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This is a good book. The two main characters are Carly and Oliver. Carly runs a shop in town. Oliver runs the lighthouse and has a daughter. Carly has loved Oliver for years but Oliver thinks of her as his best friend. Until one day he sees her talking to a friend and he gets jealous. They each have issues but together they work it out and fall in love.
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I enjoyed Second Chance Alaska by Jennifer Snow.  The characters are wonderful and you will want to visit Alaska soon.  Happy Reading!
**I received an ARC of this book courtesy of NetGalley and the publisher. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and given freely**
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Oliver still dealing with the traumatic loss of his wife and eldest daughter and thinking about moving on with his youngest daughter elsewhere. Carly is best friend to Olivers late wife and both seem to be healing together as they spend more time with eachother working together as the tourist season comes near with so much to do. 

I enjoyed this book it took me longer then expected to read especially since how well it turned out. I enjoyed getting to know Oliver and Carly's point of view of what was going it really made me like and understand the characters more. You can really see the conflicts that Oliver was going through with the loss he was dealing with and how he was handling caring for his other daughter who was still there and he was getting feelings for Carly and clearly things are going to seem complicated. Then there was the selling of the place his family has been taking care of for generations and you know what just read the book and you'll find there is plenty to enjoy about this one. Overall pretty enjoyable book highly recommend.
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Both Oliver and Carly have suffered loss and pain. His wife and her best friend plus his daughter were lost at sea. Carly has secretly loved Oliver forever but has held back. But is the time right now?
Love can be a landline of emotions ready to go off. I thought all the emotions both characters endured were believable and valid. 
The mystery of what happened to the lost boat is resolved.
The ending was good. 
It’s a sweet story of venturing into the love game once again, no matter the score.
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A Wild Coast Novel
ISBN: 978-1-335-44865-1
March 28, 2023
Contemporary Romance

Port Serenity, Alaska – Present Day

Carly Walters owns a bookstore in Port Serenity and is good friends with Oliver Klein and his daughter, Tess. Oliver is widowed, having lost his wife and oldest daughter after they had taken a sailboat out into the ocean—and never returned. With Carly by his side, Oliver has managed to get over his grief. He lives in a lighthouse owned by the town and gives tours, though he really doesn’t like people except for Carly. A new tourist director in town comes to Oliver and discusses turning the lighthouse and the property into a B & B with cabins being built to bring tourists into town. Oliver isn’t sure that he likes the idea, though he has no choice. 

Carly has grown to love Oliver but has bided her time waiting for his grief to be over and for him to look her way. Meanwhile, the town is buzzing about a fantasy romance book series that is selling lots of books. The series centers on Port Serenity and a mythical creature that lives in the water. The setting of Port Serenity is so real, as if the author has been there. Turns out, the author is Carly. She hasn’t told anyone that she is behind the books—or that it appears the journey of the sea creature is eerily like hers with Oliver. How will it end—for both? 

SECOND CHANCE ALASKA is set in a small town where they know everyone and where the town relies on tourists in the summer to bring in business. There isn’t a hotel in town right now, so turning the lighthouse into a place where visitors can stay seems logical. Oliver understands this, but the lighthouse has been his family’s home for decades. Add in that he hates having to usurp Tess’s home (and his) to move somewhere else, and readers can understand his reluctance.  Meanwhile, the new tourist director, Sebastian, appears to be getting cozy with Carly and Oliver’s jealousy rears its head. He suddenly realizes that he wants their friendship to turn into something more. Can he woo and win Carly? What he doesn’t know is that she feels the same about him.

Soon, Carly and Oliver are on the same page when it comes to romance between them. Tess is in favor and things seem to be going their way. But as readers probably figure, something will get in their way. Will it be the lighthouse move, or Carly’s secret career as a fantasy romance author? Or will it be something else? Their good-natured friendship is on full display in SECOND CHANCE ALASKA. It’s clear that they care for each other. Hopefully, it will lead to a future together. Will Carly’s secret get revealed to everyone in town, or just Oliver? How will it all end?

An entertaining and enjoyable romance set in Alaska, don’t miss SECOND CHANCE ALASKA.

