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This is the third book in the Getting Shipped Series, a small town romance.   I LOVE this series.  Aiden and Em's clean romance is fun, sweet, and heartwarming.  They are both amazing characters.  Some scenes are hilarious! The cast of supporting characters is impressive.  I liked their antics, and the small town vibes! Amy McFadden and Will Damron did an amazing job bringing this story to life.  I enjoyed it. Looking forward to listening to Censorshipped, the next book in the series. I received a copy of this book through NetGalley, a Dreamscape Media Audio production,  for an honest review.
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I am absolutely loving this series by Savannah Scott!!! The narration on the audiobook is fantastic!
In TownShipped we finally get Aiden's story and it is worth the wait!
This is a clean sweet romance, full of witty banter, fun characters, and a town that we all want to visit.
Aiden has a heart of pure gold and Em/Mallory is such a strong resilient character.
The chemistry and tension between these two was off the charts. Let me just take a moment to tip my hat to Savannah Scott who can write the heck out of a kissing scene!
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I really enjoyed this quirky, cute romance. Would definitely recommend and will be buying a copy for myself!
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My favorite of the series so far! M and Aiden are such a sweet pair, and this story was interesting and nuanced. The setting is almost exclusively Aiden’s farm, which keeps the story intimate and simple. The 3rd act character additions were sudden and a little rushed, but I didn’t hate it. Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC to review!
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So I really liked the narrators for this one. I initially was loving this book because it just felt like a hallmark movie, predictable but still fun. However there were some weird comments later on about people with tattoos and the way people dressed that felt out of place and forced. I know its small town America but its still not nice.
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3.5 / 5 stars

The characters really sold this one for me. I just liked them. The supporting characters were kind and the town was charming. 

There was a lot going on in this book and it felt like some of the big plot points might have been just a little too much (not going to spoil anything here). I also feel like if I was in an accident and couldn't remember anything, I'd probably be a bit more freaked out than Mallory. But that's just me!

All in all, I think I'll go back and give the rest of the series a listen. 

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an advance copy. All opinions are my own.
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I loved the premise  of the storyline even though insta love isn’t my favorite   I feel like it was well done. 

What  I didn’t like were the remarks stereotyping people because of the way they dressed/looked. 

I also didn’t find the book very funny for being a romcom or maybe it was just not my type of humor. The parts that seemed like they were supposed to be funny seemed forced. 

While I thought the book was just ok, I know other readers will probably love it!
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There is something so interesting about amnesia stories. Initially, this book was so easy to listen to with its charismatic narrators, will they/ won’t they, and a compelling first meet/ setup. About 60% through things continued to compound and it felt a lot like a soap opera. One that I wanted to finish to see what happened, but not one that drew excitement. Overall, great narration, I may even look into another in the series, because it is well written, but this one lost my interest mid way through.
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I really try my best to finish everything I start, but this was a miss for me and I couldn't finish it.  I can't decide if the story was boring or if it was the narrator.  I will try reading a hard copy to see if I like it better!
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I love a Savannah Scott Romance! Honestly, They're the comfortable sweater you always return to... or maybe its the spicy comfort food you love. thats probably a better example. I want to live in Bordeaux, I want to know if a place like this actually exists. maybe i'll retire there.
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#3.5/5 - 0.5/5 Spice - Book #3 of Getting Shipped! Series

So this was probably my favorite book of the Shipped series so far. I loved the amnesia component "M's" character! Aiden was just the sweetest protector, and overall a really sweet, clean romance -It felt the most realistic for being a clean romance. 

Brief Plot: Aiden finds a women crashed io his property and immediately sprints to help her recover, including recovering her memories, as she has amnesia from the crash. M ant remember her life, or the fact that she just cancelled her wedding, and was traveling on her honeymoon alone. As the two grow closer, Aiden puts the breaks on any romance to ensure M is already committed to someone else. But through time spent, they become incredibly close. When she gets her memories back, will she go back to her old life, or stay in the new world she has formed with Aiden. 

Thank you NetGalley and Dreamscape Media for an eARC Audiobook copy of Townshipped, written by Savannah Scott, and narrated by Amy McFadden and Will Damron. This is my honest review!
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Aiden isn’t looking for love, he’s already meet the woman of his dreams, literally in his dreams, until one day during a snow storm a woman literally crashes into his life but she can’t remember anything about her own life.  Mallory (Em) is beautiful with red hair and green eyes, Aiden has seen her in his dreams, so what does this mean?  Bordeaux is already gossiping that Em is Aiden’s new bride and his family is accepting her with open arms, but who is she really and will she feel the same when her memories come back?

Townshipped is a standalone, dual POV, small town, close proximity, slow burn, amnesia, hero x damsel,  insta-love romance book with no spice (just kissing).  Yes this book is a standalone but it is also book 3 in the Getting Shipped series.  So the you do not need to read the first book in the series but we do have the couples from the first two books, Lexi and Trevor, and Laura and Rob, are featured.  I did not read the first book before this and found that it did not impact my reading experience, but I have read the second book in the series.  

I instantly loved this story more than Battleshipped.  I already liked Aiden from Battleshipped and was excited for him to find love, and it was hard not to love Em.  Aiden and Em click together so well, Aiden is there for Em while she recovers and doesn’t overstep.  Em is screaming in her sleep, Aiden is there for her, a tragedy hits Aiden’s family, Em is there for him.  They each gain feelings for each other but they want to respect each others boundaries and to give each other time to figure out their feelings.  Em loves Aiden but doesn’t want to impose herself on him, especially when his life is going through such a major change and Aiden loves Em but wants her to figure out her life and not ask her to stay with him.  Their whole relationship felt so HEALTHY.  I do wish we had a little bit more communication but the ending was so worth it.  

