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10 Days of the Easter Story

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I like the idea of an Easter devotional that explores different emotions regarding the death and resurrection of Jesus.  There's a lot for kids to be confused about during that time of the year, from Palm Sunday through to the Great Commission.  I was a bit confused as to who the book's intended audience was, though.  The book suggests ages 4-10, but that is a wide gap in developmental ages.  The simplistic pictures pointed to the younger set, but the follow-up questions were pretty high-level thinking for the most part.  

I received this book as a free eARC from NetGalley, but my views are my own.
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When I first saw this book, I was very excited to walk the 10 Days leading up to Easter with my children discussing with them the various emotions that accompany the events surrounding the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed by this book.

My first and most significant criticism of this book is that it was much too harsh on the Jewish people. From my perspective it seemed to blame much of the sadness and bad feelings of the Passion events upon the evil intentions of the Jewish people as a whole rather than as the evil actions of individual people or sin in general. As Christians, we must take our responsibility for the Death of Jesus Christ and not transfer the blame.

My second criticism was the the book did not seem to have its audience well targeted. The reflections were very long and the questions were very high level, in-depth questions which were way too complex for my 6 and 9-year-olds while at the same time the pictures were very childish and not very engaging for that age level but more suited for a much younger age level.

I really like the idea of walking through the emotions of each day of Holy Week but sadly, I think that this book needs some re-working to be ready as a family devotional.
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10 Days of the Easter Story 
A Family Experience Through the Feelings of Holy Week 
by Josh Straub; Christi Straub 
Publisher: B&H Publishing Group 
Series: None 
Rated: 4 
Obtain: Buy 
Back of the Book: “Experience the Easter story in a whole new way! 
The happiness on Palm Sunday, the surprise at the Last Supper, the sadness at the cross, the joy at the tomb—the week of Jesus’ death and resurrection was filled with emotion. In 10 Days of the Easter Story, your family will journey through the key moments of Holy Week by encountering the emotions people felt during the week that changed the world. 
Each day offers a retelling of the biblical story, a prayer, family-time questions, and an exploration of that day’s emotion. With ideas for activities and pages to record family responses, this book will become a keepsake to be used year after year. Gather your family to celebrate the full emotions and glory of Easter!” 
Impressions: I think this is a versatile family devotional. The book is divided into 10 days with a focus on a different emotion each day. The emotions align with the events leading up to Jesus’s death and resurrection. The text takes a deep look at our own emotions, what they mean, and how to cope with them. I enjoyed how each emotion was biblically based on the Easter story but also was taken and picked apart on a personal level to evaluate based on how God wants us to respond to such emotion. There are activities and family discussion questions to expand on the devotional each day as well. I think that this was a unique way to prepare your family and yourself for Easter.  

I received an ARC of this book via the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review shared here. For more book reviews go to:
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I really enjoyed .  10 Days of the Easter Story is a book that shares 10 events that surround the Easter Story.  Each event focuses on a certain emotion that takes place during that Easter Event.   Each Easter event describes the emotion being felt and what it means.  At the end of each Easter Event there are discussion questions and an activity to help you understand what you just read.  Even though 10 Days of the Easter Story is designated to read around the Easter Season, I believe that it can be read anytime.  It’s also a great help in teaching kids about emotions.  This a fantastic book to read as a Family.  I highly recommend this book!  Thank you to NetGalley and the Publisher for the opportunity to read this book.  My review is also on Goodreads.
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"I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own

I enjoyed using 10 Days of Easter Stories to accompany my Easter celebrations. 

The questions were by far my favorite part. It would be fun to keep the family's answers every year as a keepsake.

Very nice book and a new tradition
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Join authors Josh & Christi Straub (& illustrator, Angelika Scudamore) in this 10 day devotional for families that explores the story and the emotional journey of individuals involved in the Easter Story.

Reading Level: Easy
This book is written for children & families to use as a devotional activity together.

Faith Engagement Level: Easy to Digest
Some sections of the book may feel a bit long for the youngest of readers, but there are plenty of activities for families to choose and use together as devotional content.

Reader Age Recommended: Ages 4+
Some of the text will be too advanced for children to read on their own, but the content is perfectly understandable and accessible for young readers listening to the text.

