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This 4th in Chris Hauty's Hayley Chill series is a fast-paced, over the top thriller with an intriguing premise.

This episode opens on the murder of a Supreme Court Justice by the police officer on his protection detail. Hayley is sent to Maui to protect Justice Anita Fischer there.

A drug cartel crew arrives in Hawaii and take a bus full of 18 school children as hostages. It becomes a race against time to save the children - and the Judge.
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Thank you to Atria Books and NetGalley for an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This is the 4th installment of the Hayley Chill series.

This series is definitely a fast paced action story but is also shows Hayley's human side dealing with some personal issues. Each new book shows Hayley to be more human and less hard edged, she is still badass but with a little more softness and I'm not sure that is exactly the word I want. I have found that some of the books are more likeable but I think that is true with all series. This for me, other than the first book, was one of the better in the series.
This 4th book lives up to the hype and is a fast read.
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This book is a number of different books joined together to make a wonderful story. I love the continued exploits of Hailey Chill, she's every bit as determined as she has been in the previous novels. The book is also about the attempt to kill a Supreme Court Justice and if that were all the book would still be worth reading. But it also is a tale of the kidnapping of a group of children and the subsequent search for them. This hits close to home and I'm sure that's the hook that was intended by this talented author. Any of these three separate novels would be a great read but together makes for a superb title. I appreciate the work that the author puts into this series, I see the improvement with every new book and sincerely look forward to hearing more about the fine deeper state operative.
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Stunning and adventurous.  
Many thanks to Atria and to NetGalley for providing me with a galley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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Mind blown to Chill! This installment of the Hayley Chill series is a testament to a well developed plot filled with intricate detail and fun characters.  This is a thriller that blends political arenas and drug cartels. If you haven’t read the series, please start with book number one but this one is powerful addition to the series.  And that ending….  Man, when is the next book coming!!!  Thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for the read!
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When a Supreme Court justice is murdered and a second one threatened, a covert operative is sent to protect the justice who is still alive. As the operative deals with her own challenges, however, she’ll be pushed to her limits both physically and emotionally, all while trying to prove to herself that she still has what it takes to serve her country. Author Chris Hauty brings back fearless agent Hayley Chill in the fourth book in the series with a plot that is streamlined and delivers on every single front in The Devil You Know.

Hayley Chill always thought, with good reason, that she was unstoppable. After all, she was the first operative handpicked by Publius, the deeper state organization that holds the true power and is always working to set America’s course back to fairness and justice. She’s former military and a highly-trained, highly-skilled kickboxer. She’s done everything her country has asked of her, including stopping plots with deep roots in white supremacy and saving presidents.

But even the best hit a limit. After three personal tragedies in quick succession, Hayley is done with Publius and everyone in it. She just wants to spend the rest of her days in an alcohol-induced buzz where she coasts as the world goes by. She’s already lost too much to the deeper state organization. Now she figures she should spend a little time losing herself and see how that feels.

In Washington D.C., a Supreme Court justice welcomes one of his bodyguards into his home on Christmas Eve only to be murdered by him. The bodyguard then kills himself, shocking the world and the intelligence community. Why would the bodyguard, a loyal man by all counts, kill the justice? Was the bodyguard coerced? Disgruntled?

Even as the top minds in law enforcement scramble to get answers, chatter comes through that another justice is in danger. Justice Anita Fisher has a home in Maui and is planning to marry her long-time journalist boyfriend at the house. Publius knows there’s only one person who can protect Justice Fisher; they’ll just have to crawl into a bottle to fish her out first.

With the greatest of reluctance, Hayley goes to Hawaii and lands on the day that 18 schoolchildren are kidnapped right off their bus. One of the U.S. marshals on the case gets a text from a cryptic number. It says that if the families want to see their children again, then Justice Fisher needs to be killed too. 

Hayley finds herself fielding two cases at once: get the kids home and keep Justice Fisher safe. The pull of alcohol is strong, though, even here, thousands of miles away from her life. As the need to drink battles her faint-but-returning sense of duty, Hayley realizes she’ll have to dig deeper than she ever has before. That’s the only place she’ll find the answers to her own problems, the rescue and protection missions, and herself again.

Author Chris Hauty’s screenwriting skills are on full display in this latest Hayley Chill book. For the first time since the start of the series, readers will see Hayley succumbing to her weaknesses. The change in character, albeit somewhat temporary, is still a surprise and a welcome one. Showing a protagonist who is unstoppable time and time again can give a character a one-dimensional feel after a point. Hauty’s careful detailing in previous books leads the way to Hayley’s unraveling here, making her more relatable and human.

Even as she starts to fall apart, however, she’s still Hayley Chill. She’s still able to run faster and harder than most others, and even though she’s personally knocked off balance her sense of right and wrong aren’t. This latest book gives readers the opportunity to get to know Hayley better with the comfort that eventually she’ll come back around and save the day, not because she’s fond of showing off heroics but because it’s the right thing to do.

