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Not in a Million Years

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Thankyou to Netgalley, the publisher and the author for allowing me to read this ARC.
This is my first book by this author and will be reading more from her. 
I liked the front cover as i thoguht it was cute. 
This book was very funny but it did hit on some tough issues which were drug use and addiction which could be a trigger for some. 
3/5 stars
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Such a fun read - I binged it over the weekend and had the best time. Fun characters with an engaging plot what more could I ask for? Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an advanced copy of the book in exchange for a review.
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This book reminded me why dating in the age of confusing sexuality is behind me. I think this was done in a very good way however did find that the changing timelines took me out of the story
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I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

I enjoyed this book a lot.  I really liked how funny it was.
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When Andy, who has been a friend for years,
Suddenly totally disappears
Those closest to him have their fears
That this could all end up in tears.

Detective work by frenemies Daniel and Kate
Discovers that in Turkey Andy may have met his fate.
They decide to go search for him there
Though of each other they know to beware!

Will this expedition to find their friend
Have a happy or very sad end?
Trying to find where Andy is now
Could it bring them together somehow?

A story of friendships over the years
And assumptions and misunderstanding that caused tears.
A story of discovering more of what is really true
And deciding then just what you should do!

Filled with secrets, surprises and more
A fun read, with relationships to explore.
It is said that love and hate are akin to each other
Maybe that's what Kate and Daniel will also discover!

For my complementary copy of this book, I say thank you,
Such a fun read and this is my honest review.
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This is an enemies to lovers romcom that also looks at how drug addiction affects the people around the addict.  I like the way Ms. Ranald handles a difficult topic with grace and humor. 
Kate has been friends with Andy for many years. When no one has heard from him for a while she gets worried. Another one of his friends, Daniel, who Kate doesn’t like, is also concerned.
Daniel knows Andy went to Turkey, so they decide to go find him.  When they arrive, the trip turns decidedly romantic as Kate and Daniel rediscover why they were friends in the past. There are funny and romantic parts in this section of the book. 
They finally find Andy, and it’s clear he’s relapsed. Without going into detail, Daniel and Kate see him with new eyes. 
This is a cute romance that also looks at the difficulties of addiction.  4 stars. 

Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed as in this review are completely my own.
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TRIGGER WARNING: drug use and addiction
Kate's best friend Andy disappears abroad and she is anxious when he doesn't keep in contact. He has a history of drug abuse so she fears for his safety. In her desperation she agrees to travel to his last known location with Daniel, a friend of Andy's that she despises. Can they keep their arguments to a minimum and find their mutual friend...?
Not In A Million Years is described as a romantic comedy but I feel this doesn't do justice to the intense and emotional plot and characters. Yes, the romance strand is clear throughout the book as Kate and Daniel deny their true feelings for each other. But for me, the strength of friendship and the perils of addiction were just as strong as themes.
That makes it sound a bit heavy, and at times it was. I was so wound up by Andy's selfishness even while I tried to remember that addiction is an illness. Kate has good intentions and seems like a genuinely caring person. She suffers from insomnia as well as having a fear of heights and flying. These elements added to her authenticity as a character.
There were other moments of wonderful comedy, passionate sex scenes, and episodes that showed the gentleness and kindness of Kate and Daniel. I also want to mention the wonderful descriptions of the location. I have been to Turkey twice and felt like I was back there (plus I loved the inclusion of the cats!)
Not In A Million Years is an entertaining book and makes me yearn for the summer!
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Warning: this book is advertised as “ a feel-good, feisty and fabulous romantic comedy” and it is anything but!!! 

A commonly accepted saying is to never judge a book by its cover; Not In A Million Years by Sophie Ranald taught me to never judge a book by its synopsis. I picked this book up expecting it to be a light read featuring a typical enemies-to-lovers trope. Boy was I wrong! 

This book is centered around a group of friends searching for their missing loved one, Andy. They fear he has gone back to abusing drugs and alcohol with a new secret lover. While there a “love story”, it consists of a an unhealthy love triangle that centers on codependency and enabling. I found the romanization of this to be anything but romantic. 

This book was not something I would recommend. In fact, I barely finished it. The only reason I did so was because NetGalley and Bookouture allowed me to read it in exchange for my honest review.
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General Thoughts 🤔

The marketing told me rom com and the book gave me rom com. What more could I have asked for really? I really enjoyed this story and that is evident from the way that I flew through reading it. There were plenty of laugh out loud moments and the enemies to friends trope was exciting to follow. I never really understood how people had romance tropes that they preferred but I’m starting to get it now. Enemies to lovers is definitely up there as one of my favourites.

Characters 👫👭👬

It was impossible to not like the characters in this book, flaws and all. Starting with Kate; she was stubborn and fiercely independent (reminding me of myself a little bit). She was 100% stuck in her own way for such a long time and I feel like everyone else could see something in Daniel that she wouldn’t let herself see.

Daniel was a sweetie. I was wishing he would put himself out there for Kate as it was obvious that he had feelings for her, however I imagine her coldness probably put him off that idea. I really liked Daniel’s attitude towards Andy and his recovery as it was kind of tough love with kindness. I don’t know how that balance existed but it did.

