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This starts out so well, so engaging, both Monroe and Nathan are funny, intriguing. But about half way through, when there's absolutely no reason for them not to be together, the doubts they keep voicing are unconvincing. The narrative weakens and is tedious. I wish I could have liked this more, given its promising start.
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The Rancher’s Sanctuary by Linda Goodnight is part of Love Inspired’s K-9 Companions series.

This was a wonderful story! I couldn’t put it down because of how much I cared about the characters and wanted to see what happened to them. Plus I wanted to learn the truth behind Nathan’s tragic memories. I enjoyed Monroe’s snark and how Nathan could see right past it. And the way both of them cared for the stray dogs that Monroe would take in and attempt to rehome was so sweet!

This is a touching story and I’m so glad I had a chance to read it. If you enjoy sweet romance with animals mixed in, then give this one a read!

I received a complimentary copy of this book.
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This was a wonderful story! I couldn’t put it down because of how much I cared about the characters and wanted to see what happened to them. Plus I wanted to learn the truth behind Nathan’s tragic memories. I enjoyed Monroe’s snark and how Nathan could see right past it. And the way both of them cared for the stray dogs that Monroe would take in and attempt to rehome was so sweet!
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The Rancher’s Sanctuary somehow manages to bring together elements of a mystery novel combined with a spirituality that comforts. That seems like an odd combination to me, but the author managed to do it beautifully. 

Nathan is a strong leading character for the novel. His parents were part of a murder-suicide, and he inherited the family ranch. He needs to get it ready to sell. Monroe hates to see it sell. From that simple introduction emerges a wonderful story that I really enjoyed. It was not perfect… there was oddly chosen vocabulary, like “contrition”- (who says contrition?)- but the rest of the book more than makes up for these small things.
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Monroe was a beautiful woman whose disfigurement had left her emotionally as well as physically scarred. She put up every barrier she could but she couldn’t help but be drawn to Nathan whose kindness, charm, confidence and movie star good looks were compelling. What she didn’t know was that some scars can’t be seen with the eyes; Nathan’s were on the inside. I loved this very romantic and inspiring story that was blended with a good dose of mystery. It grabbed my attention right away and kept it all the way through to the end. Highest recommendation! I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley and this voluntary review contains my honest opinions.
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This is a Clean Romance, and this is the 13th book in the K-9 Companions. I really enjoyed reading this book, and the story touched my heart so much. I loved the characters in this book. I was kindly provided an e-copy of this book by the publisher (Love Inspired) or author (Linda Goodnight) via NetGalley, so I can give an honest review about how I feel about this book. I want to send a big Thank you to them for that.
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This is a wonderful heartwarming read that is full of hope and inspiration. It's a beautifully written romance that has a mystery to solve, overcoming things that happened in the past and learning to love and trust again. I loved everything about this book and highly recommend it.
I received a complimentary copy from HARLEQUIN - Romance (U.S. & Canada), Love Inspired via NetGalley and was not required to write a review. All opinions expressed are my own.
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A sweet short romance that I was able to finish in one day, an of course it didn't hurt that there was a cute dog involved as well.
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First off i want to thank Negalley, Harlequin Love Inspired Books and Linda Goodnight for allowing me to read an advanced copy of this book.

This is the 13th book in the K-9 Companions Series, i have not read any of the previous books in this series but i just may have to look into them. I really enjoyed this christian romance by Linda Goodnight. Monroe is a dog rescuer giving love and life to these strays, She has her own heartbreaks to contend with and little does she know she helps these pups because she is broken and feels complete compassion towards them.  Then there is Nathan who comes home to restore Persimmon Hill Guest Ranch, he is dealing with a great loss and is here to learn the truth about his loss. So Monroe is hired on by Nathan to help restore the ranch and help with the horses. Needless to say they aren't aware that they are healing one another and feelings begin to arise between the two.
Without giving to much away lets just say Monroe comes out of her shell and faces the world and Nathan comes to find out the truth about what happened at Persimmon Hill.  And then of course there is the sweet happy ending, I recommend this one to anyone who believes that God can bring a mess into a message. He can heal the broken hearted and fix what has been done.
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Wow, I could not wait to review The Rancher's Sanctuary by Linda Goodnight. A part of the K-9 Companion series. This heartwarming story about overcoming tragedy is so well written. It was page turning as I was caught up in the lives of Nathan and Monroe.

