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I missed that I was approved for this - I guess that's what happens when you request a book right before it is archived. I really wish Netgalley would show notifications on my phone/app when something is added & approved. 

Sad I missed listening to this audiobook!
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Overall I like the storyline and the friends , but the male character wade just rubbed me the wrong way , i did not like him so this wasnt as enjoyable read as it could have been ,
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I haven’t read a Sherryl Woods book in years. I’ve been missing out! This book was well written with wonderful conflict and developed characters. Wade Owens is my new favorite book boyfriend. Lauren is as a great heroine. She’s a movie star from LA, but she’s keeping it under wraps. Wade isn’t a fan of famous people. I listened to this book in audio. Both narrator did a great job, Thus was an easy listen. Huge thanks to Netgalley and the audiobook publisher.
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Tired of being a movie star, Lauren Winters has returned to her hometown to reunite with her high school friends and become a horse trainer.  She and Wade Owens, a rancher, cross paths, but he makes it known that he doesn’t like the rich and powerful.  Will he feel differently about her once he knows who she is?

What on earth did I just read?  These characters were entirely unlikable, and nothing I read made me feel like Lauren and Wade liked each other as people or had a reason to be together; this definitely wasn’t a healthy relationship.  I did not know when I requested the audiobook that this was a 21-year-old book, nor that it was the fifth book in a series.  It was originally titled Wrangling the Redhead – that title certainly fits the story better than Friends Forever.  

Many thanks to NetGalley for providing me an audio ARC of this book.
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This book was cute but for such a grumpy guy it felt like he fell for her pretty quickly. The piece of her fame towards the end felt a little forced too but definitely helped move the story along. Overall, it was alright but not my favorite by Sherryl Woods.

Lauren is leaving the world of fame. She’s headed back to Wyoming to be with her group of best friends. She’s determined to live a normal life there and goes to work with the horses.
There’s only one thing in her way- Wade Owens. He thinks she’s crazy for working with these difficult horses but understands she has a way with them. The two butt heads so much that they end up having feelings for each other.
Now Lauren has to find a way to break her fame to him and help him understand that isn’t who she is anymore.
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The last of the 5 books series.....this one had jumped right in the time frame of the previous books, which was a good thing. I believe Lauren and Wade story was the best for the last. 
Update 2022…….new title Forever Friends…..loved it better the second time around as audiobook. The narrator was fantastic!
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Readers of Sheryl Woods know they can expect a great read. Friends Forever is no exception! This was a heartwarming tale of finding true love. It’s definitely worth the read.
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Friends Forever by Sherryl Woods

This is book #5 in the Calamity Janes series.  In this book it evolves around Lauren Winters who is a famous movie star that has had enough of that lifestyle and wants to return to her hometown in Wyoming.  She stays with her best friend on her ranch.  Wade is a cowboy who works on that ranch.  He is oblivious to who Lauren actually is but he does have interest in the redhead beauty.

Boy oh boy I did not know I needed a cowboy type romance and I want more of it.  There is something wholesome about this story it just made my heart go a flutter with these two.  Their chemistry is so bright it will light a fire. I liked the setting as well on a horse ranch in Wyoming what better of a place.  I also like the characteristics of the horses on the ranch it add to the story.

This was a fast pace romance story it looks to be a re-release of this story. I will be going back and reading the other books if they are as good as this one I am in for a treat.  This was a solid four star read for me.  Narrated by Traci Odom she did such a good job it added to my enjoyment of this audio book.  She was able to distinguish each character with their own voice.  I highly recommend this to anyone who needs a solid cowboy type romance this one will fill that need.

Thank you to Netgalley and Dreamscape Media for a free audio copy of Friends Forever for an honest review.  All ideas and opinions expressed in this review are my own.
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Lauren Winters has had enough of her Hollywood life and decides to pack it in and head home to her live the life she misses so much.  Her best friends and the quiet “normal” life out of the spotlight await her until she figures out what is next for her.  She’s a horse whisperer so until she figures out her next move she’s staying with one of her is best friends and husband and helping out on their ranch much to the chagrin of the head horse wrangler Wade.  Wade is also terrific at his job,  has zero idea of who she is, has a lot of truly outdated old school versions of a woman and their place in the world.  Think 1950.  Lots of heat between them, but can they get beyond themselves to make it work? Can they get beyond his preconceived ideas and live their best lives?  its a fun listen with a sweet HEA. It seemed very familiar to me and it turns out to be a re-release from 2001.  I liked it both times, but it does explain some of the old school ideals.   Love this author and will listen/read any and everything old or new!
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In this audiobook, we meet Lauren Winters who  left Wyoming for the LA hoping to experience life in the city.
What she never expected was to become a very famous and wealthy Hollywood star. But ten years later, Lauren realizes she not only misses her hometown, but also, life in Hollywood is no longer fulfilling.
Being a sort of horse whisperer, she shocks Wade Owens, the new rancher working as a wrangler at her friends ranch. Wade dislikes the rich, and with reason, since his biological father was one and didn’t care for him or his mother.
But as much as Wade is grumpy when dealing with Lauren , the attraction is there.
What happens when Wade finds out who Lauren really is?
Though I had not read or listened to the previous stories in this series, and at times I felt I was missing the interaction between the friends, it was still easy to follow the story and could be considered a stand alone.
I was entrusted a copy of this audiobook by Netgalley and Dreamscape Media.
The opinions expressed are solely my own.
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