Writing Style ✍️

This is the first Sophie Ranald book that I’ve read and I really enjoyed her writing style. She wrote in funny scenes that weren’t in the least bit cheesy (which can be a put off for me with romantic comedy) whilst keeping an element of romance that had me invested in Daniel and Kate. Add in Andy’s problems that could be considered a little heavy going for a rom com, it all blended together really well and kept the plot interesting.

Conclusion & Scoring 🎖

This was a feel good book and I had such a great time reading it. It was romantic without being sappy and it was funny without being cheesy. I flew through reading it and found it to be a great weekend companion. I have also decided that my future husband must be a carpenter who restores furniture. I haven’t told my fiancé yet but I’m sure he’ll be ok with it. Definitely recommend Not in a Million Years for an easy going, enjoyable read.
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This is a poignant novel about addiction. Yes it’s a love story but Daniel and Kate are almost secondary to Andy’s struggle with addiction and the impact that has on the lives of everyone in this wonderful friendship group. I loved it, but the Amazon blurb is really misleading and doesn’t do this thoughtful story justice. 

Thanks very much to NetGalley for the ARC and the opportunity.
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Kate and Daniel have a fun enemies to lovers vibe but there's even more to their story.  They are both good friends with a guy named Andy who struggles with addiction and often pulls unnecessary attention because of his antics.  When they have to race off to find him when he goes AWOL and isn't communicating with anyone, they find that they may actually have a friendship.  But can they maintain that after other feelings get in the way.

This was a fun read that didn't shy away from discussion of addictive behaviors as well as how easy it is to be an enabler without realizing it.  It ends as a feel good book but there are times in the middle where you aren't sure how it will go.

Thank you to NetGalley for this ARC.  I voluntarily chose to read and review it.
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Great fun rom com book. Great writing style. Was a easy read, great for holiday or on the beach. Would definitely read more from this author
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Thank you to Bookouture & Netgalley for approving this arc.

This wasn't howi I expected it to be.
I enjoyed the beginning a bit, but not so much after that.
Maybe it's because I had so much expectations for it
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Thank you NetGalley and Bookoutour for giving me the opportunity to read this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion. Thank you Sophie Ranald for writing #NotInAMillionYears. 

Although I typically stick to a specific genre, I decided to branch out and try something new. While I expected a light-hearted and funny romantic comedy, I was surprised to find that the author addressed the topic of addiction. This unexpected twist made for a unique reading experience, though some parts of the book did seem to drag on a bit. While I did not find it as comedic as I initially thought, I still enjoyed the story, especially the "enemies to lovers" trope that is one of my favorites. Additionally, the charming cover caught my eye. I give this a 3 star rating.
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"Not in a Million Years", by Sophie Ranald, was billed as a hilarious, feel good romantic comedy. This book centers around Kate and her ex-boyfriend Daniel, who jet off in search of their mutual friend Andy, who has been hurt overseas. Once they find him in the hospital, they have nothing to do but enjoy the romantic vacation they are on. Sparks begin to fly, and they start to wonder if their breakup was premature after all.

I really wanted to like this book more than I did. My favorite part was all the mentions about the stray cats and Kate's love for them. Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC. All opinions are my own.
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I love Sophie’s book - I thought this would be a nice easy read. Hilarious as usual. 

But this hit some serious issues. Addiction. 

Sophie Ranald is is such a wonderful author, and I loved this
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Thank you NetGalley and Bookouture for giving me the opportunity to read this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion!

When i asked if I you get this book as an ARC I was expecting something completely different than what I just read. “A totally hilarious and feel-good enemies-to-lovers romantic comedy” is honestly false advertisement. This book is so much more and totally different than how it’s advertised. I wouldn’t use the word hilarious to describe this book at all. Addiction is a BIG part of this book. Andy who is a character in this book struggles with a drug and alcohol addiction and the main character Kate is trying to help him get sober without succes. Sure romance is a part of this book and the term enemies-to-lovers applies but a feel-good and romantic comedy?? I wouldn’t call it that. 

Overall I did enjoy the book. I just expected something completely different.
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This book is your classic friends to lovers tale, but there are some serious topics intertwined inside.  Andy goes missing and Kate and Daniel to go find him.  Upon finding him and bringing Andy back home, they realize Andy is dealing with his drug addiction again.  A good read, but found some parts slower than I had hoped.
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I have enjoyed other Sophie Ranald books so was looking forward to reading this one.  

It's ok, it's a quick read and the storyline is interesting.  Essentially it's a rom-com with a  friends to lovers trope but it also tackles topics such as drug addiction and recovery and how that impacts on friendships.

The story is told from Kate's perspective and it's set in the present time with interspersed chapters retelling certain parts of her past.  

Kate's friend has gone missing and another mutual friend, Daniel, who Kate doesn't get on with thinks he might be in Turkey can the two of them put their differences aside to travel together to Turkey to try and find him. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Bookouture for the ARC.
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Sophie Ranald never disappoints, I loved it! Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for allowing me an advance copy, I will definitely be recommending.
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