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Christmas, Cabernet, and Chaos

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I would like to thank Open Sky Publishing and NetGalley for granting me this ARC in exchange for writing an honest review!

I thought the cover of this book was marvelous and little did I know that the story is way more intriguing and fun to read. I didn't expect much from this book because I didn't know what it was about other than it would take place during Christmas. I was way more intrigued when I knew it was about 2 best friends who are actually very old but managed to have a heck of an adventure (I never thought I would use that phrase). I didn't know this was a sequel but regardless, you don’t need to read the first to be able to read this. I will go back and read the first though since I thoroughly enjoyed this. It was an epic ride where we got to witness the adventure of both Pearl and Sally that they had to undergo before and during Christmas with a little sprinkle of romance. I also loved the idea of having the cookie recipe at the end of the book (once you read the book; you will understand its significance). This book was about everything from love to forgiveness. I totally recommend it to anyone wanting a cozy Christmas read about an adventure. 

(I did have highlights but unfortunately, I forgot to write them before the ARC expired)
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Such a cute Christmas romance. Read this book in 2 days. Had me hooked from the beginning. Definitely recommend if you like holiday romances.
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The cover is gorgeous. The characters are so fiesty and lovable. The whole holiday set up was so good! the wrtiing is impeccable. Definitely recommended! 

Thank you NetGalley for the ARC
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Thank you to the publisher and Net Galley for the advanced copy of this book in exchange for my honest, personal review. Decent cozy mystery but moved at a bit of a slow pace for me. I enjoyed the friendship between Sally and Pearl and I am definitely trying out that recipe in the back!
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An excellent Christmas cozy: well plotted, a lot of fun and  a solid mystery
Would be happy to read other novels in this series
Many thanks to the publisher for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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When Sally and Pearl find that they will be alone for Christmas, they agree to spend the season at McKenzie Bridge in the northwest USA. Along with the festivities, they get involved in investigating potential threats on the life of Birdie, the local matriarch of the town, in the middle of a snowstorm. A little romance may be popping too, as Sally reconnects with Chief of Police Mike, her friend from a previous adventure. 

Readers who enjoy smart mouth humor and senior citizen crime solvers, this novel is a hilarious romp through small town crime and baking rivalry! For those who are offended by "middle school" type jokes and situations, this book is not for you! However, I guarantee lots of laughs from these two ladies.

I received this novel from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinions expressed here are entirely my own.
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This was such a fun Christmas story settled in a cozy mountain community. The characters were quirky and endearing, and the reader feels part of the community of McKenzie Bridge. Their growth through the story and character progression, kept me invested in the outcome. This story has a lovely small town / home town warmth.

This is a great choice if you're looking for light, fun and festive. There is a little something for everyone.... drama, romance, mystery and adventure. Now if only there was a continuation of the story. Thank you to NetGalley and Open Sky Publishing for the copy of this book, in exchange for my honest review.
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This was a cozy Christmas read, but just like the first book, not much of a mystery. 

I’d categorize this book as a cheesy Christmas comedy, using the word comedy quite generously. It was just way too slow moving for my liking and it had way more plot points and side stories than it needed. I think it was going for uplifting but hit more cheesy than anything. I just don’t really like either of the main characters; Sally is too much of a Mary Sue and Pearl too much of a southern caricature -most of her dialogue was in similes and southernisms. This just lacked depth, even for a light read, and was all over the place. If this was a tv show it would have a laugh track and air right after Full House. This isn’t golden girls-esque, that show was bawdy and zany, this is decidedly not. 
So I’m not moving forward with this series, and don’t really recommend. The idea is a good one, but the execution is too bland.
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Fun and chaotic describes this book perfectly. With Christmas magic and wine drinking sleuths determined to solve a murder. Kick back and join the fun!
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I'm always drawn in when a book has a Christmas theme. It is my favorite time of year after all.. I liked Christmas, Cabernet, and Chaos by Wendy Day available on NetGalley to read, but did not love love it. Sally and Pearl where quite the characters and having older grandma-esque sleuths brings a different dynamic to a story. I did enjoy the small-town magic of McKenzie Bridge...a Hallmark setting for sure as they called it the Christmas Capital of the Northwest, I believe. Even though I was able to pretty quickly figure out who was trying to kill off annoying Birdie, whose family has lived there since before the town was even established, I was happy to follow along while Sally and Pearl took in the sights, enjoyed Christmas cheer and a bake-off competition and put on their sleuthing hats to save a life and perhaps even Christmas for a town buried under snow and stranded in the high school gym!
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and Pearl. They had so much chaos while vacationing but it was all worth it in the end. It was a great friendship read and many laugh out loud moments. I always love when a good mystery happens when characters are on vacation and seeing how they figure everything out. If you want a fun holiday read about friendships and solving a little mystery this book is for you! 

