Cover Image: Historically Black Colleges and Universities’ Guide to Excellence

Historically Black Colleges and Universities’ Guide to Excellence

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I tried on several occasions in multiple venues to see if they would be interested in a review...just did could not get a hit.
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I picked up this book because I work in higher education and often see conversations about the continued relevance (or lack thereof) of historically Black colleges and universities. I was really impressed with this book, which reads like a cross between a history lesson and handbook for how to make the most of one's time at an HBCU.

This book provides a lot of context for HBCUs, which will be helpful for those who may not understand what they are, why they started, what makes them unique for Black students, and why they continue to be important.  Even as someone very familiar with them, I was impressed with the depth of information the author provided about notable Blacks who got their start at some of the nation's most well-known institutions.  

The most valuable aspect of this book lies in the way Harvey outlines lessons about the keys to success generally, and how students can leverage their HBCU experience to attain such success. From lessons about personal development, to understanding their role in society, and more, there is so much insight that acts as a roadmap of sorts for new and continuing students.  I imagine these are the same pieces of wisdom one would hear at a new student welcome or  a one-on-one conversation with Harvey.

I actually would recommend this book not only to those interested in HBCUs, but also to those who are unsure or are interested in traditionally white institutions. The lessons for success are not necessarily different, and would definitely benefit any student looking to make their mark in their community and beyond.  I, for one, will be sharing this with my own child as they embark on their college search.
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