of Weeping Pines. However, his friend, Detective Stahl, doesn't think he died of natural causes, After all, Betty Lou had a handsome insurance payoff after her husband's death and is not the owner of the Gadleigh Estate. He wants to exhume Jack's body and settle any doubts regarding his death.

This book will leave you questioning who to trust. It seems that everyone in Weeping Wines has ulterior motives. Whos' telling the truth? Who's pretending? This was a quick and interesting read I couldn't get enough of.
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Therapist and want to be author Betty moved to Whispering Pines with her husband after some changes in life and into a beautiful home. Not long after being married Betty discovers her husband cheating and decides to take over the situation on her own. Through her process of taking revenge she meets her now current fiance Ian and a plan is hatched. But there is another issue: Betty is obsessed with her client Carmen who is not actually a client but a detective in training who is trying to expose Carmen with her partner Detective Stahl. Things start getting messy and truths start coming out but what is the actual truth? 

This book was a quick read for me and I didnt want to put it down. It took me on a wild ride and journey that I truly did not expect! There were moments where I was like Oh okay I think I figured it out but man was I wrong. The author kept you guessing until the literal end and I enjoyed that. In a world where some many books are obvious endings this was not that!! I cant wait to see what other novels come from this author and I highly recommend this book!
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a good thriller that kept me engaged throughout the whole book love how the story wasn't drown out and gave equally coverage to all characters 
a struggling author  and the therapist who lives in a big mansion in a quiet, coastal town one character is crazy as heck with crazy Motives.  this is a crazy roller coaster of a story makes you kinda question your true motives in their situation. very good fast read!
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I loved this book. Amanda weaves a webb of lies and deceit that I've never read before. She is the black widow spider and carries you on this journey from her point of view.
Betty is a complicated person who has dealt with mental illness her entire life. She plots and schemes her way through life trying to find "happiness", whatever that is. Obviously, she has a warped sense of realism and no qualms about taking out anyone that gets in her way.
You will be captivated by this cast of characters. They are as devious as she is in their own way.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. You will too. My only disappointment is waiting for the next one.
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this was such a climatic psychological thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat. so well written that its obvious the writer put a lot of thought into the story. it was genuinely amazing!
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So many twists and turns in this one!  Once you think you've figured it out, you haven't!  I did really enjoy this one and look forward to seeing more titles from this author!
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This read was 10/5 stars for me. It was a very quick, suspenseful read for me and I finished it in one session because I just could not get enough. From page one, I had absolutely no idea what was going on and felt completely and utterly blindsided by the plot twist. I loved Betts, even though it was clear she had quite the mental health problems and she was an alcoholic. I adore the author’s writing style and will be reading all of her thrillers. I love books where you are confused the whole time and it all comes together in the end. I can definitely see myself reading this one more than once. Thank you NetGalley for graciously providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Oh wow wow wow, what a BOOK.
I was instantly gripped from the get go, and devoured this book. I just couldn't put it down. 
The chapters where short, it was fast paced, and the characters where highly intriguing. 
I'm on my way to read the rest of the series!
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"Every year, a single black rose lies perfectly centered on the ground in front of my deceased husband's headstone. A rose that I did not place there."

This short but thrilling story is worth the pounding heart, and missed sleep.

Read if you like:
*Suspenseful thrillers
*Small towns
*Unique characters
*Murder mysteries
*Multiple viewpoints
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I enjoyed this book. Character development, plot line, wanting to turn the page, and telling myself "just one more chapter" until I fell asleep with the book on my chest is how this went for me..
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I received an ARC of this book from Netgalley and loved it. This is another one of her murder mysteries, but it’s heavier on the intrigue than the gore (unlike Trail of Deception, which was a bit too much for me). This book contains a bunch of truly selfish, unredeemable characters, none of whom deserve any sympathy. Until the very end, there’s the question of whether any of them are the good guys. Or are they all bad?

It’s told entirely from the POV of Betts and occasionally, Nicholas. It’s clear that Betts has some mental problems. I love when she talks about having sex with her fiance and pretending to orgasm, and the only time she really does is when she thinks about other people. “Sometimes the homeless man who sleeps behind the gas station. Not sure why.” It’s Nicholas who reveals that she’s a sociopath. That doesn’t mean he’s much better. Nor does it mean any of the other characters are. As I said, none are redeemable. That said, amazingly, McKinney made me care about what happened. I was invested in these characters because she brought me into their heads and showed me what they were really thinking and feeling. I wouldn’t say they were anti-heroes, but they were somewhat relatable. Overall, I found the story engaging until the very end as I tried to guess what would happen. The characters are realistic and memorable, and the suspense was perfection.
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2.5 ⭐️

"Obsession turns deadly in this sleepy little coastal town"

I would like to thank HH Tisevich and NetGalley for granting me this ARC in exchange for writing an honest review! 

hmm. Rating this book was tricky and let me tell you why. I loved the historic mansion in a small town (because I would love to live in one) but I seriously don't understand why people seek revenge rather than leave the people who make their life hell. There is no going back from revenge so take the simple and better way out = leave (yes, I am completely aware that in certain situations that leaving is not an option but in this book; it was). I wish it was more than this. You might wonder "Well, Ayesha why did you request this book then?"; I was so drawn toward it by the marvelous and intriguing cover along with the title. The Widow of Weeping Pines; come on, you can't tell me it doesn't sound interesting. Regardless, the plot twist at the end of the book really made me drop my jaw but other than that; I was merely and utterly disgusted by the whole cheating and smut parts. 

On a side note, I loved the part where she described the rain since I am a rain lover (written below)

"I close my eyes, feel the cold rain wet my face. Everything feels so vivid, like Mother Nature is sparing nothing on this night. The colors, the smell, the taste, the temperature, everything is turned up to the max."

"We all want simpler. It is in our DNA"

"We are built to solve problems. Recognize them, resolve them, then move on to the next. 

Because there is always "the next", isn't there?" 

"I have become one of those women who has slowly lost their light"
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I received a free copy from NetGalley. Psychological thriller, with a narrator you are not sure you should trust. Very quick read.

Date if for the review, not the reading.
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This novel was just an okay read. The storyline was intriguing, but as it evolved it became less and less engaging. My apologies to all the hardwork that was put into this book. The delivery was lacking, but maybe that is more about me than this story.
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Loved this wild, short ride of a story! I was actually SO disappointed when it ended, because I was so wrapped into this whirlwind. Betty Lou is clearly mentally unstable, but kind of a badass if I might say :)
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I thought this was a fun fast short read that gripped me and had me thrilled as I turned the pages. I liked this plot, characters and ending.
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