Nathan Garrison, when he was six years old, remembers the scene of his parents death. Told that his father killed his mother then killed himself, he cannot believe it and returns to the home he has inherited to discover the truth.

Monroe Matheson, an angry scarred young woman, cannot trust another man. Burned by a fire trying to save her fiancé, he rejects her, leaving her emotionally and physically scarred. As Monroe agrees to work with Nathan to restore the Persimmon Ranch, she finds he has not held his brokenness in anger but is kind and forgiving. Something she needs more than hiding.

This story moved me. The characters were so well written  I was rooting for Nathan and Monroe every step of the way. The more time they spend together, the more they admire the strength of each others character. It was a wholesome story, even with the tragedy they both had faced. A beautiful love story, about faith, forgiveness and trust. It makes me want to be a better person. Kinder. More forgiving.

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher via NetGalley.  Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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The Rancher’s Sanctuary is a well written inspirational romantic.  I throughly enjoyed the plot and character dynamics.  I recommend this book.  I received an advance ebook from the publisher and Netgalley.  This is my unbiased review.
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A Wow of a Story

It is no secret that one of the things I love about a book is when it grabs me right from the start, and The Rancher's Sanctuary did just that. It sucked me in from the very first page and did not let me go until I had read every single word. Needless to say that was a huge wow factor for me. 

I was completely intrigued and captivated by Nathan's story. It had me turning pages as I tried to piece everything together. I was also captivated by the relationship that developed between Nathan and Monroe. I enjoyed how Nathan's mystery served as the thread that drew them together. It was so sweet to watch how their discoveries of pieces of the mystery led to conversations of discoveries about each other. Their conversations and their bantering back and forth were entertaining and kept me smiling. However, whenever the effects from the wounds of their pasts came to the forefront in their growing relationship, it had me holding my breath and wondering how they would overcome. 

The wonderful characters, which included some very special four legged friends, and the intrigue made this story of love, overcoming, trust and faith an absolutely beautiful read that I highly recommend.

Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with an advanced copy of this book.  All comments and opinions are voluntary and completely my own.
TBR April 25, 2023
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This is the first book I have read in the K-9 companion series and I found it fascinating. Linda Goodnight is an exceptional author and I enjoy her book. A sweet, clean well-written storyline that draws you in, complete with dogs that have a missing eye, limb or other issues, but are still loved by their owner. Just like the characters in the story, despite our flaws, God still loves us. I give this book 5 stars. 

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book from Harlequin Romance Live Inspired. All opinions and words are my own.  This book will be published April 25, 2023.
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This is a Christian romance book and part of the K-9 Companions series. Nathan is returning to his childhood home hoping to find answers about his parents tragic death and restore his home to what it once was. Monroe has a tragic past of her own and helps Nathan restore his home. 
This was an enjoyable, quick read. The characters are well developed and likeable. I especially enjoyed the mystery about what happened to Nathan's parents all those years ago. That was definitely unexpected.
Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I received an arc from NetGalley and this is my honest opinion.

Nathan returns to his childhood home and not with the fondest of memories. Monroe happens to be at the estate when Nathan arrives and she doesn’t provide the warmest welcome.

Soon the two will learn to help each other through difficult times and as they work to save the Hall their feelings for each other continue to grow.

Great HEA ending and the suspense behind the Hall is unexpected.
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Linda Goodnight delivers a heart-warming page-turning story about overcoming a traumatic past. Both Nathan and Monroe suffered past trauma that shaped who they were. Each character must learn to apply their faith in a loving God to help them. Nathan’s faith is stronger and inspires Monroe to be more like him.

I loved the way Goodnight introduced a physical deformity and mirrored it to the scars Monroe’s rescued dogs had. My favorite part of the entire book was in Goodnight’s comparison of Jesus’s scars with those faced by the characters in the book. Very healing, truthful words.