Thank you for allowing me to read this arc early.
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I received this as an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

This is truly the cutest Christmas cozy mystery I think I've ever read! I loved the puns, and how a few were used as plot points. I also love that these 2 grandmas know how to use smart phones & Google. 

If you want a perfect blend of old and new, this cozy mystery is it!
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Absolutely LOVED this one! Book of the holiday season for sure. Highly recommend. Could see it being book club picks.
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A cute and cozy Christmas mystery with fun characters. I love the friendship between Pearl and Sally, they're so cute! I hope my best friend have adventures like them when we're their age. 

A great quick Christmas read!
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A fun reading romp with older characters (think the golden girls). I thoroughly enjoyed this one

Many thanks to the author, publisher, and NetGalley for the advanced copy of the book.
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This is a fun Christmas book full of cheer. I wish the plot wasn’t as chaotic though. It seemed like it didn’t totally come together. That said, I will recommend this one because of the ambiance and spirit it captures.
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3/5 Stars

Christmas, Cabernet and Chaos is book 2 in the Sally and Pearl Adventure Club series. I don't believe reading them in order would make a difference, as most of what seems to be relevant from books one - such as Sally and Mike's friendship - is sufficiently referenced in this one for it to make sense.

What did confuse me was that I was expecting more of a Whodunnit style story, with our main characters solving the murder case, when the police couldn't; I got this idea from the description of the book. Once I was over 50% of the way through this book and no murder or mystery had materialised, I became concerned. Disappointingly, the murder mystery aspect is all wrapped up in about 5 pages. I'm not sure if book 1 would be more aptly described as a murder mystery - as at least there seems to have been a murder in that book!

That said, this one was a heart-warming read, and even I shed a sentimental tear or two at some parts. This isn't so much a Murder She Wrote, but more a story of two long-time friends who have their Christmas plans disrupted and make the best of it. If you're looking for a reasonably easy read that gives you some of the Hallmark movie feels (and everything works out in the end), then this is definitely the book for you.
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This cozy mystery is the second in a series by Wendy Day. It features two widows, Sally and Pearl, who live together and are prone to adventure. 

First of all, kudos to the author for writing about women who are older than the usual main characters and for showing that older people can still experience romance. 

This is one of those comedic, wacky capers mysteries. Pearl and Sally find themselves frequently caught up in unusual circumstances and are usually in over their heads. 

In this book, Sally is deeply disappointed that, for the first time, none of her grown children will be spending Christmas with her. But she and Pearl decide to visit Mike, a friend they met in book one of the series. 

Mike lives in a charming cabin in a postcard-perfect small town in Oregon. There is snow and decorations and reindeer to feed. He arranges for the women to enjoy traditional activities, such as cutting down and then decorating a Christmas tree. The ladies also join a cooking competition and help decorate a float for the town Christmas parade. Also, Mike seems to be a bit sweet on Sally. 

When a murder occurs in the town, Pearl and Sally feel called to investigate. Apparently they have some experience as sleuths (see book one of the series). Hijinks ensue, but their investigation of course puts them in danger. 

I did not like all the humor, such as fart jokes. And Pearl’s manner of speaking, full of “aints” and dropping the  g at the end of all the “ing” verbs (examples:  doin’, gettin’, lovin’) irritated me. 

This was not the magical holiday book I had hoped for, but readers of cozies should enjoy it. ⭐️⭐️1/2, available now.

My thanks to the author, Wendy Day, to the publisher, Open Sky Publishing, and to NetGalley for providing me a copy of this book.

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what a fun and delicious read!! this was amazing and wonderful and i'm so thankful to netgalley for letting me read this one early! what a blessing! i love reading!!!!
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This was a nice, quick read. It did kind of got hiring in parts but overall it was an okay read. The charectors were kind of forgettable for me but it was a nice time and was just fine.
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