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You and Your Adult Child

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You and Your Adult Child is a comprehensive and informative guide for parents of adult children. Based on the latest research in developmental psychology, the book offers practical advice on how to navigate the challenges and opportunities of our modern times. The book is well-written and engaging, and it provides a valuable resource for parents who want to build strong and lasting relationships with their adult children.
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This book is a godsend. My children are at the age where they are entering adulthood and it can be a difficult period of transition, not just for them but also for me as well. This book has some great stories and words of wisdom that not only feel helpful now but also will prepare me for the relationships I will have with them as they become adults with lives and dreams of their own. Now I feel like I have some tools to help support them and foster my relationship with them.
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Practical and profound. You and Your Adult Child by Laurence Steinberg is a must read for parents!
With relatable stories and clinical nuance, Steinberg's book is a compelling analysis of the relationship between parents and children in their twenties and thirties. It guides readers through life stages and development, including mental health, education, finances, and relationships. 
One of the best books, and only books, I've read that sheds light on this stage of parenting. 
I definitely recommend purchasing and reading this book!
🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Five STARS
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There are many parenting books out there but they are generally geared to the early years through adolescence. Job done? Not really and certainly not for everyone. Especially in our current age, parenting does not seem to end with the completion of school. Instead, parents seem to be ever more involved with and concerned about their children.

Worried about their job prospects? Relationships? Mental health issues? Are you estranged? Not sure what to say as you become a grandparent and watch your child parenting? These are the sorts of issues that keep parents on edge but not sure what to do. Should one parent their adult child (how is that for an oxymoron though the author explains why he chose it.) and intervene and, if so, how? For those who want some thoughtful assistance, here is one highly regarded author who wants to help.

As one example, someone I know found the advice on what to do if you are not so sure of your child’s romantic partner to be spot on and very helpful. Suddenly there was something to contemplate and/or do about a situation rather than spinning mentally.

The advice and vignettes in this book will be welcomed by readers. Those who are parents of twenty and thirty year olds will leave these pages feeling a bit more certain about how they want to proceed and when.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Simon & Schuster for this title. All opinions are my own.
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You and Your Adult Child. How to Grow Together in Challenging Times by Laurence Steinberg  was just what I needed. 5⭐️ because it was so helpful. I have two, 30 somethings daughters that are married and have very young babies. So you can just imagine all the “struggles” and tears we’ve had. All our boundaries are blurred right now. 
I liked that the author has adult children and has been in his field for years. You can’t replace experience and this encouraged me. 
I realized while reading this that I have a lot to think about and I’m never going to say, “when I was your age ” again.
Thanks to the author for writing this. A must read for the times. I highly recommend this one. 
Thanks Simon & Schuster via NetGalley.
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