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Dreams are one of my favourite topics, especially in a horror story. With this being the primary draw of the book, as well as its tying concept - that being the idea of a 'Dream Surfer' who moves between the dreams of different people - I had a lot of interest in and excitement for this book. Unfortunately, it didn't quite deliver.

To be clear, this is a good short story collection. There are some interesting ideas, especially the Dream Surfer himself, and his species, the Grend. There is a lot of variety to the stories in this collection, drawing from a broad set of influences and involving pretty much every subgenre of horror you could think of. It left me wanting more, which can only be a good thing.

However, I did have a lot of issues that dampened my enjoyment of and interest in this collection. In short, the name of the game here is a severe issue with being underdeveloped.

186 pages for 37 stories (38 if including the tying concept) is simply too many stories spread over too short a page count. In the same way, the story of the Dream Surfer felt like it was only present for exposition, appearing at the end of each story to simplistically explain whatever story I had just read. On top of this, the adolescent prose jarred against some of the darker and more brutal narratives. This prose style worked for the more younger, humorous stories included here, but in the end it seemed there was a great amount of disparity, a disparity that could have worked well, but again, it was severely underdeveloped.

On a more personal level, I also had an issue with the fact that, before long, the stories stopped resembling dreams at all. Considering the dreams and Dream Surfer being the most interesting part for me, and the lack of a core concept to the collection as a whole, this left me really disappointed.

All this said, the collection was entertaining, and interesting enough to hold my attention. Either the author should have cut down the number of stories, given each one a greater page count, or perhaps even both. In short, the story needed to be significantly more developed, in every single way. Regardless, I would still recommend this collection to anyone looking for an entertaining, easy to read short story collection with a lot of variety.

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I was impressed with the book's structure and story connections. The collection of tales flows together to create a haunting and cohesive narrative that draws you in from the very first page.

I would highly recommend Burrows of Blood and Sorrow to anyone who enjoys a good read. I was left wanting more and would be interested in reading more from Rebekah L. Webb. This book is a must-read for anyone who appreciates excellent storytelling!

One of the things that I loved about this book was how each burrow depicted the short story it was related to. This added a new level of creativity to the reading experience, as I found myself imagining and visualising the burrows in my mind. I was so inspired that I plan to work on drawing each of these burrows.

I want to take a moment to thank Netgalley and Rebekah L. Webb for the free copy I received in return for an honest review.
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Thanks netgallery for allowing me to read this book for my review.

I absolutely loved this book.
It's a collection of mostly short horror stories, some are extreme FYI! THAT are centered around dreams. 
It was a hard to put down and really well written.
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Absolutely brutal take on a horror anthology. I really found enjoyment in the way the Dream Surfer was interacting with all of the stories. The very first story DREAM SURFER was my favorite but then there was a bit too much torture for my taste in the very next story. I would have liked to be eased into full blown torture with some of the more spooky stories from the end of the book first. Other than that abrupt change into torture and violence- I enjoyed the read. Lots of interesting stories and I loved being made to feel tons of emotions from some that were only 2-4 pages. Shows how intensely good the writing is.


Thank you very much to the publishers and Rebekah L. Webb for allowing me to read an advanced copy of this collection of stories.
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Really cool cover and idea for a story but I had a hard time following it. Maybe I'm just a little dumb and it's not for me but I still think people should give it a chance.
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Horror isn’t my usual genre, but the cover intrigued me enough to check it out. At first, it seemed very disjointed and I had trouble getting a grasp on the characters. After the first 3, I realized they were all connected and that got me curious about the “how”. I thought the writing was very solid and the Dream Surfer was interesting.
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Burrows of Blood and Shadow centers around the Dream Surfer entering burrows of people's nightmares while trying to piece his past together. I love how it might look like a normal horror anthology at first, but the more nightmare hellscapes you visit with the Dream Surfer, the more you realise how interconnected they are. I think this is a very creative effort, what with the plot and the ideas of pain themselves, and I think it's well translated in this book.
The writing is well done, the environment of each burrow is very descriptive. There's also stories that were darkly funny, which is a nice break from all the cruelty, and I think the humor isn't overdone. My favourite nightmares were Dreams Do Come True, Raising Gina, Hidden, Sunshine, The Perfect Wife, A Cold Day in Hell, and Demon Justice. 
I could've wished for some parts to be a little more detailed, especially near the 'climaxes' of the stories, because they went by so quickly that I barely even registered what happened. But otherwise I enjoyed reading this and I look forward to more people hearing about Burrows of Blood and Shadow :))

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4 stars book for me!
It's a book composed of short horror stories that I think are great. The author's descriptions are just enough to know what is happening without veering into obscene detail, and there's a variety of types of supernatural horror in this little book - which I appreciate, sticking throughout one specific horror theme could get old but here we rarely know what we will get next.
There are also humorous short stories that did give me some mood whiplash at times but also stops the book from being too gloomy. A bit of funny to contrast the horror (don't misunderstand however. The implications of these are no less horror themed than the rest.)
Now the Dream Surfer, the being that the reader is following in the journey, is trying to discover more about themselves by going through these memory burrows (and this is quite literal. Each burrow is 'decorated' in a way as to hint to the story which is a nice detail), looking through the horrors humans go through - or are the cause of. They are the connecting thread from the beginning through all these stories.
I think there was a bit of a miss with their specific part. As readers we know their thoughts of each burrow but I think something more was necessary before the ending.

All in all, a solid horror book.

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Rebekah L Webb has a great writing style for the horror genre. I enjoyed each story and thought they were all so well done. It had what I was hoping for in this type of book and the characters were really well done. Playing with Dolls was my favorite in the collection but the rest was really well done. It left me wanting to read more from the author and glad I got to read this.
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