I am not generally a fan of children's devotional books. I find that in many cases, they over-simplify or reduce faith to trite sayings. Personally, I want to see my child engage in faith in a meaningful and challenging way - so please understand that in this review, I am being deeply mindful of how children can grow and thrive as a result of this book. ​

This book gives children and their families the space to engage in meaningful faith exploration and discussion. Aside from the important space to engage faith, this devotional work also allows the space for children and the families to develop healthy emotional practices together. ​

​It is important to note that the authors, Josh and Christi Straub, are leaders of a program known as Famous at Home - and their focus in ministry as counselors is to empower families to thrive in their faith, and home life. While I cannot speak to their other work (as I have not personally engaged with their counselling and family support work), this book has a clear focus on empowering growth in family life and accomplishes that goal.

As you can see from the pictures included in the section above, there are a lot of opportunities for your children to engage in their faith and emotional health development (focusing on 10 unique emotions). For kids that have a strong sense of emotional maturity, the aspects of faith will be areas of challenge for growth. Likewise, for kids that have a well-developed understanding of faith, this book will give them space to explore their emotional health.

This devotional may also be a viable material for small children's ministry groups - as it includes activities which can be easily adapted to suit a smaller church ministry.
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A new, multi-faceted tool for families looking to engage with the Easter story. 10 Days of the Easter Story centres on ten different events and ten different emotions within the Easter story in chronological order. Bible verses, activities, and discussion questions are also included. This is a great resource for talking about emotions while engaging with Christ and His followers from a new perspective. The book is well-organized and easy to follow. This would be a wonderful tool for families looking to celebrate and study in a meaningful way this Easter season.
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10 Days of the Easter Story by Josh and Christi Straub is a devotional for families for the time of Easter. The book holds 10 different devotions, starting from Palm Sunday and walking through the Holy Week and past the Ascension to the Great Commission. For every day, there is a Bible passage or passages to read, then a commentary on the day. Each day discusses an emotion that the story of the day can elicit. After that, there are questions to go through and an activity to do together as a family.

I thought this was a great book for the time of Easter. This is better for a little bit older kids (7+ years) as the family questions are not so easy -- but they are really good for learning and reflecting. The length is also good for a little bit older kids who can listen longer. I feel like even adults can benefit from every day's devotion, so this really is a good one for the whole family.
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This book provides a family devotional plan for Holy Week starting with Palm Sunday and ending a few days after Easter with Jesus’ ascension and delivering the Great Commission to His disciples. Each day of the devotional shares a passage of the Bible to read and then provides a little commentary on the passage aimed at the kids in the family. The next spread then talks about some of the emotions in that day of Holy week and the passage being talked about, shares a prayer, and then has 2 pages of suggested questions and an activity to do as a family.

I felt like this did a good job of making the biblical points and tie-ins with emotions clear enough for kids but also rich enough for even adults to get something out of each day. The illustrations are done in an engaging style, and the text length was just right. The suggested activity ideas seemed like very easy things for families to do. Overall, a good choice for Christian families or small groups with kids to do together.

I received an ARC of this title from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who has been tempted in every way as we are. Yet without sin. Hebrews 4:15

A family devotion for Easter. Each day goes over the following feelings for Holy Week and coincides the feelings that may have occurred during that week.

Day 1 Happiness
Day 2 Anger
Day 3 Gratitude
Day 4 Surprise
Day 5 Disgust
Day 76 Sadness
Day 7 Fear
Day 8 Joy
Day 9 Remorse
Day 10 Bravery

Each chapter starts with scripture and a short premise. It ends with prayer and a discussion time. Questions and activity are provided. I appreciated how the feelings were meant with solutions that can help each family member to work out there feelings.

I was remined with my own family that we may do everything right. Share and express but it may not received. Are feelings show us what is wrong but God desires for us to do what is right. A hard lesson to learn for people of all ages.

A special thank you to B&H and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.
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What a great family devotional for the 10 days leading up to Easter! The book's devotions are perfect for elementary age children. I liked how the devotions themselves are laid out. They have one page devoted to the events in the Bible and another page describing the emotions that were felt during that day. The next couple pages include questions you can ask your children after going over the devotions with them. These are thought provoking questions so be prepared for some interesting answers from your little ones. There is also a part for a family activity to reiterate the lesson that was taught. This part was my favorite, especially one activity that involves a remote control and dealing with children's behavior. If you were trying to decide whether to get this, I would highly recommend it. The question section and especially the family activity suggestions make this a perfect family devotional.
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This is a great family devotional to work up to the resurrection of Jesus. The lesson itself was quick and informative with great illustrations. The questions were great discussions for everyone, as well as the fun activities to do each lesson. This was well done and I'm thankful for the opportunity to get to review this!
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