The novel feels much more streamlined than previous books, keeping the action contained (mostly) to the Hawaiian island. In his trademark style, Hauty gives readers little glimpses into the lives of all of the most important secondary characters along the way. For other writers, this might result in boring back story or information dumps. Hauty has made it his signature move with the Hayley Chill books, and it works every time.

Those eagerly awaiting Hayley’s next adventures will find the wait worth it. Those new to the series should get all of the novels, including this one, and start reading right away.
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Hauty has another hit on his hands! Murder, subterfuge, and roller coaster emotions- this book has it all.

I was fortunate to have received an ARC for this and was just finishing it as Amazon delivered the final product. I am glad to have come across Chris and his series. His books have become an announcement day 1 preorder for me.

Congrats Chris!
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This book never got going for me.  The writing was too slow and I ended up not caring about the story at all.

I am very picky about the books I read.  I need them to go at a quick pace and don't care much for a ton of  details and this book just bogged down.

I do appreciate how hard it is to write,
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WOW! Chris Hauty is an amazingly talented author who pulls out everything to ensure this book is a number one best seller. Hayley Chill our protagonist must race against time after the death of a Supreme Justice’s death by the police officer assigned to protect him. Just as that is being handled someone is holding a buss load of children for ransom in Maui. A Supreme Court member owns a home there and his life is the subject of the ransom. The characters are extremely well developed and very likable. Hayley shows her kick butt persona while charged with rescuing the children and saving the SJ member. I could not put this novel down. The others I have read knocked my socks off but this one knocked my boots off. 

5 out of 5 stars

Thank you to NetGalley as well as the author/ publisher for giving me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my honest review.
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Book Review – The Devil You Know – Chris Hauty
Author Chris Hauty’s fourth Hayley Chill novel, “The Devil You Know” is splendidly written and entertainingly told. Hauty delivers yet another suspenseful and exciting tale that kept me anxiously reading until wee hours of the morning! The ‘twist and turns’ were prevalent; the plot and storyline was creative and imaginative and the characters – especially main character Hayley Chill are all well developed. When a Supreme Court judge is murdered by a member of his protection detail, Chill is ordered to look after another Justice who happens to be vacationing in Maui, Hawaii. Also, a school bus full of kids in Maui is taken hostage, subsequently connecting the two events, and causing a serious conundrum for Hayley Chill. Consequently, she is charged with rescuing the children while also protecting the Supreme Court Justice. Intense, suspenseful, and full of intrigue, The Devil You Know was another stellar Hayley Chill thriller by Chris Hauty! I enjoyed it as expected and hope the series continues as it has become one of my favorites. A great read!
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Hayley Chill is back in another excellent thriller from Chris Hauty. The book starts with Hayley battling her own personal demons. After a US Supreme Court Justice is murdered by his own protective detail, Hayley is tasked by her former deep state organization to fly to Maui and protect another Justice. Before she arrives a bus load of schoolchildren are kidnapped. Feeling this kidnapping is somehow related to the justice she is protecting, Hayley sets off to rescue the school children and stop an assassination before it can happen. 

A very well written novel, but I have come to suspect nothing less from Mr. Hauty.  As always, Mr. Hauty includes a little blurt about each character when they exit the narrative. I truly think this bit is one of the things that makes the Hayley Chill series so intriguing.  I also enjoyed the expanded story time leant to one of the kidnappers.  It brought in another point of view in the story. As with the series as a whole, this book was a fast read, and very hard to put down.  There is a nice little plot twist/reveal at the end of the book that I didn’t see coming. 

This book and series are near the top of the thriller genre. Mr. Hauty does a great job engaging you and keeping you wanting to read just one more chapter. Thank you to @Netgalley @EmilyBestler @ChrisHauty and @AtriaMysteryBus for a free advanced copy for an honest review.
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Thank you to NetGalley and the amazing publisher for the ARC of this title! I am so grateful to be auto-approved for this title!
I look forward to reading and reviewing. More to come!
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Hayley Chill, extraordinary agent of the Deeper State, has been put through the wringer, and has suffered both physically and emotionally, leading her to resign and look to start anew.  

An associate justice of the Supreme Court is murdered by the agent assigned as his protection, who then took his own life.  Is this a one off incident, or is there a nefarious plot being executed?  The Deeper State has intel suggesting that there will be another justice killed in an effort to change the leanings of the highest court, and after making a deal that Hayley literally could not refuse, Hayley is sent to Hawaii where she is embedded as part of the protection detail.

Chris Hauty is a wonderful writer.  His characters have depth and soul, and are extremely compelling.  His plots are engaging and take readers on a wild ride.  One of the hallmarks of his books thus far are shocking twists that leave readers gobsmacked!  The Devil You know delivers everything readers have grown to love and expect, and then some, from a Hauty novel!  May can't get here soon enough so the world can finally read The Devil You Know!

