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I liked this book but I didn’t love it. It was interesting but it almost felt too long. It got very repetitive for me, especially because I knew what the plot twists were right from the beginning.
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The Only Survivors is a story about a group of individuals who survived a tragic accident in high school.  They have gathered once a year on the anniversary of the accident but this year strange occurrences have been going on.  While this story had an unexpected ending, it was not my favorite Megan Miranda novel.  I have been a big Miranda fan since All the Missing Girls and I enjoy the twisty nature of her novels.  Unfortunately, The Only Survivors was slow and lacked the binge-ability I've come to enjoy from Megan Miranda.  The duel timeline was confusing and difficult to follow.  It appeared the Miranda was trying to be intentionally vague with details about the past but I feel like she was too vague.  I had a hard time connecting with the characters and really caring about them as people.  My love for Megan Miranda and the fact that her endings are almost always great, are really the only thing that kept me going to the end.  Despite this book being a miss for me, I continue to look forward to her new books.
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Megan Miranda has been so hit and miss for me over the years.  Some of her books I devour in a day, others it takes me a month to finish her book and that's with me forcing myself to trek through it.  I was so excited for this book, the setting and the premise sounded like something I would love and not be able to put down.  Instead it took me forever to read this and multiple times I wanted to put the book down and call it quits.  I didn't care for any of the characters so obviously anything that happened to them in the book didn't matter to me.  The twists were okay but man this book felt slow for the parts that weren't twisty.  Honestly I cared more about the past parts when they were at the crash scene than I cared about what was going on in current day.  

I'm sure I'll still give any future books of hers a chance but I really hope the next one is better than this one.

*Many thanks to Scribner for the gifted copy for my honest review*
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A fast paced thriller that is full of suspense and mystery.  I could not put this one down. I was captivated from beginning to end. Great character detail! I couldn’t tell who to trust.
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Like all of Megan Miranda's novels, I was gripped from beginning to end. She knows how to tell a tale of suspense and intrigue. She's never predictable and always keeps readers on their toes.
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I loved this book. The twists were awesome. I loved the setting of a beach location. Great summer time read!
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A fast paced thriller that full of tension and mystery.  Who do you save?  That's the question behind this story.  I could not put this one down, captivating from beginning to end.
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A story about a group of teens who experience a terrible event and then come back together years later.  Heard this tale before?  Maybe so, but not written in the captivating style of Megan Miranda.  The atmosphere, the characters, the tension was sublimely delivered in this fateful unputdownable tale.

Thank you NetGalley and Scribner for the ARC.
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A school trip, a tragic accident, and the survivors bonded by that night. As they try to heal from the trauma, they feel committed to watching out for each other, but as time passes can they still trust one another? As some of them die and another goes missing, will they be cursed by the secrets of that night or find a way to once again, survive? Thanks to NetGalley and Scribner for the ARC.  This is my honest review.
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I honestly wasn't sure where this book was going, in the best way possible. We didn't know if the main character was unreliable or if something else was going on. It was almost a locked room mystery, but there was enough evidence that maybe there was an outside force acting. I stayed up late into the night to finish and was thoroughly satisfied by the end.
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I really love Megan Miranda's books, and while this one was still a good read, it wasn't my favorite.  This one was super slow burn, but I like that she still used her alternating time lines.  My issue was that there were just too many characters.  I had so much trouble keeping track, and once I could keep track, I didn't care much because I didn't feel like I really knew any of them.

She's still an auto buy for me, this one just wasn't my favorite.
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The Only Survivors is a thriller set at the Outer Banks in NC.  A storm is approaching, making the setting a little claustrophobic.  Nine "friends" meet at this beach house every year for a week in order to reaffirm a pact of silence they have taken following a fatal car accident they were involved in during a high school trip.  These nine friends were the only survivors of that trip and as they approach the 10 year anniversary of the accident, tensions run high and the truth might come to light outside of their small group.

Told in alternating viewpoints and timelines, this story was quite intriguing from the start.  I enjoyed hearing the flashbacks (starting right after the crash and going backwards in time until we find out how the crash happened).  There were a few points where I was surprised by what happened and hadn't guessed it.  Overall, I enjoyed this new Megan Miranda thriller and think you will, too.

Thank you to the author, publisher, and NetGalley for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for my honest thoughts.
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Rating: ⭐️⭐️

I picked this one up mostly bc of the cover (I mean perfect for a summer read🤩) and then realized it was set in the Outer Banks, NC where I was vacationing at the time! The setting was so atmospheric so that really drew me in!

