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This was a DNF for me. I couldn’t connect with the characters. Also the writing style just wasn’t for me. I will try to read again at another time.
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So excited Mick got a story. He was always doing so much for his band, he so deserved a happy too. Sienna and Mick are former flames that reunite later to discover they both are attracted to each other. 2 weeks is what Mick gets to prove to Sienna they are meant for each other. Sienna is wooed by Mitch and realizes they are still meant for one another. 

Loved catching up with the other band members
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A sweet second chance romance with mature characters told in third person POV. 
Overall it was a fun and cute read with closed-door scenes as they reconnect at dinner some 23 years later (too long if you ask me). The side story will tug at your heartstrings. 
Maybe I went into this expecting so much more but it was just nice. 

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book received from the publisher via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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This is a voluntary review of an advanced copy.

I have read the previous books about the Shaunghnessy band members and vaguely remember that I did not like Mick!  So, now we see a more humanized version of the tough go-getter band manager.

He left his hometown and Sienna to make a name for himself and while he thought of her, he never sought her out again.  By chance, they meet after twenty some years and get one more chance.

I loved that we saw Riley, Dylan, Matty and Greyson and their wives from the previous books along with Hugh from the Shaunghnessy brother's series.  It is always fun to see previous characters included.

Parts are fun to see as they are fulfilling some of Sienna's must see list but also sad that Eleanor is in hospice.  So many emotions throughout the book and it was hard to put down.

Great HEA!
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Another feel good romance by Samantha Chase. 

Mick Tyler followed his dreams twenty-three years ago and left behind Sienna Ashley. Both are extremely successful in their chosen careers, but a little lonely. A chance meeting brings them together again but has too much time passed for them to give love a try? Read this book to find out.

I thoroughly enjoyed Mick and Sienna's story.  It was wonderful to catch up on the rest of the Shaughnessy band too.
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Can you say catnip?  I am sucker for second chance and rock star lifestyle.  This is such a fabulous and sweet story.  I just couldn't get enough.  I absolutely loved it 💕
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I enjoyed this book. It took me a bit to remember everything from the previous books in the series. I should have at least skimmed through them before reading. I wish there hadn’t been nearly as much time  lapse before they had their second chance. It’s never too late for love.
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Samantha is an author that i really wanted to read but one of other situation made it hard for me to read it. So i am so happy that i got to read this because i wasn't disappointed by it. 

The story, the characters and the plot fit together well.
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Samantha Chase has written a good, solid book.  Sienna and Mick make such a fascinating couple. Meeting again years later reignites the flames of love between these two.
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Highly entertaining, emotionally thrilling, sweetly sexy and action-packed second chance romantic adventure filled with desire, the struggle for true love and passion. Was a edge of your seat and heartwarming journey from beginning to end.
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I chose this book to read from Netgalley without realising it was book 4 in the Band on the Run series but that was fine, it was a self contained story with some appearances with other members of the band which did not detract but added to Mick and Sienna's story. Another reason why I chose to read this one was that it featured more mature characters which is a rarity unless it is an age gap romance, so it was good to read a love story about two characters who had made their way in the world and now were just realising that there was something missing in their lives.

Mick left home twenty three years ago to seek a career as a manager in the music business leaving behind a heartbroken Sienna who really never got over him. A surprise meeting in a restaurant all these years later has both of them realising that the spark between them was still there and maybe this was a good time to explore it. This starts a beautifully passionate romantic two weeks as their two lost souls finally connect and realise that they should be in each other's lives.

In parts this story was so heartbreaking as they had both lost so much time over the years when they could have been happy together and I am not all together sure that the reason that Mick left Sienna behind justifies all the pain she went through. This is truly a wonderful read that will appeal to a slightly more mature audience who are still rockers at heart. Loved it, and now I need to go back and read the other books in the series.
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Mick and Sienna have a chance reconnection after going years (YEARS!) with no contact. They're both successful in their careers but definitely missing something in their lives. (Hint: it's each other.) 

Sienna has some time off, and Mick is ready to get reacquainted and make her travel dreams come true. Sienna's friend and colleague is back in NC dying from cancer, but is encouraging Sienna to live her fullest life. And send photos along the way.

The story covers two weeks of their adventures and quickly falling for each other. They live on opposite coasts, so can they sustain this relationship when it's time to return back to reality? 