The town of Bordeaux was iconic again, still loving the gossip and getting themselves involved in other peoples lives, but I found they went as much as a focus as they were in the previous book.  

The audiobook was narrated by Amy McFadden and Will Damron (who also narrated Battleshipped) and I found that they did an excellent job.  I really enjoy Will’s voice and I enjoyed Amy’s as well, I just found I had to slow down the playback speed during her chapters and that all of her other female character voices have a ‘valley girl’ edge to them.  I am looking forward to reading Censorshipped, the next book in the series, that focuses on Duke and Shannon (finally!), and getting more time in Bordeaux.

Thank you NetGalley and Dreamscape Media for an advanced audio copy for an honest review. I love you guys 💕
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Townshipped was a cute small town romance. I was surprised at how well Savannah Scott implemented the amnesia trope. The only downside for me was the insta-love. Some people like that trope, but it isn't really my cup of tea.
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Another adorable story from this quirky little town! I enjoyed the introduction of an outsider and thought the storyline was unique. I fell in love with Aidan and thought this romance was super cute!

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Thank you for allowing me to listen to this story!!
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This one was just pure fun!  Mallory (Em) crashes her car in a snowstorm after she loses her wallet so she has no identification and when she wakes up, of course, she has amnesia.  The only thing she remembers is her name is Em.  Aiden is a farmer of goats and a cranky llama and living the simple life in the small town in Ohio and didn't plan on finding love but when it crashes into his life he welcomes it.  Watching these two come together and blossom this was such as charming and special story.  I cannot wait for more!
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Okay y’all, I’m starting to think that I have a thing for the amnesia trope…. This book was EVERYTHING!! The romance!! The comedy!!! The SWOONS!!! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Savannah’s books age like fine wine. I love them all, but each one is better than the last!😍

Aiden is the gold standard for book boyfriends❤️ The way he nurtured and showed his love for Mallory throughout the story was absolutely swoon-worthy🥹 I loooooved how Aiden respected Mallory’s “past” life and was patient with her as her memories returned. This made for some absolutely FABULOUS slowburn moments… the tension was PALPABLE🤩😉 I also have to say that if the MMC in a book interacts with kiddos, it’s an automatic +10 points for me🥹😍😍 Seeing Aiden care for his niece and nephew just about undid me😭❤️ The narrators did FANTASTIC with the kiddos’ voices!!! 

As for the comedy, Savannah’s brand of humor is very similar to my own. I love how she can take difficult/intense moments and infuse them with her trademark sense of humor to provide much-needed levity to the story☺️ The funeral scene will forever live rent-free inside my head😂 #iykyk 

Lastly, I can’t end this review without giving a HUGE shoutout to the townspeople of Bordeaux🥰 There’s just something about the nosiness/gossip paired with the  genuine love/concern for others that always warms my heart☺️ I cannot wait to revisit these folks in CensorShipped🥳

Special thanks to @dreamscapemedia for the ALC!! All thoughts and opinions expressed are entirely my own!!
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Awe!  I swear, each of the “shipped” books are just so dang good!! Aiden and Mel’s book was no different and I just loved them so much!  I now want to go to Bordeaux so that I can find these imaginary people and become one of their friends!  I don’t know what it is about the amnesia trope but I just cannot get enough of it. This was such a sweet adorable very swooney story with love, laughter, friendship, heartache, an adorably handsome MMC. If you don’t like these, something is seriously wrong with you. Or you just don’t like romance books. Now to read the next one. 

*I received a copy  of this audiobook as an ARC reviewer, but a positive review wasn’t required. All thoughts are solely what I personally thought of this beautiful book.
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Thank you so much for the opportunity to read this.

I enjoyed my time with this story. The set up was great. The characters were fun. The small town was ridiculous in the best ways. I loved the animals and the kids in the supporting roles that brought the heart into this.
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I really enjoyed this story, even more than the first book. There is still some repetition of thoughts, but it is not significant and makes sense within the context of the story. 

These characters were wonderful. I enjoyed getting to know them and revisiting with old characters as well. These stories are best read in order due to all of the characters carrying over into the next stories. The series is a continuing story arc with different people from the town as the main players in different stories. 

I missed the second book in the series, but will be going back to read it. Of course, I now know where the characters will end up due to reading this one first, but I'm ok with that. I still want to read about how they will get there. This is such a fun town to visit. 

The book is well-written. I love the town, the characters, and the bits of humor. I look forward to reading more by Savannah Scott. 

I listened to the audio narrated by Amy McFadden and Will Damron, who also narrated the previous books. I suppose it is a little weird to have them narrate new characters characters in the same town, but it didn't bother me at all. I think they both do an excellent job bringing the characters to life and I'm able to easily slip into the story.

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I love Savannah Scott and this series - I would for sure love to keep reading the other books in series 

I love an amnesia trope- I believe it is underrated and needs to be used more often. 

Em ends up with no memory of staying in Adian's home is the crust of this romance. and her journey to self-discovery is what Adian takes part in 

these two have chemistry right away however there was no razzle dazzle to this anemia trope - Em was remembering things little but little as one does but she seemed to have very little legit trama with the remembering and I wish there was more drama with the memory loss part of things 

The middle is where things got a little mundane - considering they didn't know each other long the monologue was way more familiar than I would have expected especially for Em who has no memory 

Narrators  Amy McFadden and Will Damron did a great job with the characters and the voice - I loved that there were two points of view - Awesome job
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