The quirky, reclusive cowgirl, Monroe must learn to see herself for who she is and to stop seeing herself through the aftermath of her accident. She is a woman with a beautiful heart and soul, a softie for dogs, and even one broken-hearted rhinestone cowboy.

Goodnight made me fall in love with both Monroe and Nathan. I rooted with them for each other as they faced many challenges in life and love. The ending was extremely satisfying. I love a good story where characters realize what they thought they wanted wasn’t even what they really wanted after all.

I would strongly recommend this book for fans of Christian romance in a western setting with a powerful message of faith. It has dogs, horses, and a touch of intrigue to go along with the romance. Well worth the read.

Genre: Christian Romance, Inspirational Romance, Sweet Romance, Dog Lovers, Intrigue
Location: Persimmon Hill Ranch, Oklahoma
Romance: Very clean. Brief mention of kissing.
Faith: Strong example of faith in overcoming past trauma. Very inspiring and uplifting story with overtly Biblically based faith.

Disclaimer: I requested and received an advanced copy of this book courtesy of Harlequin Publishers through NetGalley. I was not required to give a favorable review. All opinions are my own.
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I found this book a breathe of fresh air.  Truly deserving of a Christian tag.  Although his faith doesn't shine through until a third of the way through the book it does show the struggles Christians go through and how many different ways there are to react.  This was a book I could hardly put down.   It was compelling and well thought out.  I will be looking for me books by her.
I recieved a free copy so that I might tell you what I honestly think. Hope you enjoyed my review. Now go enjoy the book.
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The Rancher's Sanctuary is one of the sweetest love stories I've ever read and I read a lot! The sweet slowness of it all, the healing and restoration that take place, and with mystery and sass. I highly recommend this book!
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"The Rancher's Sanctuary" is a Christian romance. Monroe was a beauty queen. Now she has burns scarring part of her face from fighting a fire to save her fiancé (who then dumped her, the jerk). Figuring everyone would feel either pity or disgust, Monroe stayed on her grandpa's ranch taking care of rescue dogs. She also enjoys the solitude found on the long-abandoned, neighboring ranch.

Nathan intends to renovate the ranch back into a guest resort and working ranch. He also wants to uncover the truth about his parent's murder. Monroe's rude, sarcastic way of interacting didn't bother him because he knew it's her pain and defensiveness talking. As they spent time together, each came to admire the other's character, became friends, and then more. Each helped support and build the other up. They made a great team when working together.

The mystery served mostly as a reason for Monroe to spend time with Nathan and as a strong enough reason to motivate her back into society. The dogs had distinct personalities but weren't a major focus of the story. The Christian element was woven into the story, things like Nathan explained how Scripture helped him to focus on positive things rather than grow bitter. Monroe finally accepted that Nathan could really love her with her scars (like we don't love Jesus less because of his scars). There was no sex or bad language. Overall, I'd recommend this enjoyable romance.
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This was a sweet read! The Rancher’s Sanctuary is written by Linda Goodnight. Monroe and Nathan both had scars that they were dealing with and pasts that had left them haunted. But can they come together as they work to fix up the ranch that Nathan owns?
	I felt for both Nathan and Monroe as they learned to trust God through the trails he had allowed them to experience. I adored Nathan. Although he had suffered much at a young age, he still strove to trust God. Nathan was trying to piece together his past while restoring the house he had inherited. Nathan had to learn to trust in God’s plan. 
	Monroe was a complicated character. She had to grow on me, however as I read more I was able to get to know her. She had lost her faith in God because of her past experiences but Nathan was showing her that there was still good in the world. Monroe had to learn to trust God as Nathan shook up her life. 
	I liked Monroe and Nathan’s relationship. They became friends as they worked together and as they spent more time together, they began to fall in love. I liked how it did not feel rushed. The plot was also engaging and I wanted to know how this book was going to end, there were some fun twists and turns that came along. 
	The Rancher’s Sanctuary is a clean Christian contemporary romance. 

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the publisher through Netgalley. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, a positive review was not required.
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