The book covers a LOT but it didn't feel completely unrealistic. Very sweet and we see some of our older favorite characters. This feels like a great wrap up book for the series.
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(3.5⭐️’s) This may have minor SPOILERS so be warned🚩 

THE H (Michael “Mick” Tyler): Loved him. This story definitely showed how much he cared for the h throughout the book and I never doubted those feelings, not even once.

THE h (Sienna Ashley): I liked the h but not as much as the H. Most of the time she went after what she wanted (loved that about her) but for an independent woman there were times where she came across a little needy and a bit selfish. I didn’t agree with some of the choices she made but thankfully she made up for it in the end.

SIDE CHARACTERS: I liked the side characters. They helped bring the story together but didn’t take over. If anything, reading about them made me want to read their stories next.

FAVORITE QUOTE: “I’ve fantasized about this too,” she panted. “But in all those fantasies, you were naked with me. Any chance you can make that happen?” 
This quote made me laugh. I loved that it was the h saying it and not the H. 


TRIGGERS: h friend has Cancer (on page and you may need some tissues)

STANDALONE: This is part of a series but I had no problems reading it on its own. I didn’t feel like I missed anything but it does talk about the other characters from the previous books and what they’ve been up to. If you don’t like minor spoilers then I would recommend reading the books in order starting with Rileys book “This Is Our Song”. It’s in a different series (The Shaunghnessy brothers series) so you might want to check that out first and then start this series.

OVERALL:  I really enjoyed the story. The writing flowed well and if there was any errors/typos I didn’t notice. I will say it would’ve been nice to have a little more drama between the H and h, especially in the beginning to add a little more push and pull, but other then that I loved it and plan on adding it to my re-read shelf.

Happy Reading🖤

Oh and I received an ARC from NetGalley but this review is 100% all me.
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4.5 stars-ONE MORE CHANCE is the fourth (and final ?) instalment in Samantha Chase’s contemporary,adult BAND ON THE RUN romance series focusing on the band Shaughnessy. This is forty-two year old, agent/rep/promoter Michael ‘Mick’ Tyler, and thirty-nine year old neuropsychologist Sienna Ashley’s story line. ONE MORE CHANCE can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous story lines is revealed where necessary.

Told from dual third person perspectives (Mick and Sienna) ONE MORE CHANCE follows the second chance romance and relationship between forty-two year old Michael ‘Mick’ Tyler and thirty-nine year old Sienna Ashley. Twenty-three years earlier a then sixteen year old Sienna Ashley professed her love for her brother’s best friend, nineteen year old Michael Tyler as Michael readied himself for the next chapter of his life. Michael knew Sienna was too young and her future had yet to be set in stone, so Michael walked away, leaving a heart broken Sienna in his wake. Fast forward to present day, Michael, now known as Mick Tyler, talent agent extraordinaire, will come face to face with his past in the guise of neuropsychologist Sienna Ashley. Sienna Ashley was in New York for a medical conference and wanted to reconnect with her older brother but Sienna never expected to see Michael Tyler, the man who stole her heart years before. With both in need of a much deserved vacation, Michael and Sienna agree on two weeks together, two weeks in which Michael makes good on everything on Sienna’s bucket wish of things to do. Reconnecting with one another opened their eyes and their heart to a possible future but bad news from home sends Sienna into a spiral, a spiral that Michael cannot fix. What ensues is the rebuilding romance and relationship between Michael and Sienna as our couple must navigate two successful careers, burgeoning friendships, and a love that has crossed more then twenty-three years.

The relationship between Michael and Sienna is a second chance, rekindling romance in which neither has forgotten the one that got away but Michael knew Sienna was too young, and our hero had yet to become the successful agent he is today. Sienna’s heart broke the day Michael Tyler walked out of her life but two weeks together only proved the heart still wanted what it lost years before. Neither one had married or started a family, and the next chapter of both of their lives was about to begin. Michael knows their time together is coming to a close but our hero is hoping for something more. There are no $ex scenes, everything is implied.

The secondary and supporting characters include most of the members of the band Shaughnessy; Mick’s assistant Lynn; Sienna’s brother Jason, and her best friend Professor Eleanor Stefani.