Patti Fischer
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I felt like there was a mishmash of drama thrown into the story to give it conflict. Unfortunately, much of it didn't feel like a fully developed plot point and didn't create tension for me.
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Spicy Tropey Romance. Up front: If you prefer no sex/ "fade to black" sex in your romance books... this one isn't for you. The sex in this one would get an automatic NC-17 if it was ever shown on film exactly as described in the text, even though there are only a couple such scenes in the book. That covers the spicy side of the title, but what about the tropey bit? Well, we've got a widower who hates his job, embraces his family legacy... but would love to leave it. He also happens to have one remaining daughter after his wife and older daughter vanished in the period before this story takes place - and yes, he does eventually get his closure on those topics within this story, thanks to cameos from other characters earlier in the series. We've got the small town shop owner (a book shop, in this case) who is perhaps a touch secretive about a few things... that she then learns maybe she wasn't as secretive as she thought she'd been. And our shop owner happens to be the best friend of the missing wife... who harbors hidden feelings for our widower. So like I said, very tropey, very Hallmarkie type small town romance. If that is your jam and you either don't mind or even actively like the higher heat level here... Snow always manages to slam these types of stories out of the park, and this one is absolutely no different. With the particular events in this book, I would actually recommend newbies start at least at the beginning of this Wild Coast series (even if you don't go all the way back to the Wild Alaska series it spun off from, which isn't really necessary to understand the events of this particular book). Readers who have already read the first two books were going to read this one anyway... but I'm fairly positive most will agree with me that this was another excellent entry into the series. And while it almost seems like our story in Port Serenity has finished, particularly with some of the seeming meta commentary built into this tale... that bonus novella advertised on the cover (Love In The Alaskan Wilds, a separate review for me) points to the idea that perhaps Snow isn't quite finished with Port Serenity after all. Overall, as mentioned, a solid romance tale well told as always, and very much recommended.
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I thought this was such an awesome book. I loved the setting and the romance was swoon-worthy. It was sweet and steamy. This is a quick read, so it would be a nice book to take with you on vacation.
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Thanks so much Harlequin Trade Publishing and NetGalley for an advance read in exchange for this review.

This is book 3 in the Wild Coast series.  It involves Oliver and Carly.  They have been friends for years.  Oliver lost his wife and oldest daughter in a tragic accident at sea.  His wife had been Carly's best friend.  Can they get over the past to have a future together?

This was sweet and steamy.  I had a lot of questions, but this was a quick read.  I don't think the cover goes with the story, but it's beautiful! I liked the others in the series better, but this was a nice way to wrap it up.
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I have some real hit and miss feelings about this story.  First I was originally drawn to the beautiful cover.  But it does not belong on this story.  The male main character Oliver Klein, loses his wife and oldest daughter when they are lost at sea.  At no time in this story are the MC’s on a sail boat.  I don’t think the cover is meant for me to think of Oliver and his dead wife who was a competitive sailor.

Oliver Klein and Carly Walters are both life long residents of the Alaskan coastal town of Port Serenity.  Oliver was widowed three years earlier when his wife and oldest daughter were lost at sea.  His family legacy is running the local lighthouse which is mostly automated now.  He and his ten year old daughter handle the tourists that visit now.  Carly runs the a local bookshop and is on the tourism board.  She actively promotes the local legend of a sea goddess that helps bring tourists to the town.  She also happens to be in love with Oliver and has been for a couple of years.  He has her firmly in the friend zone until the town hires a new tourism director that gives Carly some attention.  

I read a review about a month ago where the reviewer said she gives an extra star if the first intimate scene is something besides missionary style.  While I’m not giving the extra star this is the first book since then where I could.  The story focuses on kindling a relationship between the two in the midst of small town events and drama.  Oliver is appropriately concerned that his daughter is okay with him dating and it is handled in a fun way.  Both Carly and Oliver are very likable together and apart.  And I knew Carly’s secret very early into the story.   

The two jump the gun being intimate before even having a date.  But they’ve known each other forever so that is easily forgiven.  I really disliked the grand gesture.  I hate when a grand gesture makes a big decision for the other non consulted person.  In this case when the book ends I’m not sure what Oliver plans to do with his life because it is never discussed between them other than continuing to run light house tours which he often pawns off on his daughter.  And I’m not sure how the grand gesture benefits or works for them as a couple.  Who is running the new venture?  I had so many unanswered questions about the ending because Carly wants to focus less on her business and not more.

Summing up.  Nice steamy open door romance.  Small town, good neighbors and friends.  Daughter gets a cute kitten.  And I’m not clear on what the ending really looks like for the couple which left me feeling dissatisfied.  But other reviews have felt differently.  My book contains the bonus novella called Love in the Alaskan Wilds which also takes place in Port Serenity.  Thank you to NetGalley and Harlequin Trade Publishing, HQN for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.  (3.5 Stars)
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A lovely addition to the series. Oliver and Carly are both hot and sweetly romantic. The characters and the Sealena fable all play a role very well.
I enjoyed it.
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A swoonworthy romance in the most magical and beautiful settings. Unique, romantic and a story not to be missed.  I loved it.
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Cozy romance…love and loss…romance and friendship…second chances and moving on…this talented author has written a cannot put down…curl up in front of a blazing fire…enjoy a cup of herbal tea…become lost in the lives of these characters who come alive on the pages…this book was sent to me by Netgalley electronically for review.
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