Megan Miranda is a hit or miss author for me and this one unfortunately was more of a miss. The premise was interesting and unique, but the pacing was way too slow for my taste. The premise is that a group of high school classmates are tied together due to a tragedy that unfolded 10 years ago while they were on a school trip, resulting in several of their classmates dying. Now the remaining survivors meet up annually for a week but something is off and someone’s keeping secrets… 

I predicted the twist and didn’t find any of the characters to be particularly likeable but was hoping the ending would pay off. This wasn’t my fav Megan Miranda but I’ll def pick up her next one to see if it’s a better one for me!
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Thank you NetGalley for the early copy that I did not read so early...
I am unsure how to feel about the book... I'm ending with much more questions than when I first started the book.

I'm also still very confused on what actually happened, and I am having a hard time accepting the plot twist of it all.
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I have really enjoyed Megan Miranda's other books but this one was so frustrating. Kept turning the pages eager to find out what happened and didn't really learn anything new. The characters made their lives so much harder than they had to be.
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I don’t know why this has taken me so long to write.  I’ve seen so many mixed reviews and I think it is because it has a label of thriller, when it is more of a mystery with a little bit of suspense.

I was drawn into the story right from the start.  First I like the author’s writing style, as it is easy to read.  And this one I was thrown into the story almost in the middle, and I spent a bit of time trying to figure out what happened to bring this group of people, maybe friends, together.  It did feel like a bit of a slow to build and slow burn story, but I really was invested in knowing what happened and who was causing the issues for the group.

While the characters aren’t really all that likable, I still wanted them to find their peace and move on from this tragedy.  The author did a good job of throwing in twists and keeping me guessing.  At some point I suspected every character of being behind everything.  And I also came up with all kinds of wild ideas of what exactly happened all those years ago.

If you are looking for epic twists and an action packed ride, this book isn’t for you.  But if you want to delve into a suspenseful mystery with twists along the way, this needs to be on your radar.
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Cassidy Bent is trying to escape her past, but it doesn't want to let go, so she finds herself once again in the Outer Banks with fellow survivors of a tragic accident their senior year of high school. This year, though, there will be one less former classmate, as his addictions seem to have caught up with him the previous winter, or was something more going on with Ian's death? Cassidy doesn't know who to trust and when another survivor goes missing, she starts questioning everything.

A fun read with flashbacks to the night of the accident that keep the suspense going. Unfortunately, the ending fell a bit flat for me.
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The Only Survivors 🚌
Thank you, Scribner Books, for the gifted copy of this book! {partner}

Genre: Mystery
Format: 🎧📖
Audiobook Narration: ☆☆☆☆
Pub Date: 4.11.2023
Star Rating: ☆☆☆

"Everything, she realized in that stark moment of clarity, had always been out of her control."

Full disclosure: I started reading this and made it about 15% before putting it down because it was such a slow start that I couldn't stay focused on what I was reading. I was still intrigued by the storyline, so I requested a copy of the audiobook from my local library, and when my copy arrived, I started listening.

The story never picked up pace but continued with the slow burn until the final 20% of the book. Some parts were redundant and unimportant to the story - overall, it could've been shorter.

I enjoyed how the storyline was told through alternating timelines, as it gave me a deeper understanding of who the characters were and what made them tick. The past chapters were, by far, my favorite, and I love how each character was given one chapter to share their part of the story.

🐌 Slow burn
🙅🏽‍♀️ Too many characters
👌🏼 Perfectly atmospheric
⏰ Alternating timelines
🗣️ Multiple POV's
😤 The ending was a bit of a letdown

While The Only Survivors may not be my favorite from Megan Miranda, it was still an entertaining read that kept me working in the yard a little longer as bits and pieces of the story were revealed.
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The Slow Burn mystery follows the story of nine high school seniors who survived a tragic accident in Tennessee. The group, including the narrator, Clara, Grace, Oliver, Joshua, Ian, Hollis, Brody, and Cassidy, grew up together and formed a bond. After Clara committed suicide, they meet at The Shallows to keep secrets. Ten years later, they are no longer friends, and Cassidy deletes their contact information. The group gathers at the property, and the charade continues, with secrets from the seven hours before rescue.The narrator questions if they can trust each other and if they are being lured to the Outer Banks each year by someone less forgiving. The story has two issues: it lacks character development and lacks a significant plot twist.

Thank You #NetGalley and Scribner/ Marysue Rucci Books for the advanced copy for an honest review.
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The Only Survivors was an interesting read that had me trying to figure out what truly happened until the very end. However, I found that the build up didn’t lead to an explosive secret as I thought. It was still a good read, but the ending was a bit of a let down.
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