Thank you Emily Bestler, Atria, and NetGalley for allowing me the privilege of reading an advance copy in exchange for my thoughts and views on the book.
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The latest book in the Hayley Chill series "The Devil You Know" is full of action, intrigue, and plot twists galore. With this stated, the best thing about this book (and series) is the main characters flaws. I have read so many books in this genre and the norm is having a protagonist that is superhuman in their abilities. Hayley Chill is like us. She has problems and has to fight like hell to overcome them. Once she gets her life in order, she is able to help those that need it in the most awesome ways possible. Fun read and I will say it again, this character needs to be adapted into television. Preorder today for a June 6th release. I thank the publishers and Netgalley for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.
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The Devil You Know is the 4th book in the Hayley Chill series, and it finds the deep state operative tasked with guarding a Supreme Court justice while she battles her own demons as well. The book is a little less suspenseful and more predictable than prior books in this series, and the plot seems patched together from other stories. There’s a greater emphasis on Hayley’s emotional well-being as she grapples with her personal losses, and she’s clearly off her game here, and her character has more of a secondary role to the evildoers. Not the strongest of the series, but still a good read, a bit of a reset for Hayley, but still looking forward to the next book. I received an arc of this book from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Chris Hauty has written a stellar addition to his Hayley Chill series. Chill is not doing well after the last 6 months. She has suffered loss after loss after loss. Depressed and lonely, drinking soon becomes a problem along with blacking out. When a Supreme Court judge is murdered by a member of his protection detail, Hayley's boss  orders Hayley to look after the youngest Justice in history, who happens to be vacationing in Hawaii. While en route, a school bus full of kids is taken hostage in Maui. Believing the two events are connected, Hayley sets out to rescue the children while also protecting her principle.

Chris Hauty is a hell of a writer. He is able to change the course of a story, or our perceptions, with a sentence. His books have a screenplay quality to them. By that I mean the story is tight with no fluff. He's also very deliberate with his characters. Every one of them serve a purpose. They are well-thought-out and aren't throwaways. When the character leaves the story (alive, that is) Hauty will give a quick synopsis of how their life turned out.  I love it and I wish more authors would do it.

What makes Hayley such a wonderful character are her flaws. Showing Hayley as a strong, intelligent woman yet with struggles like everyone else with things like depression, self-doubt, and addiction humanizes her. It also helps to destigmatize mental health and people struggling with addiction. Plus, she's an ass-kicker.

Ingenious and  timely, The Devil You Know should be on everyone's radar.

My sincere thanks to Chris Hauty, Atria/Emily Bestler Books and NetGalley for the opportunity to read an advanced copy of The Devil You Know!
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I found myself asking as I read this book, “what would I be willing to do to save 18 children?”  Is murder worth it when it feels that there are no other options?  I don’t know. I hope I never have to find out the answer. 
I enjoyed this book. At times this felt like an ode to The Pelican Brief. A Supreme Court Justice killed for nefarious reasons.  Money behind it all.  But Hauty went at this story differently. Anytime a cartel is involved, you can do so much more. Their depths of depravity are endless. The one chapter almost went too far in its description of their depravity. But thankfully stopped before it went over the line. 
For fans of Hayley Chill, this story is right up there with the others. You won’t be disappointed.
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I was surprised (and delighted) to receive an ARC of THE DEVIL YOU KNOW by Chris Hauty and the fine folks at Net Galley. As this was my first book by Hauty, I was pleasantly surprised.

In this novel, Hauty weaves an excellent thriller with his latest installment of the Haley Chill series (as most authors tend to have a character that they turn into a series). The title should be “Thriller in Paradise” since it’s set in Maui, and it is a thriller. 

Chill is chasing and battling her inner demons, licking her wounds, and trying to heal from a past full of tragedy. All the while involved in protecting a Supreme Court Justice AND working to solve a separate - but a related crime. Hauty is a great storyteller, and he does not disappoint. Haley Chill is a complex— but relatable— heroine, with intellect and compassion. Fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat reading, with great characters and twists. A must-read for Haley Chill fans!!

As I mentioned earlier, the sign of many good adventure authors is that they establish a strong character that plays a central part in their books.

That said, I think that this book is definitely worthy of a solid four stars out of five and would be a solid read by fans of intelligence community thrillers.

As with all my literary reviews, this is just my five cents worth.
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Haley Chill is an exceptional member of the deeper state.  She is the female version of Jack Reacher and 
Jack Ryan.  Quick, interesting reads.  Love this series and enjoy seeing Haley's character developed.  I recommend that you start with the first in the series for the most enjoyment.
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An exciting tale but somewhat gruesome. Flawed characters but dedicated. Fast reading and a page Turner
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