ONE MORE CHANCE is a story second chances, lost love, family and friendships, and a happily ever after. The premise is emotional and engaging; the romance is passionate and dream-worthy; the characters are energetic and fun. ONE MORE CHANCE is a heart warming and captivating story of eternal love.





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I have not read all of the Band on the Run series, but did generally know those characters.  I wasn’t sure how I felt about Sienna, but I loved Mick.  After a twenty three year span of not seeing each other, Sienna is a neuropsychologist and Mick is a music manager for several bands, but the Shaughnessy band is where he career really started. Mick talks Sienna on going on a 2 week vacation with him in hopes that it will become something more. Sienna grew on me over the course of the book and I truly enjoyed her friendship with Eleanor.  It gave some weight to the story. Overall a good read.
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Samantha Chase is one of my favorite authors. She truly writes from the heart. Perfect wrap-up of this series! Love that Mick finally gets his own HEA after seeing all of his fave clients and friends Shaughnessey get theirs. It was definitely his time to get what he’s been missing in his life. Love. Running into Sienna again after 23 years was kismet and I, for one enjoyed every moment of their adventure. Great story!! Sexy, sweet, fun, and emotional. Doesn’t get any better than that for me.
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I love a good second chance romance and this one is a great one! I've read the other books in the series, and it was fun to get Mick's story. The book stands alone, so it isn't necessary to read, but I would recommend those books too. I liked the message that was expressed throughout the book to make sure to take time to enjoy life! The book kept me engaged from the start. I received an advance copy from NetGalley and am voluntarily writing a review.
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Sienna and Mick’s story is one of self-examination, taking chances and not letting a second chance at love pass by.. Twenty three years have passed since they last saw an each other and were both left with regrets. Both are at the top of their fields and well-respected, yet something is missing from their lives.. The missing part is in their personal lives. Neither have and personal links to anyone other than family or friends. They lack someone to share their lives, to connect with on a deeper level than just physically, to dream with and to share the ups and downs of life.. Recently, both Sienna and Mick have both wondered what might have been if they had let their relationship play out rather than ending it to pursue their career goals. Now Fate has stepped in to give them a second chance, to see if they really can connect as well as they seemed to over two decades ago.  They certainly don’t lack in the passion department, but are they willing to do the work needed to maintain a relationship when they both have demanding careers? Will this interlude end in more heartbreak or will they build their own happily ever after? 

These two characters really resonated with me and were very relatable. I loved their story and couldn’t put this book down until the very last page was read. Love takes work and nurturing, but is worth fighting to keep it alive. I received an ARC of this book via NetGalley and I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.
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One More Chance by Samantha Chase, book four in The Band on the Run series, is wonderful story is about reconnecting and getting a second chance at love between Mick and Sienna, the one who got away. Mick (Michael) Tyler is a manager and agent to some of the biggest bands and artists in the industry. He is feeling lonely, wondering how his life might have been if had made different choices; especially about the one that got away. 

Twenty-three years ago Mick left Sienna Ashley devastated when he left town without her. Even though she graduated high school at sixteen, deep down she knew she was still too young for her older brother's best friend. Now a neuropsychologist, Sienna has accomplished everything she set out to do; but, unexpectedly seeing Mick again, after all these years, she begins to reevaluate her life and all she ever wanted. One thing leads to another and they decide to spend her two week vacation together; making all of Sienna's vacation dreams come true. To say it was an amazing journey would be a major understatement. The sparks that were there when they were teens had not died out, even after all these years later, giving them a second chance at love.  These two were made for each other, found each other when they were both ready to appreciate each other, and work out any obstacles in their way. 

Ms. Chase wrote a wonderful, second chance story that should not to be missed. She provided a tale that sizzled with chemistry, magnetic attraction, and endearing secondary characters helping Mick and Sienna get that chance for love, happiness, and a future together.  I highly recommend One More Chance to other readers.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.
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I loved this and read it in one day! Sienna and Mick reconnect after 23 years apart and it’s very full on! Sienna is a neuropsychologist who after attending a conference is on vacation for two weeks. Mick is in the music business and appears to have it all. They have both come to a crossroads in their lives and feel that there is something missing. They spend a packed two weeks together but once it’s over can they make a relationship work living so far apart? This sizzled and was very steamy but did also have a sad thread running through it. Full of emotion, friendship and romance this was a great read. Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher Valentine PR for the ARC in exchange for an honest review
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